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If a busy lifestyle is affecting the process of successfully housebreaking your puppy, rest assured, you are not alone.
Fortunately, there are many solutions to the problem and many puppy owners have succeeded despite working full time jobs. The issue of housebreaking a puppy while working around the clock can be overcome if you abide by some simple rules and avoid some common mistakes. While potty training a puppy when working a full time job can pose many challenges, the good news is that there are many solutions for this common problem. If you are in the process of acquiring your new puppy, it would not be a bad idea to take a few days off from work for the very first days. Once your puppy settles down and learns to call your place home, you can start making arrangements for when you must return to work.
Walking your puppy at the same time you would prior to going to work and after work while you are still on vacation will help your puppy get acquainted with your work schedule. It may be a good idea to set up two different areas for your puppy for when you are home and for when you are away. When you are away, a crate will not work because your puppy will need to go potty and will be forced to hold it because puppies have an innate instinct to not want to soil the areas where they sleep. To avoid this, your best bet is to create one area divided into two distinct sections: a section where your puppy can soil and a section where he can comfortably sleep, play, eat and drink. While successful puppy housebreaking for busy puppy owners will generally be more challenging and will take longer, the good news is that most puppies will eventually learn.
It is crucial when housebreaking a puppy to clean up accidents with a good dog urine remover. The days you work, make sure you take your dog outside to potty right before leaving, upon coming home and before going to bed. Work on puppy paper training so your puppy learns where to eliminate while you are at work.
While weekends are a great time to enjoy your puppy, make sure you also dedicate some time for quiet moments so when Monday comes, your puppy will not feel the change too much. Make sure you cut some time each day for allowing your puppy to meet the sights and sounds of the real world. The biggest challenge with housebreaking a puppy kept indoors for most of the day is that the puppy learns that it is acceptable to potty indoors. If the process of housebreaking a puppy seems too much for your busy lifestyle, consider adopting an older dog. By consistently rewarding your puppy for eliminating outside and preventing him from soiling in unacceptable places, your puppy will be set up for success. Unauthorized use of any images, descriptions and articles is strictly prohibited under copyright law. You need to learn to recognize what your dog does to signal that he needs to go to the bathroom. If you catch your dog going to the bathroom in the house, simply tell him, “No” and bring him outside. If you’re looking for that last-minute Christmas gift idea, you may want to consider adopting a pet for the family. Betty Freeman, a dog adoption coordinator and board member for the Humane Society of Western Alabama, strongly suggests that a Christmas pet should not be given on Christmas Day.
Freeman suggest making up a homemade “gift certificate” to represent the fact you are giving them a pet as a gift so they have something to open on Christmas Day. Once the adoption is made, what is going to happen once the Christmas season has passed and the excitement of getting a pet as a gift begins to wear off?
Along with a nutrition consultation, there are other considerations to keep in mind such as enrolling in obedience classes and the need to stay in contact with the breeder or rescue shelter to make sure you are doing the right thing.
For further information on pet adoption and other questions regarding care of your pet, contact the experts at your local Pet Supplies Plus store. When the holiday season comes around, you do not want to overlook your favorite canine friends! For other tips on how to make this a safe and happy holiday season for you and your pets come in and visit us at Pet Supplies Plus! Every hunter needs a hunting buddy, and while friends and family are great, there really is no substitution for a first class hunting dog. When temperatures cool down, it can be easy for our favorite non-human friends to start feeling slightly neglected. This can be a problem for a few different reasons: Your pets may not be getting enough exercise, your pet’s ability to adapt to the colder weather might be hindered, and more hours indoors can mean more time to get into new (winter specific) kinds of trouble.
We always want to take the best care of our pets as possible, and sometimes that can mean a little tough love. If you have ever lived out this scenario, then you should be considering a cratch post as an addition to your furniture ensemble.
It should either be secured to the floor or have a base wide enough and heavy enough to keep it stable.
Have her chase a string or a toy around the post or attach toys to it, which will result in her digging her claws into it. Protecting your furniture and other household goods is not impossible but it may take a little ingenuity and effort on your behalf. Another thing that will aid you in housebreaking your new dog is to rid your house of urine and feces scents and stains. Lastly, it is important to set clear and consistent boundaries with your dog, just as you would a child. The bottom line is, even the best pets still make mistakes (just like people), and all dogs, even those who are well housetrained, may still have an accident every now and again. Puppy pads (also called ‘dog pee pads’) are one of the best tools when potty training your new puppy. To use puppy pads, chose a place to put a pee pad in your house at a safe distance away from the puppy’s food or sleeping area.
If you are trying to get your puppy to eliminate outdoors, wait until he is consistently using the pad, then gradually move it closer to the door until you can take him outside and help him learn that this is where he should go.
Praise him instead each time he is doing it correctly and be more alert when he has an accident inside the house so you can help out quicker.
Dog pee pads are available in many different types and are offered by different manufacturers. A waste pad tray is a useful item which measures 60×60 cm and has a raised lipped to catch any liquid that might leak through the pad. Getting both the dog pee pads and the tray is most likely the best way to work with your puppy in your house.
When learning how to potty train your dog, bear in mind that a puppy is really just like a baby and will need to be taught how to do things properly. There are a variety of dog training programs available online, each claiming to provide the best dog training methodology.
In his television show The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan makes controlling a dog look tremendously easy. The Puppy Institute is a leading source for information on dog training techniques, dog training programs, dog training equipment and general dog care. Our articles are written by passionate dog owners, dog breeders and dog trainers who are dedicated to improve the lives of both dog owners and their dogs. Your puppy will need some time to get accustomed to his new surroundings and may feel lonely the first night because he misses his litter mates and mom. Schedule feeding and potty times at specific times and try to follow the schedule carefully. This will entail hiring a dog walker, a pet sitter or asking assistance from family or friends. The short term confinement area would be a place where you can easily observe your puppy when you are home so to take him outside promptly as needed. Because your puppy can hold it only for so much, he will eventually soil in his crate causing him to sleep in his mess. However, there are a few tips and guidelines that may help expedite the process and help set your puppy for success.
Use dog training pads, an indoor potty area such as Wizdog or a litter box designed specifically for dogs to give the puppy a distinct area where to potty. Always remove your puppy's collar when leaving him home alone or unsupervised for any period of time. To help the puppy, it may be a good idea to invest in an indoor potty area made of artificial grass. An older dog will have more bladder and bowel control, making the housebreaking process much easier. If you arm yourself with patience and allow your puppy to follow a routine, you will eventually start seeing results as your puppy attains better bowel and bladder control.
As much as a busy lifestyle may put a dent in the process, consider that housebreaking a puppy is something that eventually occurs sooner than later. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and as always, your +1's, Shares, Facebook likes and retweets are appreciated. It is not only wrong but detrimental to the dog’s stability to not punish him in any violent way. Instead, careful research and consideration should be taken before a final decision is made. Then, after the hustle and bustle slows down, go together to pick out which pet they want to adopt. Microchip Implant – This gift is definitely more expensive than the previous, but it is worth investing in. A New Leash and Collar – This may seem like a regular ol’ gift, however a new collar and a new leash can be a very practical gift for your new puppy, especially if you are beginning leash training.
Homemade Artisan Treats – If you are shopping on a budget this Christmas, homemade dog treats are a great way to treat your new puppy and show them how much you love them. Personalized Feeding Dishes –  Make your puppy’s food and water bowls stand out by getting them customized. Gift Basket – This is a great idea if you are buying a puppy Christmas present for someone else. Outside Toys – When it comes to playing with your puppy outside, think outside the box this year.
Indoor Dog Potty – This may actually be more of a gift to yourself than to your puppy. There are often new people around, new sounds and smells in the house, and lots of new, colorful Christmas decorations for them to get into.
They can be your companion, help you track game, retrieve kills for you, and give you some added protection out in the wilderness.
Brittany – Don’t be fooled by the name, Brittany hunting dogs make top rate hunting partners (much better than the infamous pop singer the name has become associated with would make).
Labrador Retriever – Labrador Retrievers are well known dogs, and you probably know a lot of families who have well-loved Labs. Vizsla – Vizslas are relatively rare in the US, which makes them somewhat of a well-kept secret. German Shorthaired Pointer- As their name implies this breed is a natural born pointer, and another great bird hunting dog.
Black and Tan Coonhound – As the name obviously states, Black and Tans are great raccoon hunting dogs.
People are busy in the winter, and between hectic schedules and less-than-appealing weather conditions, your pets may be spending more and more time inside in the winter.

Limit your pet’s exposure to the cold: Dogs and cats naturally build up thicker coats in the winter, but if your pet spends the majority of their time indoors, their bodies might not be triggered to do this.
Watch out for mucky streets and sidewalks: As snow begins to fall, most cities use sand or salt to help melt snow and ice and make streets and sidewalks safer- for people.
Consider a winter coat: Small dogs, breeds with short hair, and cats can actually develop hypothermia in extremely cold weather. Watch your holiday decorations: Holiday traditions are a lot of fun for humans, but can pose a risk to pets.
Watch where your pet sleeps: Take note of any drafts in your home, and move your pet’s bed and food bowls away from these areas.
Keep your pets away from antifreeze: Did you know that pets are attracted to the sweet smell and taste of anti-freeze?
Keep cats indoors: Anyone who owns a cat knows that they like to be independent, and this can make them very hard to supervise outside.
In the winter, though, that can easily become a quick jaunt around your block, or merely being let out in the backyard to run around a few times a day. If your pet is already over weight, there are also things you can do to help them get down to a healthy size.
If you have tried at-home methods of increasing exercise and changing diet and still are worried about your pet’s weight, never hesitate to come in and ask one of our well-trained “pet professionals” for tips or advice on how you can help your pet. Whether you plan on taking your children trick-or-treating, attending a festive party, or just staying home to hand out candy to the neighborhood, your whole household can get in on the Halloween fun- even your pets! An increasing number of pet owners are choosing to dress up their dogs, cats, and other animals in full costumes to celebrate the fun of the holiday.
One of our sales associates would be happy to give you tips and ideas on how to make your furry friend look as cute or as creepy as you would like this Halloween.
Whatever post you choose, it must be tall enough for her to fully extend her body, and most importantly, it must be secure. You can place a piece of rug material over an area of carpet where Kitty has already been scratching.
Cats like to scratch when they awaken, especially in the morning and the middle of the night. They are cute, they are cuddly, they can help teach kids about responsibility, plus they just give you something small and furry to love (and who doesn’t want that)!
Dogs instinctively do not want to soil spaces that they feel are “their area”, so by introducing a crate that your dog sleeps in overnight, and is also put in while unsupervised for the day, it discourages them from defecating in their personal space. Even the faint scent of leftover pet urine (no matter which animal left it) can signal your dog’s urge to go.
Although they might not exactly understand why, your dog will eventually make sense of “peeing outside-good, peeing inside-bad” as long as you praise them consistently when they do it right and chastise them when they do it wrong. If your puppy has already eliminated inside the house, you could start using the spot he has used that time.
Having a good solution on how to teach your pup to properly eliminate without being frustrated by household concerns will ultimately help you with being patient with your puppy until he know what and when to do it. As for the challenge of potty training dogs, it is important to be patient and to start as soon as possible. Puppies are like young children in that they don’t come out of the box knowing how to do everything properly.
They share techniques and insights that will help you with training your dog the right way and with avoiding techniques & equipment that are harmful to both your dog’s health as your relationship with him. Your days off from work may also offer the perfect opportunity to begin housebreaking a puppy. The objective of this is to offer the puppy ample of opportunities to continue following the routine until he attains better bladder and bowel control. Since carpets and hardwood floors can be challenging to clean, make sure to confine the puppy in an area with vinyl floors for easy clean up.
Your puppy will be supervised and will get to spend time with other puppies while you can come home to a spotless house. But what I like about it the most is that it offers several training methods and lets you choose the one that works best for you and your puppy.
If you see your dog doing these things while he’s in the house, you need to rush to put him outside. Pushing the dog’s nose into his mess, slapping him, yelling loudly at him, or hitting him will not teach him anything but violence. Certain breeds even require some extra clothing when going outside during those frigidly cold winter months. Since you don’t know exactly what the puppy and owner may need, these baskets give them a little bit of everything: training books, treats, chew toys, accident pads, etc.
Of course tennis balls and tug-of-war ropes are a fun choice, but there are lots of other options available. Get your new pet looking fresh and clean by buying them scented and freshening shampoos and conditioners this holiday season. Unfortunately, beyond costing you money to have to replace destroyed ornaments, holiday decorations can be a big safety risk to pets.
Make sure to pick an area where the tree can be enjoyed by your family without becoming a jungle gym for your pet. If you choose to have a live Christmas tree, make sure that you have some sort of floor covering to collect the needles as they fall.
Take ornament hooks off your decorations and replace them with a loop of string tied in a not. Ok, so there’s really no such thing as a 100% pet safe ornament, but some are better than others.
There is something about the sparkle of tinsel that makes it as irresistible to cats as catnip. Dogs and cats probably aren’t the only members of your family who might be tempted to open a present or two before Christmas day, but they are probably the only ones who might destroy the gift in the present. Sweep up fallen pine needles regularly to keep them away from your pet and keep your tree well watered to help it keep its needles longer. The best way to ensure that your pets will be safe around your Christmas decorations is to keep a close eye on them.
Of course while all dogs are great, not all breeds make equally good hunting dogs, so if you are in the market for a new hunting partner here is a list and explanation of the top ten hunting dog breeds. They are great around kids but they are even better water retrievers and that makes them expert duck hunting dogs. Originating from Hungary, Vizslas are known for being one of the best pointing breeds around.
Weighing between 45lbs to 70lbs, they also need plenty of exercise (although not nearly as much as a Vizsla). Kind of synonymous with the classic American family dog, golden retrievers also make outstanding duck hunting dogs. They are very mellow, but have tremendously sensitive noses, and once they pick up the scent of an animal it can be hard to get them off! They are very social and very loyal; they are also known for their “classic good looks” and tend to do very well in dog shows (in case you are looking for a hobby when hunting season is over). They make great bird hunting dogs, as they have a lot of stamina (meaning they can likely out-hunt you)!
For animals, though, the substances used to dissolve ice can be extremely irritating to their paws.
If your pet is going to be outside for an extended period of time, get them a coat or protective covering. Be careful leaving bowls of candy or chocolate around as this can be harmful or even poisonous to an animal when ingested.
The enclosed space of a car does not maintain sufficient heat to protect them from extreme cold.
Floors can get very cold, even in a seemingly warm house, so it is also good to make sure your pet has a bed or cushion to sleep on.
It may seem like fun to let them play in the falling, fluffy, white stuff, but it’s too easy for them to lose their scent and become lost. Cats can succumb to frostbite quickly on their paws and ears in the winter, and they are likely to crawl under hoods of cars for warmth (a dangerous situation for any animal). Just as your pet may need an additional coat in the winter they might also need some booties. The sun isn’t out as much, the days seem short, and l it can just be much harder to work up the motivation to be as active as we are in the spring and summer months.
This isn’t just owner error – many animals hate the cold weather as much as we do, and you may notice them being reluctant or even refusing to go outside. It is much easier to try and keep your pet from putting on an unnecessary amount of weight than to try to help them get it off later. We would still recommend making and sticking to an exercise plan, but you can also tweak their diet. They can recommend a reduced calorie brand food, a fun toy to get your pet up and moving, or other creative options to help fend off seasonal pet weight gain. But, as with any new addition to the family, a new puppy brings new responsibilities – the most infamous of which is house breaking. As soon as the dog is released from the crate, they need to be taken directly outside to go to the bathroom, and praised when they do so. Sending mixed signals, (such as laughing and petting them when they go to the bathroom in the house), confuses the dog and will make the housebreaking process longer and more stressful for you and your puppy. Keep working with them, and eventually, they will be consistently going to the bathroom outside. They are much easier to clean up than simple newspapers and most of the pads contain odors that attract the pup, plus elements that manage the waste odors.
Then when he is done eating and needs to eliminate, take him to the pad and wait for him until he has finished his business. Always bear in mind that he is in a learning phase, just like toddlers have to learn to go potty in their early days. We strive to maintain a fully truthful and unbiased compendium of original articles, product reviews and training tips, as well as curated articles from other dog related websites. At a minimum, most puppies need to be taken out right after eating and drinking, after waking up from a nap, after a play session and any time the puppy gives signs of needing to go.
Some dogs will be able to run outside in time or at least, they’ll realize that they will need to do this when they need to go out. After the first few weeks, once your dog is used to going outside to relieve himself, reward him with praise and lavish him with petting.
Investing in a new resting spot for your dog doesn’t need to break the bank because dog beds can range in price from $20 to a few hundred, depending on the size and material. Some people go all out and decorate little bone-shaped treats, but don’t forget, all that really matters is how they taste.
Christmas is a great opportunity to make your dog look exceptionally festive in a winter sweater, or get them geared up for Valentine’s Day with something pink or red. This is also a good time to think about how large your puppy is going to get, and maybe getting feeding dishes that are elevated off the ground.
Rubber discs are a nice replacement for Frisbees because they are perfect for teething puppies. Believe it or not, dog toothpastes and toothbrushes are another popular dog “toiletry.” Dental health is just as important to dogs as it is to us. The urge to chew exposed electrical cords, bat at or climb your tree, and swallow miniature Frosty the Snowman figurines might prove too much to bear for your little friend.

It’s best to choose a room that can be closed off by doors or even gates (baby gates work just as well for pets as they do for toddlers) so that your pet cannot get into the room when he is unsupervised.
Many a Christmas has been delayed when a tree goes crashing down, with a happy cat on top of it. But, they pose a grave danger to pets – especially puppies and kittens that will chew on almost anything. Ornaments tend to fall off branches and cats and dogs might be tempted to chew on or swallow the hooks.
Pets don’t care about tradition, and if you leave a gift in plain sight, consider it fair game for your pet. Also, only turn your lights on during the day, while you are home (never leave them on when the house is empty or you all are asleep), there is always a risk of fire with a live tree! Have a dedicated “holiday room” where the tree, presents, and the majority of the decorations are stored and do not let your pet roam around in it unsupervised.
A mid-size dog (both males and females get between 30lbs and 40lbs), Brittanys have a ton of energy, which means they can be by your side walking trails and tracking game for hours. Labs grow to between 50lbs to 80lbs (depending on if it is a male or a female), and are one of the easiest breeds to train.  While they do require quite a bit of grooming (anyone who has ever roughhoused with a member of this breed can tell you they shed) they are one of the most loyal dogs you could ever find and extremely obedient. German Shorthairs need to be kept well groomed, so if you go out on longer than a week hunting trip be sure you plan on spending some time caring for your pal’s coat. This dog is also as loyal as they come and will follow your every command once you invest a little time into training.
They can get between 55lbs and 75lbs, but be warned, they do tend to drool so you might want to keep a handkerchief handy. On the smaller side for a hunting dog, beagles only get to be between 18lbs and 30lbs, but what they lack in size they make up for in love – Beagles are great family dogs! Surprisingly they need very little grooming, and they can grow to be between 55lbs and 90lbs. Obviously that stamina means they need lots of exercise, so make sure you get this dog out often – hunting season or otherwise! Nicknamed “Chessie”, these dogs need daily exercise, and that thick gloss coat needs to be kept well groomed. Let your pet develop a tolerance to the colder weather simply by limiting their outdoor time to shorter spans at the start of the season.
Make sure that you wipe your pet’s paws clean with warm water after every walk in the winter. Keep pets crated or in a back room during holiday parties to keep them away from exposed platters of food and alcohol. It is always better to leave your pet at home or take them indoors with you while you run errands. If you pull some out to keep your car in good working order, double check that you seal it up tightly and place it on a high shelf where your pets can’t knock it over or get into it.
If you notice your pet lifting their paws or whining when they take steps – their paws may be uncomfortably cold or even frost bitten.
Add this to all the winter holidays that often live, the cold weather can be a revolve around food, and it is no surprise that many of us tend to loosen up our belts a notch or two in the winter. If your pet is normally relatively active and is in good health, try to create an exercise plan for them in the winter months. Eliminate treats, especially any table scraps you might be sneaking them from time to time. Remember, if you have serious concerns, we would always encourage you to take your pet into your veterinarian’s office. We carry a variety of options for dogs and cats! Or, if you really feel like getting creative, you can make one yourself!
But, what you CAN do is stop her from scratching those items you value and want to keep in their relatively pristine state.
A good post should be tall enough for your Kitty to fully stretch her body, usually at least 28 inches tall. Cats will reciprocate and do their best to please their human companions, provided they know they’re supported and praised. Expect that your young puppy will have accidents at first, but know that ridding your house of the evidence is a good way to ensure there will be fewer in the future.
When all is said and done if you are still having problems, come in and ask us for more help!
It is essential that you remember to reward your dog for going to the bathroom outside as well as for completing any other tasks you are training him to do. You should have a command such as “Go Make” or “Potty” when you bring the dog out to do his business. However, they last an extremely long time and are very hard for curious puppies to chew through! Most recipes are based on wheat flour and flavorings, so all the ingredients can be picked up at your local grocery store. If your breed is smaller, consider bowls with a slip guard so the bowl doesn’t move around and scratch your floor when your puppy is pigging out. Either way, an indoor dog potty of any kind can help your pup relieve himself during the bustles of the holidays, without causing a huge mess! You could end up spending what should have been your relaxing holiday at the vet with a sick or injured pet.
Center the tree on the bag, and when the season is over (and you have removed the ornaments), pull the bag over the three. Dogs can also walk under branches of trees and accidently send the whole thing toppling over.
Cords can cause electrocution and serious injury or even death – secure any electrical cords on your Christmas tree by positioning them higher than your pet can reach and taping them down or hiding them with a special festive cover. No one wants to spend their holiday at the vet getting a hunk of metal removed from their poor pet’s stomach. If you do go with glass, don’t place them on the lower limbs where they can be easily batted down.
When your pet is around the tree, use positive reinforcement to encourage them to leave it alone. They are highly social dogs and require a lot of love from their owners, so don’t be afraid to give these dogs lots of praise and attention while on the hunt.
They are an especially good match for an athletic owner, as Vizslas love to run and need a healthy workout daily. Golden Retriever’s have a gentle demeanor which makes them great for being around kids, but they can also be fiercely protective of their owners when they feel that they are being threatened, so keep this dog close if you’re out hunting wolves! But watch out – Beagles are doggy Houdini’s, as they love to follow their noses (tracking rabbits no doubt) and easily escape from seemingly secure yards. This will keep the salt and chemicals from irritating their feet and keep your dog or cat from licking and ingesting the substances. There are even many styles, shapes, and sizes of coats to help your dog express their unique personality.
Also, if your dog is the type to chew on things, never leave holiday decorations low enough for them to get to. But, did you know that the same seasonal weight gain that affects you can often affect your pet as well? Yes it may seem a little silly to be designing a workout plan for your pet – but think of it as if you were their personal trainer. If you think you might need to reduce their portions, it is recommended that you take your buddy into see a veterinarian before you do so. They can help you gauge if pet’s weight is truly an issue, talk to you about a weight loss plan for your pet, and even show you how to check for certain signs that your pet is becoming overweight or obese. For example, find a pair of silver or white wings (depending on the size of your pet you might be able to get away with using the type meant for children) and turn your pal into an angel!
Over time, with repeated loving practice, your cat should become used to using the scratching post and leaving the furniture alone. We can recommend great products to give you a leg up (no pun intended) to make the house training process easier, and even give you information on a good trainer!
Dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom where they sleep, so this is an effective way of training your dog to go to the bathroom outside. However, if your little puppy ever runs away or gets lost or stolen, you’ll be happy you bought this gift. When it comes to the collar, a metal-choker collar may be a good choice for leash training, or perhaps a traditional cute and sassy collar will do.
This will catch any dead or dying needles as they fall and prevent them from ending up in your pet’s tummy. Falling trees and broken ornaments can be a huge risk factor for the safety of your pets so make sure you secure your tree so it stays upright. Many pet owners have learned the hard way to place fragile ornaments out of reach of their cats or dogs, as these broken trinkets can lead to mouth or throat bleeding or trauma. Here’s another tip – bitter apple can be sprayed on the lower branches of your tree to discourage persistent chewers! Coming home to find your grandpa’s hand-carved manger scene chewed to bits won’t make anyone in your family happy.
If you even suspect your pet has gotten into anti-freeze, take them to the vet or animal hospital right away. While weight gain in the winter is common, it is always best to rule out any underlying issues which might have caused your pet to gain weight before you drastically reduce their diet.
Many crate-trained dogs learn to feel secure and comforted in their crate and will still enjoy being in it when you are not around to play with. More often than not, dogs have accidents because their owners fail to get them outside in time.
When you put your dog in his kennel before bed, give him a little treat and a soft toy for company. One idea is to put your tree in the corner of the room and put two small hooks in either surrounding wall, then tie clear fishing line on either hook around the tree. Pet exercise works the same way it does for humans- anything that gets them up and moving helps them to burn calories and fight off cold weather weight gain. You could turn your dog or cat into a three-headed beast by attaching the heads of two sock puppets to an inexpensive collar. You need to recognize when you are wrong and make changes to ensure that your new dog gets outdoors on schedule. You may even find that your extra effort on your pet’s behalf helps you to keep some weight off as well! A healthy pet is a happy pet, and we appreciate your efforts to keep your pets strong and thriving through the winter months! This will help to prevent the dog from waking you up to go to the bathroom during the night. With patience, love, consistency and understanding, your dog will be housetrained in no time!

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