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Dachshunds can be notoriously hard to housetrain I have 2 Double Dachshunds, who're both deaf and sight impaired, though one sees better than the other. Mouse, my little girl wasn't fully housetrained until she was 9 months old (I adopted her at 5.5 months old), though she's perfect now. I cant understand what kind of breeder would kill a dog that they intentionally caused with bad breeding practices!!! Sorry to butt in but sarah my little 4 month old just started to recoperate from parvo but the vet sais she is becoming blind and seems to also be deaf!! Mouse can see well enough to catch big, moving hand signals, but she doesn't see slight differences, so signs have to be big and obvious. The only real difference between a deafie and a hearing dog, is you have to get off your butt to get the dog out of the garbage!
I like the advice on this forum to take the pup out on a leash; less distraction for the dog and then you know what happened and when.
Not the best pic of Tia, her eyes do not look like that, it was the flash, but it's a cute one of Petunia's face.
And lastly, this is how Petunia fell asleep on Tia the other day, I loved it so I had to take a pic.
Ashley, don't worry about Tia's eye shine (the green glow) that actually tells you that the reflective layer at the back of her eye is there.
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Gwyn Roberts, the new Homes and Communities lead at BRE, will be making a presentation on the brand new Home Quality Mark (HQM) standard, a sustainable homes initiative from BRE.
With the demise of the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Zero Carbon Homes target consigned to history, what targets should we as construction professionals be aiming for when designing homes fit for the 21st Century? Gwyn will introduce the HQM, describe the issues it covers and inform delegates of the progress of the HQM to date. The Green Register’s Bite-Size sessions offer an alternative, flexible route to Green Register membership through a series of shorter training sessions designed to give concise training at a time to suit busy working professionals. In May Vanessa and Sally travelled to Canterbury to begin training and instruction on the Building Competences in Parental Partnership program. I work at a vet clinic and a breeder brought in a double dapple female dachshund that has microopthalmia (probably totally spelled it wrong, basically a congenital defect-a smaller eye and partially blind) and wanted to euthanize it if we couldn't find her a home. Its weird she seemed perfectly healthy but anyways i dont really know how to deal with this do i have to treat her diferently than before? Milo moved in with us at 7 months and was not very reliable but once he got the idea he became very solid in his potty training.
Squat and Deadlift intensity increases with continued focus on Olympic Lifting skill, positioning, and stability.
Without some sort of sustainability standards, will our new homes simplyA be ‘building regulations compliant’ or should we demand more? After a Q&A session, delegates will then work in groups to carry out a short exercise assessing some of the tools and drivers that might encourage clients to use the HQM.
Joined by 20 colleagues from Norway, Greece, Croatia and Poland; the week was amazing success. We kept a kind of mental log (and still do to some extent) of the timing of when he might need to go again.

OMEP is an international non – governmental and non-profit organisation with Consultative Status at the United Nations and UNESCO.
I would like to have a dog door, but that would involve a whole new door to replace mostly glass and a contractor. Founded in 1948, they defend and promote the well – being and education of children from birth to eight. I thought that having another dog that was housebroken might help since there would already be doggy smells outside, but when I first brought her home she barely left my side. High House is a member of OMEP and is passionate about the work OMEP does throughout the world. The 2016 conference was a display of talent from local schools in Canterbury combined with presentations from professionals such as Peter Moss, Sacha Powell and many more.
I praise her like mad and give her treats when she goes outside and treats that she only gets when she goes potty. I tried taking her to work with me since I work at a clinic, but she would still pee in the cage and seemed too afraid to leave me to go pee. I'm worried because I will be leaving for vacation and boarding her with Tia in 2.5 weeks, so I'll probably have to start fresh, but if anyone has any tips or advice on the housetraining, I would be ever so thankful.

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