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If you’re thinking of getting a puppy but aren’t quite sure if you have the patience and time to housetrain, read on. Pee pads are a successful route to take for most dogs, but when you’ve got a stubborn pooch, she may need a positive reinforcement.
For dog owners who spend much of their time away from home, using a litter box may not sound that crazy. If you encounter a problem similar to that of my full-grown Yorkie, who was still not housetrained at nine years old, Primm offers some advice. When you arrive, they greet you warmly and hand you a plate of chocolates and an overflowing mug of beer. This time someone is in the bathroom you used previously, so you find the next one down the hall.
The next time people gather, you start whispering around, hoping there’s someone who speaks English.
Over the next week, each time you visit, he’s got more pictures to sign, at $100 a pop. Yes, this means we need to go out with the dog into the yard, even though we just put up that BEAUTIFUL new fence. Any soiled areas need to be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner, like Nature’s Miracle or Eco-88.
You will have to put extra effort into management, and reward particularly generously if he goes outside.
He’s held it through the night, doesn’t this mean he can hold it for at least 8 hours?
Holding it while calmly sleeping is very different from holding it during daytime excitement. You can increase your chances by adopting an adult with a solid history of not soiling inside, but there are no guarantees, especially for smaller dogs. Heck, it you have a guest come to stay with you, or construction on your street, or a change in your schedule, or a particularly bad stretch of weather, I would be extra careful at first to help ease the transition. Salem, Keizer, Woodburn, Monmouth, Wilsonville, Marion County, and surrounding areas in Oregon.
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I know that his leash pulling is a problem, but even if he wasn't a puller, I can't see myself navigating our new street in the winter. I'm not really concerned about (b) because, even now, when he poops out back, he always does it aaallll the waaaayyyyy at the baaaaaack of the yard.
A clicker might be useful, since you can mark and reward very specific behavious with a clicker. The only thing I can suggest is extra-yummy, are-you-kidding-me-you're-actually-giving-me-this treats for pooping in the yard, but I know this can be a tough issue. Does your dog go in the house every time it rains outside (which is not a rare occurrence here in Oregon)? To dogs, our rules are a bit weird, and our reactions to pee and poo are ridiculously uptight. You don’t understand a single word, but everyone seems friendly and happy to see you.
You start to unpack and settle in, when you realize that all of those wonderful mugs have left you with a bursting bladder.

There a bunch of stuff written in Russian on the door, but you decide to knock lightly and hope for the best. Everyone smiles and is friendly, but no one seems to have any answer, except for offering you a snack or a drink.
During the conversation, you mention the Russians that seemed to randomly yell at you, and the one time you accidentally used what must have been the host’s bathroom. It seems your hosts were waaay too lax and negligent if their goal really was to keep you from peeing there. Don’t make him rush back inside right after he goes if he wants nothing more than to run around in the yard. This does not mean you will have to crate him for the rest of his life, but he needs limited access while adjusting. If you have another dog whose house training is solid, it can be helpful to have them along as a guide. This will not make him more likely to go outside; it will make him a sneakier pee-er, at which point it becomes harder to house train him. If he’s afraid to go in front of you, you can use a 25-foot leash or a retractable lead outside. They have smaller bladders, higher relative metabolisms, less bowel control and they tend to be more difficult to monitor. Not too long ago in Georgia, 300+ dogs were confiscated from a puppy mill that was not up to code.
In general, you will have better results if you decline to assume the worst about your dog’s motivations.
This is annoying and it seems cosmically unfair, but when it comes to effective training, this is the approach you need to take.
I threw my clicker out pretty quickly because I've got arthritis in my hands, and dealing with a dog, leash, clicker and treat was just too difficult for me.
Between the leash and the poo bags -- and keep in mind that Artie sometimes requires two hands on the leash if he sees something mighty interesting! No dog should be trained without his owner, but a few helping hands along the way isn’t bad either. Be patient, and consider that this is when mama dog would lick the puppy’s bottom to get them to the go to the bathroom.” She recommends wiping the bottom of your dog with a warm wet washcloth to trigger the instinct. The kit includes two pieces — a replaceable moisture-detection pee pad and a treat dispenser.
That ottoman is a perfect place to pee in their eyes, and why not use that spot behind the couch as a place to do one’s business in peace? There’s no bathroom attached to your suite, but you remember several on your way down the hall. This will result in him holding it as long as he can — and then relieving himself soon after he comes back inside. If he did not go outside, he may need to be crated, leashed to you, or gated in a room that he will not soil.
If she pees every night when you jump in the shower, for example, place her in a crate with a Kong. People who insist the dog is peeing out of spite tend to have less success than those who simply take a more pragmatic view with these types of things. Lots of dogs, especially in a new a place, either get so excited that they forget to go, or are too wary to go.

Every Thursday, a 6-year-old boy with autism brings a small mat to the Carson Animal Shelter and sits down in front of Pirate the pit bull's cage to read to him.
When he poops in our current backyard -- on that rare occasion that he does -- I throw a freakin' party for him. Unless she is about to explode, she will only poop on walks I can help with teaching them to go in one area of the yard but I've failed dismally at getting Sammie to know to use the yard instead of the walk. But, I suppose, once we move into the new house, he won't associate THAT backyard with no leash, so I'll certainly try leashing him out in the back. You’re kind of relieved, because right now you feel like you could pee a full gallon.
If the dog does not want to be outside, then it is okay to reward him with coming back inside right after he goes.
So sometimes they come back inside having to go worse than when they went out. This is one thing that makes people want to give up.
He runs back to me with the biggest ____-eating grin on his face, so he KNOWS that I'm happy about what he's done. He had been fantastically friendly earlier in the night, so you just smile and hold open your palms, hoping this will appease the very angry Russian.
If you’re giving him healthy food rewards this will likely be a net benefit nutritionally.
Then, within a month, a bunch of these dogs were being re-homed again because people got more training challenges than they wanted to deal with.
Oh no, we've had NO offers and we HAD to buy a house in MA because I can't have Jeremy doing that ridiculous commute every day. You realize you’re a bit stressed in this new environment, but man it feels good to empty that bladder. This dog, who despite eating great dog food poops 3 or 4 times a day, didn't poop for 36 hours straight, and went hours longer than usual without a pee for the whole time. You’re tired from the travel, so you head back to your bed and pull out your iPad to wind down. How can I change this behavior without resorting to NEVER walking him and, thus, giving him no choice but to do his business out there? I looked at a million houses and the amount of wallpaper and wall-to-wall carpeting seriously freaked me out.
I can't begin to add up how many walks we took and how many miles we logged during this time, and I hope the neighbors couldn't hear me practically begging her to pee or poop.
Then the house that you saw pictures of on my Facebook page came on the market and it's one in a million. When she did go, she'd look at me like, OK, where's my treat, but she's so darn hard-headed that she'd do without the treat until she couldn't hold it anymore.
We had no choice -- it's a perfect house (um, except for the newly discovered back yard of WEEDS) and we need to be living there by the first week in September.
Maybe she misses peeing on grass, but their yard was nothing but holes so we really had no choice.

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