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Here in the Gaelscoil, we strive to ensure that we help each child develop the gift of reading. We have visits from children's authors and take part in workshops to help with creative writing, so children can develop their own skills as authors too.
We also run a peer tutoring programme, "Cairde ag Léamh," where senior infants are matched with a fourth class child and first class are matched with a fifth class child. Dyslexia Friendly Books -some suggestions for children with dyslexia, that will appeal to all children, not just those with dyslexia. If you do want to buy a set of phonics reading books at home, IA find the Usbourne Phonic Readers book set works well with my kids. Cardooo – Is a clever idea which incorporates extra reading into every day life and special occasions. Sending a whole story in a birthday card would be such a nice idea for friends and relatives living further away, rather than just a normal card. This is a funny and sweet story all about a young boy called Harry who wants to become a knight like the rest of the family, and decides to prove himself by capturing the most fearsome dragon, Eric. The book is split into six short chapters and is pretty manageable for Mr Z to read at age 5, with plenty of colourful illustrations throughout so that the text does not look too intimidating.
Leapfrog Leap Reader – The Leap Reader is something that I had been wondering about for a while and has proved to be a fun tool to help the children along with their reading, not just for Z but for my younger children too. The Leap Reader system has books available for so many of children’s favourite characters which is ideal if they need that extra incentive to motivate them to read. Hot Dots – The Hot Dots system also works with a pen, but is quite different to the LeapReader so we definitely found there is a place for both of them in our home learning. Z has been trying out the Hot Dots high frequency words set, which are like interactive worksheets to familiarise children with the most commonly used words. Literacy Games – Learning Resources have a fantastic range of educational products for all topics. There are plenty more literacy games available on Learning Resources too so have a browse through and see which ones would appeal to your kids the most. We have also been trying out comprehension cubes from Learning Resources which are a great way to encourage children to think more about the books they have read. Another company worth having a look at for literacy games is Orchard Toys as they have a few, like Alphabet Lotto or Pass the Word, which would be good for this too. If you are looking for more material for your child to read or want to sample books of different reading bands to get an idea where your child should be, these free e-books on Mumsnet would be really useful. For educational printables and worksheets, I would say the best website to use is Twinkl (see our previous review) and they also have a phonics suite app which is available for iPad. The app starts from very basic learning letters and phonic sounds in Phase 1 (which is ideal for Mr T age 4), and moves onto simple CVC words then gradually goes up to more advanced games in Phase 4 and 5.
We also have an Alphablocks floor puzzle which is a gentle start to learning the letters and sounds. I love Twinkl online resources but didn’t know they have an app so I will definitely check that out. There are some really great suggestions here and I will definitely be checking some of them out. Great round up ?Y™‚ Different resources are also appropriate to different ages, so something which doesn’t work for a 3 year old might at 5 or later and vice versa. Retainers, mouthguards, clear braces and other removable braces are not always easy to clean! One lucky winner will receive Fresh Guard Wipes, Fresh Guard Soak, a Fresh Guard branded retainer holder and mirror. Fresh Guard™ Soak provides a deep clean, killing 99.9% of odor causing bacteria in just five minutes, with a convenient color change indicator that lets you know when the cleaning process is complete. Fresh Guard™ Wipes are individually wrapped with no water needed, so they are ideal for on-the-go cleaning and leave behind a fresh mint flavor. Teachers around the world will tell you that one of the biggest ways that you can help your child become a better reader is to read with them, and to them. Research shows that early intervention is the best way to resolve reading difficulties before struggling readers get too far behind.
In an age where we have an app for everything, it is no surprise that educational apps have been developed to help children with reading.
One of the best ways to help your child as they struggle with reading is to communicate with their teacher. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at the University of Cincinnati, who provide a Masters of Reading Specialist degree.

If you’re an impulse buyer, then you should never leave the house without a shopping list.
According to D Thode & Associates, one of the best ways to curb impulse buying is to limit yourself to a debit card or cash. It explains several strategies to help their children read unknown words at home and how to use these when reading. The classes then work together over a number of weeks, under the supervision of the class teachers and learning support team.
It takes children from the most basic level, into being able to read and then with Reading Eggspress it helps them progress much further into reading comprehension and more advanced literacy skills. I just started this with Z 2 months ago and within that time he has gone up by two book bands. Not only are they decodable and manageable for early readers to try, but my kids also enjoy the stories. This is just a simple idea, but any excuse to sneak in some extra reading into fun situations is always a bonus! He, and his loyal horse called Oats, go to find the dragon but discover him in a lot of pain from toothache. It involves reading small passages and answering questions, which is great to reinforce those high frequency words in the right contexts. I have bought quite a lot from them in the past, and I was sent Grandma’s Trunk literacy game to review for this series of literacy posts.
The site starts from the very basic level of teaching letters and then works up to reading books. When I showed the games to Mr Z he straight away recognised the games as they had been playing them in his class at school (Year 1) and he enjoyed practising them again at home. If you watch CBeebies then I’m sure you would have already come across it but if not, the series can all be bought on Dvd. The Orion Early Readers are fantastic too as they do have a chapter book feel even though they are aimed at children at the start of their reading journey. My eldest loves reading and we’re perhaps a little way past most of these, but for number two there are some fantastic things for me to try with him.
Pre schoolers are great at whole word recognition, they can remember the word as a whole but lack the ability to access phonics until later.
I think that if we can foster a love of reading in young children it is a passion that will stay with them forever. My kids both learned to read with a Leapfrog Tag and their products are brilliant for keeping kids engaged. I think mixing up resources and dipping in and out of different ones can really benefit some children.
It is about understanding what has been read and thinking more deeply about the text.Many believe that reading the single most important thing you can do to help your child's education. I thought it was the kids being home for the summer or maybe I just was not finding the best deals.
After I set my new increased budget I was averaging right at the mark for only a couple of weeks. No extra coupons or crazy freebie deals, or even a big stock pile like I once used to carry. Now with the holidays coming the kids are off from school a lot more often so I wonder if it was just because they were home for the summer that they ate more. Most people think brushing them with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soaking in mouthwash is an appropriate way to clean them. New Fresh Guard by Efferdent gives you a way to clean these devices safely and effectively!
Sometimes learning problems can emerge as children are learning to read, or perhaps the concepts are just taking a little longer than expected to comprehend. Being an excellent model of oral reading fluency is important for children to hear how words are read.
The benefit of using an app to help your child is that it will keep their attention, and they will likely see it as a game, rather than laborious homework. There are plenty of resources at your fingertips that will allow you to give your child every opportunity to succeed. Whether you’re planning to buy food, clothes, or electronics, write down the things you need before going to the store. This strategy works best for those who buy all sorts of things on their way home after work or school.

Each child has an assigned bar code, which is scanned when they borrow a book from the library. They challenge him more than the reading scheme books and feel like more of a step up, towards reading chapter books, and are less intimidating for early readers than jumping in at the deep end with something more advanced. They help him and then are able to ride back to the family on dragonback and Harry can show how brave and worthy of knighthood he is!
Z enjoyed working with the Hot Dots and I thought it was a great concept and really handy for extra learning at home. It is an American, not a UK resource but personally I haven’t found that causes much of an issue. The characters are all very likeable and I have found certain episodes really helpful, especially the Magic E song which explains the concept of split digraphs in a very easy and fun way with a very catchy song! It's best to read little and often, so try to put aside some time for it every day.Think of ways to make reading fun - you want your child to learn how pleasurable books can be. The only thing differently, I started shopping at a few more stores now that I have the time, such as the farmers market and Trader Joes. Fresh Guard is specially formulated to clean removable dental devices, delivering a complete clean you can see, feel and smell without damaging these devices.
Luckily, there are a few resources that will help you assist your child through the reading process when they get confused or discouraged. There are companies like Kumon and Sylvan that offer curriculum in a school-like setting that is tailored to your child’s needs. For reading reinforcement on the go, try special reading apps like Tikatok StorySpark, Tales2Go, or Bookster. Working together is a great a way to build up your child’s confidence because they will know that everyone is trying to help. Some end up spending hundreds of dollars on groceries simply because they go shopping on an empty stomach. Our school takes part in the MS Readathon each year and we also host an annual book fair. Z is always interested in stickers and activities like dot to dot and these would keep his attention a lot longer than just a normal greeting card. You can just do one card of questions to fill the spare 5 minutes here and there, and it keeps Z entertained as well as supporting his learning. There are Alphablocks games and print outs on the CBeebies website, and you can also get the magazine from newsagents or supermarkets. If you're both enjoying talking about the content of a particular page, linger over it for as long as you like.
They have the opportunity to match up each letter to its correct image that it starts with. The first read-through gives them a chance to hear any unfamiliar words and prepare for their own chance to read.
If these are too pricey, you may consider hiring a local college student or teacher to provide tutoring a few days a week.
Kids love technology and combining that love with reading is a great way to encourage a love of reading. Make reading fun, enlist professional help, and get creative with your tactics—your child just might end up loving to read. Decide what you’re going to buy later, calculate the costs, and take only that amount with you. Reading scheme books are essential as they are so well targeted to their stage and ability, so substituting it with any story book from our shelves wasn’t always working so well.
There are fun games that build reading skills that children can play online or in a traditional card or board game form. Working together will provide your child with constant reinforcement and help, whether they are at home or school. With Reading Chest we always have a supply of reading books at the perfect level and stage, and it’s just really convenient. Some fun board or card games include Scrabble, Boggle, or sight word bingo or matching games. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements.

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