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Meet Mac, the 10 wk old collie x puppy. He is almost completely black with a tiny bit of with on his chest.
He is house trained and crate trained but, as with all puppies, Patch still chews if he finds something left lying around. His training is still ongoing as he will pull on the lead but he has a Halti which he walks nicely on. Their story reminds me so much of our old girl who had her pups in our house the day after we got her.
Happy to meet everyone and dog too, a whole lot of happy _________________Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Patch had a play date with LL's Lenny, Lady, Jane's Molly, Peggy and Layla and Raiye's Lucy. Jasmine is a sweet little Saluki cross Greyhound with perhaps a touch of something else too! Jet is a 12 month old female Greyhound cross Lurcher and stands at around 27” to the shoulder.

Super Simba is a delightful daddy long legs Saluki Cross Greyhound who is full of life and love.
Henry is a beautiful Collie cross Greyhound male Lurcher who is about 5-6 years old and first came to Lurcher Link early 2010. Bruce is a 9 month old Bedlington Terrier cross Whippet Lurcher who through no fault of his own is looking for a new home because his owners can no longer keep him.
He remains mostly clean in the home, however he has spent part of the time kennelled outdoors in his previous home so following procedures as with puppy training, regular access to outdoors and regular walks to ensure he remains clean in the house is advisable. As he is a young boy, a home where he has company most of the time is preferable and a home with other dogs would be best suited to Bruce as he loves the company of other dogs and to play with them. Dogs in the care of Northern Greyhound Rescue are located in the North West area of England,Lancashire area, however the rescue will home in other areas dependent on a sucessful homecheck.
Looking for an insurance quote for a dog you're thinking of adopting or a pet you already own?Click Here. I fostered your brother Fudge, (now called Woody), and I see him every day as he lives just up the road and exercises with my 2 dogs!

Patch would suit a home where he is not the only dog, he loves to play ball and is a fast learner. Hope you find that forever home soon._________________A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. He is a friendly boy who loves other dogs and was used to three children in his previous home.
He responds to basic commands and is eager to please, he is a lovely boy deserving of a good home. He seems to have a very low prey drive, saw some seagulls on the field he ran towards them, the other dogs didn't so patch turn round and ran back to play with the other dogs.
He has been the same with the birds on the moor, pays them no attention, even when they appear out of no where and make lots of noise.

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