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It was pretty much an impossible quest because 1) there are no cute spider costumes in existence for a child beyond the toddler years and 2) even if there were, none of them were within my budget of $0.
I crocheted blankets and matching pillows for my kids as their Christmas gifts two years ago. A lot of the homemade stuff I got when I was a kid was given with a this is the best I can do, wish it were more attitude, which made it all a little sad. They no longer make that costume in Julia’s size, but people had them on Ebay for $60!
My witch costume had to appeal both to adults and children since I was wearing it to model in a Symphony Guild Witches Luncheon Show at a village known for its witch costumes and for a friend's granddaughter's elementary school Halloween party.

This costume turned out just like the sketch too, but I had to omit the gloves because I couldn't find them in stores in August. This week, I'm bringing you several costume ideas that are simple, no-sew, and frugal, of course! Neither do they, but they guard those blankets as if their lives depended on it… and my oldest is 13. Or, wear a black and red tutu, add a red hourglass on the shirt, and a fancy cocktail hat for a Black Widow costume. I couldn't find a stocking cap at the dollar store when I was working on the costume (high summer), so I used a long sleeve from an old shirt and tied it at the top to create the eight-eyed hat.

I also used a large watch face, added it to a metal spider ornament, enhanced it with red glitter glue and tied it on my wrist with Spider motif ribbon.

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