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By Naomi Richards On September 2, 2015 · 3 Comments There are some children who find it difficult to make new friends because they have had bad experiences in the past and have lost their confidence when it comes to making and keeping friends. As a parent we want nothing more than our children to be happy and to have a good and healthy social life. Instead we want our children to have a healthy social life – lots of friends and being invited out to other friend’s houses and parties now and forever. We need to teach them the skills needed for friendships and talk to them regularly about how they are getting on with their friends. Help them be aware of those children who do not bring out the best in them or have an adverse effect on their behaviour. We can talk to them about problems they are having with friendships and teach them how to think through and solve them.

We can share our values when it comes to friendships and find out what the child thinks is important.
These 8 ways are just a few ideas –  there are plenty of other things you can do as a parent. Contribution BoardThe board for teaching children responsibility and to think of each others. Wow Board for SchoolsFor teachers to use with primary school aged children to help them recognise that they are making progress in school.
When it does not work out that way there is often quite a bit of work to do to build them up and give them that confidence to initiate conversation and put themselves out there.
By having this discussion you will be encouraging your child to share their opinion and make healthy choices.

Children learn lot from observing more than listening because listening and mapping experiences is a big task for their little brains.
Children certainly do learn from the way we behave and we should be talking continuously to our children about their friendships and social life.

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