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One of the tales passed on through the years has been the myth that a cat will steal your baby’s breath away. A great many cats, regardless of breed, are extremely loyal to their master and the master’s family. Another misconception is that cats are not affectionate, but these wonderful balls of fur love to be loved and love to return love.
Cats are creatures of habit and when sudden changes come into their life, it takes them time to acclimate to the change. In most cases if you move the dish back to its original position, your kitty will quickly get over it. You will find if you have an open mind a cat can be a welcome addition to families that love pets.
You need to train them to recognize your various tones of voice so that they know when you are calling them, rewarding them, or reprimanding them. Talk to the kittens and teach them the social skills they need to know, such as no biting and scratching.
This may take some extra effort because kittens are not really like going to the bathroom in an area they have not chosen. If you have other pets using the same litter box this may also deter your kitten from using it. This is also the best way to keep your pet away from the curtains or the venetian blinds as your cat can damage these things if they ever attempt to climb them. Put the scratching post in a place that is easily accessible to the cat particularly when it is finished eating or grooming itself and is likely to feel like having a scratch. Anytime your kitten looks like it’s going to scratch your furniture, pick it up and put it near the scratching post. You can also trying replacing the the piece of furniture with the post if your kitten seems to go to the same particular area every time.
If you teach your cat where to scratch when it’s young it will be easier as it grows older. Kittens are playful creatures, and like any playful creature, it adds to their fun if they have toys to play with. You’ll be surprised to find that there is a wide range of toys for pet kittens available.
Some of the toys available in the market include towers, stuffed mice, catnip, and even stuffed animals.

House training can be a problematic time for any dog owner, and can sometimes feel like it is taking forever to get right.
During the house training process you should always bear in mind that there will inevitably be slip ups and mistakes. When you’re cleaning up, make sure you use odour neutralizing products and avoid using anything that contains bleach or ammonia as they contain properties that will actually attract your puppy to it, causing them to keep returning to the same spot and making the same mistakes.
So then, we can break it down into 4 simple principles: watch carefully and make a mental note of his routine, be patient, reinforce good behavior and be consistent – giving mixed signals can result in a very confused little dog.
At dog school we understand the importance of having a contented dog, which is why we offer our Puppy training in Surrey and Croydon, where we are more than happy to offer you more helpful tips and advice. Designed to handle growth spurts, picky kids, and demanding parents, the Small Fry features our Headset SC dial fit system for easy adjustments to fit even the smallest heads.
If you get multiple kitties they can play with you and each other, strengthening their social skills and adding to their desire to be social and friendly to people and other cats.
A happy environment makes it easier for those raising kittens to teach them to be social and friendly. Many feline experts feel when a cat gets into an infants face, it is simply satisfying its natural instinct; for wanting to know what’s new in its life.
Sometimes, a pet cat will even turn down food that it has been eating for more than a year. When you return home in the evening, they may not jump all over you, but they will be rubbing and purring to get your attention. In order to teach your kitten how to use the litter box you you need to put them inside the litter box right when you notice they need to go. Animals have a way of leaving their scent behind an area and felines can be very territorial so you should have a separate litter box for each pet..
If your kitten has kidney, bladder, or urinary tract issues it won’t use a litter box.
If you don’t get one then your kitten will likely use your furniture as the scratching pad. Another benefit of the tower is that they will scratch the tower instead of your couch or other furniture.
You can rub your hands or clothing over the scratching post to leave your scent and often your kitten will scratch over it to leave its scent over yours.
But be wary, as pet cats are just like children; they may like the toys and play with them or, they do not like them at all.

You’ll see that kittens at an early age are very capable of picking up small things from the floor.
Many people don’t know where to start, but by keeping a cool head and following a proper routine, you should have a happy, contented and well-trained puppy on your hands in no time! Be careful not to punish your puppy if he gets it wrong every now and again as you might inspire fear in him which will have adverse effects when it comes to further training later on in his life. They'll love the graphics, colours and simple fit adjustment, while parents will love the exceptional value and certified protection. If you raise your kitten well then you and your family will appreciate the care and training you provided.
This is normal feline behavior; eventually the cat will come around and eat whatever food is served because hunger will get the best of him or her.
You will quickly learn this by observing the way your cat reacts if you move or change the food and water dish. After eating, upon waking and after play are all common times for your puppy to go to the toilet. Being fickle about food is normal for cats; what’s not normal is a cat that skips every meal within a twenty-four hour period.
If there was such an illness, and they have recovered from it, you may need to re-train to use the kitty litter box. Once you have an idea, you should encourage your puppy to go to a designated spot outside to do his ‘business’.
You should also try and take him out at least once an hour and praise him for going in the right place. By giving him a treat for behaving correctly, you reinforce his good behavior and encourage him to keep doing the same.
Once you have done this a few times, your dog should start moving towards the door to indicate to you that he needs to go.

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