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Many parents want to be right there beside their children on the slopes, and it can be a stressful time for both the adult and child.
No matter how organized you are before the school year begins, it won’t be long before your kitchen table starts to disappear under a pile of colourful masterpieces created by your little artists. If you want to keep things low-tech and budget friendly, opt for a simple system involving binders and clear plastic page protectors, as demonstrated by Organize 365.
We love this simple but effective idea from The R House that quickly turns a stack of messy papers into a sweet spiral-bound memory book. For oversized artwork that you don’t want to cut or crease, this $2 DIY solution from Lansdowne Life is just the ticket. If you want to keep things ultra-tidy, try this great idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons that uses plastic bins and hanging folders to organize all kinds of special keepsakes, including artwork, birthday cards, school photos, and academic reports. Help We've Got Kids is Toronto's best known free Kids Directory in the Greater Toronto Area for parents with children from 0 to 13. As a classroom teacher, I maintained order and routine by following a pretty regimented schedule. I created this printable summer schedule so that it can be interchangeable for varying days. Once you download the printables, you can print on magnetic paper or laminate and use magnet tape to add to your refrigerator. I am SOO grateful for these and seriously looooving the “earn screen time” idea!
I just decided I wanted something with a clock on it to help my 2 kiddos know the flow of our days…this is perfect timing! We usually have a schedule because we do school work during the summer to keep up with what we have learned at school.
I typically check my computer throughout the day, but I don’t normally watch TV until the kids are in bed. I did something similar to this schedule for my oldest son a few years ago when he would ask what we are doing today or what’s next. They get to meet new people, share experiences and in the process their awareness level is enhanced. Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies!
All of these challenges stem from not being able to find items quickly and efficiently in your home. Sharing a sport can help strengthen the bond between you and your child, and snowboarding is a wonderful sport to share. It comes in a large variety of sizes and if you are on the wrong one it will be noticeable.
With very young children, a general rule is to give them one more layer than you think you personally need. Many parents expect their child to learn quickly and push, but teaching them the basics is important if they are going to be working their way up to bigger hills eventually. Watching your child learn to do something for the first time is an amazing experience, and being able to share snowboarding with your kids is absolutely wonderful.

And even the most sentimental among us will admit that by the time March Break rolls around, all those construction paper turkeys, handmade holiday cards, and painted family portraits can begin to feel more like trash than treasures.
We like the idea of getting a binder with a clear plastic front so that kids can customize their binder to suit their style. Take a page from her book of good things and store your child’s artwork in a mailing tube. Don’t be afraid to let go of artwork when necessary, as it will help to keep clutter from getting out of hand.
Our comprehensive directory includes birthday parties, camps, after-school programs, sports, schools, amusement centers, indoor playgrounds, support services, parenting articles, event calendars, parenting resources & more. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for us this summer and you are absolutely going to help!
I was going to make a summer schedule as well but didn’t know how I was going to post it but I love this idea.
My oldest LOVES to be outside, playing with Legos and everything else young boys should be doing. I am not a computer person so trying to make this is not easy for me I was wondering if you could do a dinner and bedtime printable and the times that were not included? A board that is too big will be awkward and less responsive, leading to more difficulty for your child as they are learning.
When they are out in the snow and starting downhill, extra layers are helpful for warmth as well as padding. We’ve rounded up some simple storage strategies to help you keep creative clutter under control, all year long. You can create a new binder for each school year and tuck it away on a shelf for easy storage. Like other sorting ideas, this one makes it easy to file papers and projects by age or school year.
Not only will this keep paper projects neatly corralled, but it can also double as a sort of time capsule that your kiddos will enjoy years from now. You can sort photos into folders by year, or even turn the snaps into a beautiful hardcover book. This printable schedule is definitely going to be helpful for my son, my babysitting kiddos, and me! Each day has to have something from each of 3 lists, plus guitar practice (something he is starting next week). Doing something like this may help to bring some peace to the chaos we have going on right now. Something I found helpful for us was adding pictures or clip art to the words, so both boys could tell what was next. We do have a routine but it changes on certain nights, Sunday and Wednesday nights for instance.
If your kids didn’t have to sift through a closet full of unmatched clothes or you didn’t have to search through mountain loads of clean laundry you could get onto your life much quicker. It is important to be sure to keep the layers flexible though, as your child needs to be able to react to the things that happen when on the board.

Understand that they are going to fall, be there to help them up, and offer constructive advice along the way. You can decorate the boxes yourself, or let kids get in on the fun and customize with paint and stickers.
Help also has comprehensive directories for Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Barrie, Kitchener-Waterloo and Hamilton. As a former first grade teacher, it pains me that he doesn’t love all thousands of books I have at home now from my classroom.
While it is important to find the right size snowboard, if you aren’t sure, you can definitely rent one. Starting out with a tight base layer and adding in increments also helps with the shedding of outer layers if they get hot in the afternoon.
Art My Kid Made, Canvsly, and Keepy are all free apps that can help make organizing a little easier. I wanted to find something to motivate him to read throughout the summer and I think this just might do the trick. The shops at most resorts will have experienced staff that can help size a board for your child. I have one list for a whole week with check boxes next to each chore or activity for the whole week, so if he wants to do all his chores in one day I have allowed for that flexibility. Help your children sort through old clothes, toys and talk out with them what can be give to charity, a church or even handed down to a younger sibling. It can be incredibly uncomfortable if you are using the right size board with the wrong size boots as well. Helmets are also an important consideration, and be sure that it fits properly or it can be less effective. If you find you can’t find socks everyday because they aren’t paired up – dedicate a drawer in your dresser to socks that have been paired up BEFORE they get tossed in. If your children always need help finding clothes that go together, how about hanging and folding them into areas of the closet that help school mornings run smoother? You would be surprised how one clothes hanging pole can be transformed into sectional areas of hanging clothes, folded clothing shelves, high and low drawers and miscellaneous hooks will instantly make you a believer.
Once your closet is sectioned into areas for hanging shirts and pants, folded sweaters and shoe shelves it’s time to add in beauty. Colorful see-through bins or even hanging your clothes in color coordinated fashion will give you an instant mood shift every time you get ready in the morning. While it may seem extreme to hang your clothes by color, but once you try it, you may shock yourself on how quickly you choose what you want to wear and how much time this design concept helps.View in galleryCreate a closet that helps you get in and out quicklyOrganizing your closets just got easier.

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