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Something HUGE is going on in our everyday parenting world and it isn’t getting the media attention it deserves primarily due to the lack of funds to market it to you. My children immediately recognized Cookie Monster branded all over the fruit and said, “Mommy, can we get that?! Children prefer the taste of foods that have popular characters on the packaging when compared with the same foods without the character.
You may have heard about character marketing before or this may be a brand new concept to you.
The Produce Marketing Association is trying to rebalance the food marketing landscape for our children, but they need our help! 1) Talking to your super market manager and asking to see the Eat Brighter campaign in your store!
2) Join Chew Chew Mama and the Produce Marketing Association in a grassroots social media campaign to help PMA reach more parents! Sign-up to receive expert feeding advice and tips for healthy babies and kids, delicious recipes and information about upcoming programs. Return to top of pageThe information on this Web site is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care.
Did you know that a good way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is to increase the amount of fruit & veg that you eat? Eating plenty of fruit and veg is essential for a balanced diet, and getting your kids used to eating these essential foods will help them avoid a range of serious illnesses (including heart disease and certain cancers) in later life. Fruit and veg are a natural addition to your child’s lunchbox – they’re an ideal healthy snack, they don’t make a mess, they don’t need much packaging and they’re cheap! If you’ve got a bit of time, you can chop fruit up and make a little fruit salad to put in a small tupperware pot. Adding chopped fruit to natural yoghurt is also a great way to jazz up both fruit and yoghurt. If you’re getting lunches ready for more than one child, smoothies can be well worth the effort of throwing a few bits of fruit into a blender. Raw vegetables can be just as tasty and versatile as fruit, and they are also great additions for lunchboxes. Don’t forget, fruit and veg can also be included in lunchboxes as parts of sandwich fillings and cracker toppings. If you get the kids involved in the shopping, chopping and selecting fruits & veggies, they’ll be much more likely to eat them! Privacy PolicyWhen you sign up for one of our information services, we will never pass on your contact details to third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Have you ever seen a commercial of someone eating a delicious bowl of spaghetti and had a craving for pasta? Even if your child is not ready to move toward eating the new food, you don’t want him moving away.

Maybe your child has to say no one hundred times to the new food before he is willing to say yes. Sean Fitzgerald explains how to increase your child with autism's level of social interaction. Your seminar has been life changing, it's completely shifted my focus away from behaviour and onto the better aspects of being a parent, like playing and having fun. Very informative and has greatly expanded my knowledge on autism and how to work with Felicity in a positive and dynamic way. Very inspiring and challenging for me to re-evaluate my approach and challenge my belief systems. Understanding how children with autism develop in comparison to typically developing children enables us to identify core areas of strength and challenge so we can design a powerful and focused social educational curriculum. The Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has launched a positive food marketing campaign using character marketing on HEALTHY foods.
There are lots of different varieties to choose from so you don’t have to pack the same thing every day. You can even use frozen fruit, and the beauty of this is that the frozen fruit will keep the yoghurt cool! In fact, good food can help Buzz fly higher, the cars roll faster, and the teddy bears hug and squeeze firmer. But you could pause in the middle of a rough and tumble game to have some cucumber (because you’ve run out of strength!) You could pause in the middle of playing with trains to give the train some apple before it goes to pick up some more passengers. If you force the food upon your child, the next time you are offering food your child will be running in the other direction to get away from you! If you find this is helpful with your child, use the distraction technique to help them eat. If your child loves chips and doesn’t eat many other foods, sometimes removing the old standby food can create the space (literally) for your child to be willing to try something new.
Sean was knowledgeable, relaxed, clear, friendly, and happy to answer a lot of questions from the audience. Out of the depths of despair and worry for our special child’s future – we achieved a miracle! I thought I was a good Mother before, but now I'm a kick-ass mother and my house has never been so happy. The Nedlands couple say Sean Fitzgerald's training has had a remarkable effect on their four-year-old son Oscar. You can make vegetable ribbons by using a peeler on things like cucumbers, carrots and courgettes. You’re aiming to make fruits and veggies normal for your kids, so don’t worry if they don’t automatically gobble them up – especially if they’re not used to them. The mission of RedBranch is to empower children & parents to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Advertising works because it exposes you to an idea and tries to do so in a positive manner.
Any time your child is motivated within an interaction – whether that is for you to read a book, sing a song or play a chase game, there is an opportunity for you to pause within the fun game for a snack break. But be persistent and committed to having the new foods available and offering them in an encouraging manner. However, even if this is effective with your child you want to, at other times, be sure to offer your child healthy good food when he or she is paying attention to you.
If you think a particular food is not so healthy or helpful for your child then don’t be afraid to no longer have that old standby available.
That’s right, character food marketing on healthy foods!  I was so excited by this that I immediately snapped a photo and did a happy dance! Let’s get this conversation started so we can change the produce landscape for our kids! Your homemade mix will still be much lower in sugar (and higher in fruit!) than most of the “fruit” yoghurts you can buy in the shops.
Take a long term approach – don’t nag your kids (which can be counter-productive), just keep packing fruit & veg and offering gentle encouragement.
The concept of “the greater the persistence, the greater the resistance” is, more often than not, an issue here.Simply serve the meal with at least a couple healthy and tasty options and then relax, allowing your child to choose to eat or not.
Every time you enjoy yourself having some of your child’s snack you are a personalized advertisement. As well as eating the food yourself within interactions, you could encourage your child to try some. It doesn’t mean your child is going to eat it right away but over time it can make the food more and more attractive. There will be another opportunity to offer the food in the next moment or a half hour later or a few hours later. Children are smart and an appreciation for healthful foods is something that can be learned. If I was explaining why it’s great to eat blueberries I might say how they help him run fast. If I was explaining why carrots are great I might say how Peppa Pig likes to pick them out of her garden and munch on them.

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