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Waterboarding is a controversial torture technique used by the CIA to interrogate al Qaeda suspects at Guantanamo Bay, where water is poured over detainees so they think they are drowning. This is a similar video to above in that it is a simple word list for children to listen and repeat.
In Hokkaido many schools do speed skating and ice hockey for school sport, starting in primary school. The collection of videos below all focus on food culture, Japanese food words for fruit and vegetables and manners. Here are some new Mrs von Dietze originals that will have the kids dancing in the kitchen (which is just what you want).
Please sit with your child as they watch this to ensure they do not click on any links associated with this video. Are your kids watching the hit UK TV hit show the Alphablocks and learning their ABC, then have a look at Meet the Alphablocks! The Alphablocks is a British CGI-animated children's educational television programme for the young ones to learn how to spell where each letter is represented by a block. Meet the Alphablocks! is a cute app that will teach your little one all the letters of the alphabet via fun animated songs. Thanks for your support - If you like our reviews, please support us and link to iTunes -App Store via our links, it does not cost you anything, but greatly help us to provide you more reviews.

It is also the title of Canadian poet Christian Bok's book of fiction in which each chapter uses only one vowel. Please ensure your child stays on the intended links only so that no inappropriate material is inadvertently accessed. If you are super confident, you can try and use these words yourself pretending to be a teacher. Some videos are used in class but most are here to provide a new way to review the same language we have studied in class. Please download the songs to your computer or iPod etc and print off these very basic song sheets.
Every Alphablock is designed to help your child remember letters and sounds the fun way, so A says a!
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Before you know it, you can play Simon Says with a friend OR you can play schools and take turns being the teacher. The first lesson will focus on new language and a topic called, "I want to go to Disney Land". As parents you can go over the app with your kids and ask questions such as what letter will be next?

Once we have started the roll play in class, at home, listen and have your child keep up with the audio file by pointing to the sentences as they read (we will begin this in Term 1 in approximately week 7). However, by combining memory of the play they are learning, with their knowledge of hiragana, they should be able to put it together so that in the end they are able to perform the role play with friends. Through a variety of mnemonics, students are introduced to the whole hiragana alphabet. By the end of Term 2, your child should not only be able to read all the basic alphabet but will also be able to read days of the week, family member and activity words in the Japanese script. This might sound difficult but actually it is a lot of fun with many interesting games which the children play in groups or pairs. It is great fun and is certainly a great 'learning how to learn' activity.To support your child's learning, please allow them to use this site to practice what we have been doing in class regularly. In this day of the internet, you definitely don't need to be able to speak this language to help your child learn.

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