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One of the objectives of CHS is to address the current skills shortage and job opportunities available in the South African hospitality sector, providing this growing market with skilled and experienced candidates. This objective is being addressed in conjunction with the Department of Social Development, Godisang Development and Epicurean Tastes and Cleaning. After careful selection by Godisang Development, the candidates commenced their training during the week of 10 November 2014 at the campus of the Capital Hotel School and Training Academy.
Providing candidates with the skills to perform housekeeping duties in a full service establishment as well as the knowledge on health and safety matters in a lodging property.

The training programme for housekeepers will be conducted over 7 weeks and an additional week’s worth of on-site training in a housekeeping department in the industry. All the candidates are provided with suitable uniform for the duration of the programme, as well as meals on days lectures are conducted.
All the partners are working closely together to monitor the progress of the candidates and to secure opportunities for placement once the programmes are successfully completed in March 2015. The Housekeeping Management Training Programme is an 18 month programme specializing in the core discipline of Housekeeping operations.

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