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If you put it all together, all these pieces, you have a course that teaches the fundamentals of home inspection and provides field training. Check out "This Day In History" -- music and vintage television from the 1950's through the 1980's.  I enjoy writing these articles because they take me back to my days in radio broadcasting.
By the way, when I was in college and took broadcasting, the faculty advisor knew about as much about the field as I knew about designing comic books. You know me, go for the glory while you other poor pitiful wretches get stuck with the work. CAPTAIN JOSE DE URRUTIA DISCOVERED BANDERA PASS IN 1739 WHILE CAMPAIGNING AGAINST THE APACHES WHO HAD BEEN THREATENING SPANISH SETTLEMENTS AT san antonio de BEXAR.
THE EARLIEST MAP SHOWING BANDERA AS A PLACE IS AN ANONYMOUS ONE, DATED AROUND 1815 TO 1819, THAT INDICATES AN APACHE VILLAGE JUST OF NORTH OF a€?PUERTA DE LA BANDERA.a€? BANDERA PASS IS INDICATED AS THE TERMINAL POINT OF AN OLD COMANCHE TRAIL FROM NACOGDOCHES. Lehman reported that he was captured by the apache indians in 1870 when he was 11 years old and again later by the comanche indians. Lehman was later taken by the comanches and adopted into their tribe and remained with the comanches until the United states government put them on a reservation in oklahoma.
When Lehman was with the Apache tribe, he heard the apaches talk about a battle in 1732 at Bandera Pass. Lehman told of a battle at bandera pass in 1841 which was also recorded in Wikipedia (the online encyclopediC) a€?battle of Bandera Passa€?.

Lehman reported that after the battle with the Texas Rangers the comanches named the town of bandera.
The town of bandera, Texas was founded in 1853 by Charles De Montel, john james and John Herndon. In 1856 after Bandera County was created, the first commissioners court was held on January 26th.
John James was born in 1819 in Gorleston Suffolk, England while his parents were visiting England. In 1851 James married Annie Milby, daughter of William Polk MILBY of Maryland, who came to indianola, texas in 1840. On August 27, 1839, Herndon married Barbara Makall Wilkinson Calvit, the only daughter of Alexander Calvit, and the heir to the Calvit sugar plantation in Brazoria County, texas. It is believed that montel and james recruited Herndon to help finance the development of the town of Bandera.
In 1852, a venture into the Texas hill country brought explorer and surveyor Charles de montel to an area now called bandera county. But I enjoy working with the other adjunct faculty who keep this class going for all those weeks. After the course is over, students need to take the state exams so they can legally work in the field and, after that, they should keep studying so they will advance beyond having the minimum qualifications.

Having people who work in the field teach really helps vs just a classroom theoretical education. As the course instructors, the only one that I really don't know anything about is Rick Pen. When I say "adjunct" faculty that means that we are all working professionals in real life but we also teach. I teach business issues, the Washington Standards of Practice and structural pest inspections.
We want to see them become high quality and experienced inspectors who enjoy the profession.
In the last week, students receive 40 hours of field training and in that course of study they are required to write five reports. ELY SHOWS THE OLD COMANCHE TRAIL INTERSECTING THE a€?TRAIL TO MISSION SAN SABAa€? BUT DOES NOT SPECIFICALLY SHOW THE PASS.

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