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Puppy Proof Your Home – Your pup will be running around your home smelling, licking and chewing on just about everything he or she can reach.
Puppy Proof Your Yard – If you live in a house that has a yard you will want to begin by fencing in the yard and patching up any holes in the fence. Leash, Collar and Identification Tags – There are a variety of collars and leashes to choose for your pup. Preparing ahead of time will lessen the stress and make your pup’s new arrival more enjoyable. Begin Immediately – As soon as your adorable Labradoodle is placed in your arms socialization begins.
House Awareness – Your Labradoodle will explore your home as soon as he or she walks in the front door. Introduce Family and Friends – Invite your extended family members and close friends to come meet your new pup.
Meet the Neighbors – Take your pup for a walk around the neighborhood so he or she can get familiar with other dogs and animals in the area. Noise – Whether you live in a big city or a secluded farm your pup will need to get use to hearing a variety of noises. Frequent Places – If you plan to spend every Sunday reading the newspaper at your local outdoor cafe with your pup by your side, you will want to begin this tradition immediately.
Socializing your Labradoodle is key to him or her feeling calm, comfortable and safe in their environment.
Once you have your list of potential breeders created, you will want to contact them one at a time via telephone or email. While you may be eager to scoop up the first little Labradoodle puppy that melts your heart, use precaution and take your time speaking to the breeder and going through the adoption process. Ask Friends and Family – Since shelters have a variety of dog breeds chances are family members or friends have already had an experience adopting a dog from the local dog shelter.
Search Online – Most local dog shelters have a website that they keep updated with available dogs to adopt.
Observe Health Conditions – While spending time with the Labradoodle of your choice you will want to keep note of any unusual health issues.
Make it Official – Once you make your final decision and choose a Labradoodle you will want to alert the staff that you would like to move forward with the adoption process. Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular as family pets due to their affectionate personality and the fact that they shed less than other breeds.
Hypoallergenic Guide Dogs – Labradoodles were first created to work as hypoallergenic guide dogs.
Color Variety – Depending on ancestry and inheritance the coat color of Labradoodles can be silver, black, cream, chocolate or apricot. Australian Origin – Labradoodles originated in Australia and are a cross breed of a Poodle and a Labrador. Highly Skilled – Labradoodles are skillfull in many sports, including tracking, obedience, agility and herding. Highly Intelligent – Labradoodles are highly intelligent and are capable of opening doors and unlatching gates.
Size Variations – Labradoodles can vary in size depending on the dominant genes inherited from their parents and ancestors.
Owned by Celebrities – Labradoodles are becoming so popular even celebrities are welcoming them into their family. Keen Tracking Abilities – Not only can Labradoodles track their owner’s location, but when they are lost they have the capability of finding their way back home.
Due to the energetic personality of Labradoodles some dog owners may find themselves at a loss for exercise ideas. Swimming – Put a life vest on your dog and allow him or her to swim in the pool or local lake and beach.
Flyball – This team sport is highly popular and provides plenty of exercise while accomplishing a relay race. Dog Parks – Bring your Labradoodle to the local dog park and allow him or her to safely play with other dogs the same size. Since Labradoodles are considered a “hybrid” dog breed, meaning they were created by cross-breeding a Labrador Retriever with a Standard Poodle, they are susceptible to hereditary health issues from both sides. Labradoodles are prone to develop cataracts which have the potential to lead to total blindness. This health condition is actually rare but would be inherited from the poodle side of the Labradoodles ancestry.
While these health issues may concern dog owners that have or in the process of welcoming a Labradoodle into their family, they are all treatable. Temperament – Temperament of the Labradoodle is affected by factors such as socialization, training and heredity.
Good with Children – Labradoodles are gentle, caring and playful, making them the perfect pet for young children. If you are a potential dog owner that is thinking of welcoming a Labradoodle into your family, you will want to take the characteristics of the breed into consideration. Jogging and Walking – Invite your Labradoodle to jog or walk next to you during your next exercise session.
Hiking – Labradoodles are highly intelligent and enjoy exploring and discovering new areas. Dog Parks – Visit local dog parks and allow your Labradoodle to play with other dogs his or her size. Food and Medication – Pack enough food to last at least two to three days past your return date.
Health Records and Vet Information – You will want to carry a copy of your dog’s health records.
Traveling with your dog should be exciting and fun when you are prepared with the necessities. We love summer time photos of our puppies.  If you have fun summer pictures, please send them our way! We are so happy to see one of Manor Lake’s own in the 2012 Doodle Country Hall of Fame Calendar!
Microchipping a dog is the process of implanting a chip under the dogs skin and registering the keepers details on a national database so that the dogs keeper can be traced.From the 6th April 2016 onwards it will be mandatory that all dogs be microchipped before they are 8 weeks old. A local council issued dog breeding license is required for anyone who keeps a breeding establishment for dogs which give birth to five or more litters during a period of 12 months. All dogs should be vaccinated and have their vaccinations kept up-to-date, this is part of being a responsible dog owner and will be your responsibility.Puppies should receive 2 vaccinations, the first at around 8 to 10 weeks of age and the second, two weeks later at around 10 to 12 weeks of age. Do your research firstGetting a new dog or puppy is a massive commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the dog. Confirm that the advertiser is genuineYou should verify this by arranging to visit the dog or puppy at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit without seeing the dog, or if the advertiser attempts to deliver the puppies or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not agree to this.
Can the puppies be viewed with their Mother?The advertiser should ALWAYS let you see the puppies with their mother, and in certain circumstances should let you see the puppies father. Is the Puppy over 8 Weeks of age?Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before they can leave their mothers. Check the Health of the Puppy or DogIt can be difficult for the average person to check if a dog or puppy is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the puppy, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the dog or puppy to a Vet of your choice for a health check. Is the puppy or dog up to date with their vaccinations?Puppies should receive 2 vaccinations, the first at around 8 to 10 weeks of age and the second, two weeks later at around 10 to 12 weeks of age. Ask questions about puppies motherAsk how many litters the mother has had and how old she is, she should be at least 1.5 years old. Have the puppies been socialised ?Make sure that puppies have been socialised from a very early age and are raised in a home environment, have interacted with their litter mates and are used to people, children and general household life.
You are about to become a dog owner and you are ready to bring home your Labradoodle puppy.
Depending on the size your Labradoodle will be as an adult, you will want to purchase a large enough kennel for him or her to easily stand up, turn around and lie down stretched out. You will want to choose a healthy food that provides your pup with all of the nutritional needs required to raise a Labradoodle pup.

Don’t forget to provide plenty of toys for your pup so that he or she stays busy and is able to keep their mind occupied as well as provide them exercise and play time.
Allow him or her to run throughout the house discovering new things and getting familiar with their new surroundings. It is also an excellent chance for your pup to get accustomed to being around wildlife such as birds, squirrels and other animals that can be found in your neighborhood on a regular basis.
At first loud noises and chaotic noises may feel overwhelming to your pup, but as time goes on they will become familiar and it will eventually become part of their daily life. Bring your Labradoodle to the local dog park so that he or she can play and socialize with other dogs.
This means you will want to decide if you prefer a male or female dog and what age range you are willing to adopt.
They are looking for people who have good intentions and the capability of providing a healthy happy home for the puppy. In the end you will up with a great experience with a reputable breeder and a happy healthy pup that will fill your life with joy, happiness and companionship.
Visit each shelter to learn more about the adoption process requirements and meet any Labradoodles that are available. Notice if there is heavy discharge in the eyes, unusual odors from the ears, mouth or skin, cuts, missing patches of hair and limping or favoring limbs. Every shelter is different but all of them usually have a general application and interview process that you will need to go through. While some shelters will allow you to adopt the dog and take him or her home the same day, others may make you wait a few days to a few weeks. Whether you already own a Labradoodle or you are considering welcoming one into your family soon, you will find the following fun facts about Labradoodles interesting. Their coat is similar to a poodle and allows allergy sufferers to feel comfortable and almost symptom free.
They will run around in sprinkler or the rain and they enjoy swimming in pools, lakes and the ocean. However, if they do not have enough physical exercise or they are bored, they will have behavioral issues.
Celebrity owners include Jennifer Aniston, Beau Mirchoff, Jeremy Clarkson and Graham Norton. Dog owners will want to provide plenty of toys at all times that will keep him or her busy.
Labradoodles are highly intelligent and will become bored when doing the same exercise routine repeatedly. Strategically hide treats throughout the fenced in yard area and allow your dog to track each one.
This activity provides plenty of exercise for a Labradoodle and also gives the dog owner the chance to sit down and relax knowing their dog is meeting their exercise requirements. While all of these exercise ideas are fun, don’t forget the trusty old walk through the neighborhood.
Symptoms include favoring one leg, lack of movement when they use to be playful, and whimpering when standing too long.
Symptoms include bumping into furniture and other objects and appearing hesitant when jumping on furniture that they commonly sit or sleep on. Dog owners will want to keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior and look for symptoms such as frequent foot licking or chewing of the paws and skin rashes, redness or swelling. They can get along with other pets as well as family members, friends, visitors and strangers. Labradoodles enjoy spending time with children and will even seek them out in the house to play and be close to them. Dog owners will enjoy training him or her adhere to a variety of obedience training commands as well as fun tricks.
Their playful attitude fills any room they are in and encourages dog owners and family members to play along and join the fun. If you are looking for an energetic, kind, sweet, companion that has the ability to cheer you up and play with your children all day than this might be the right breed for you. Put it to use on snowy days by hiding a couple of treats outdoors and allow your dog to dig through the snow to find the treats. Although they are generally strong swimmers you will still want to provide a life vest for safety. He or she will enjoy running, jumping and playing with other dogs and getting plenty of exercise. As a responsible dog owner you will want to assure that your dog is hydrated and healthy during their outdoor activities. Whether it is just the two of you or your entire family going on a trip, your Labradoodle needs his or her own traveling essentials. If not, you will want to purchase a kennel that is large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down in comfortably.
This allows room for emergency delays and prevents you having to rush out to the store for more dog food when you arrive home.
You will also want to update the information on his or her identification tags to include your dog’s name, your telephone number and your home address. You will also want to get the phone number of the local animal hospital or veterinarian office at the destination. All dogs are different and while some Labradoodles may enjoy every minute of a car ride others may feel anxious or stressed. Manor Lake Nutmeg is such a star – not only is she appearing in December, but she won the first place vote and is on the cover spread!
Not being able to see the puppies mother is a sign the puppies have not been bred by the advertiser and possibly imported. You will want to remove all toxic house plants, small objects or anything that can cause harm or injury to your pup.
You can replace toxic greenery with non-toxic and puppy-friendly plants, trees, flowers and bushes.
If you have any doubts on what is appropriate contact your local veterinarian for further guidance.
Labradoodles are increasingly becoming popular family pets due to their kind disposition and their ability to get along well with children. This will get your Labradoodle familiar with being around a lot of people and feel loved and safe. Most-likely you have already done your homework, researched and learned everything you can about Labradoodles. This information needs to be told to the breeder during the first conversation to assure you that they have what you are looking for in the first place. While that specific breeder may not have dogs available any longer, you can speak to that breeder to see if they can recommend another reputable breeder in the area. Reputable breeders are capable of providing you a tour of their home or facility so you can see the conditions the puppies are born into.
Reputable breeders may conduct an interview and even ask to view your home to make sure the puppy is going to have a good home and life. If not, contact the shelter and ask if you can be placed on a contact or waiting list if a Labradoodle arrives at the shelter and is available for adoption. You will want to spend quality time with the dog, possibly taking him or her for a walk on the property or playing fetch outdoors.
It might even help you make your final decision that a Labradoodle is the right breed for you.
Toys that allow you to hide treats inside are excellent options when it comes to Labradoodles. There are a variety of ideas and tips that will help dog owners provide a variety of exercise that will benefit their Labradoodles body and mind. Dog owners will want to assure that the water is free from debris and deep enough before allowing your Labradoodle to jump.
While this may sound concerning to dog owners, remember that all dog breeds have the possibility of inheriting health issues from their parents and ancestors.

Progressive retinal atrophy, also known as PRA, is  another hereditary issue that would stem from the Labrador Retriever side of the Labradoodles ancestry.
Pet parents will want to pay close attention when in the process of adding or switching food flavors or brands in addition to changing or providing new treats to your Labradoodle. They express their enthusiasm with their body language by slightly jumping and joyfully pacing. When the Labradoodle becomes fond of children they instinctively and naturally take on the babysitter role. Labradoodles will surely cheer you up from a sad, stressed or depressed mood with their exuberant energy and playfulness. However, if you are someone who prefers a calm pet that is more like a lap dog and companion you may want to seek another breed. While it’s important for your dog to get exercise it is also beneficial for him or her to have fun during the process. He or she will enjoy the exercise, fresh air and it will keep their inquisitive mind occupied and entertained.
It is also a great opportunity for you to relax and socialize with other dog owners at the park. Prepare ahead of time for the trip and make sure you bring along the important necessities that your dog requires to travel safe and happy.
The latch needs to work properly and you will want to bring along a soft cushion, blanket and toys. This was our last pairing with Petunia and Soupy and we are all in luck as they have met again and are due to have Australian Labradoodle puppies just like these ready for homes in June! Before you run off to pick up your Labradoodle pup and bring him or her home you will want to make a few preparations. If you have a vegetable garden you will want to create an enclosure to assure your pup won’t run through it and damage your garden.
It also will come in handy when you leave the house for brief periods of time and it is a good tool for house training. You will want to have an identification tag prepared that includes your pup’s name, your telephone number and address.
Dogs that are not socialized can live a life of fear and discomfort in a variety of situations. Keep your pup on a leash so that you can guide him or her and teach acceptable behavior around the other pet.
Labradoodles are highly intelligent but they each have their own timing and your patience will be required during their socialization training. By now you have already decided that a Labradoodle is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and family.
This process may be lengthy but it is worth it and it shows that the breeder is not willing to just take the highest bid for the puppy.
You will first want to confirm that you will be able to care for a Labradoodle properly throughout his or her lifetime.
If you seem upset, aggravated or aggressive towards the staff they may feel you are not fit to adopt a dog from their shelter. Medium sized Labradoodles can grow anywhere between 17 and 31 inches and weigh up to 45 pounds.
They are not couch potatoes, but will occasionally enjoy curling up on the sofa next to their owner to rest after a long day of physical exercise. Enjoy sharing these fun facts about Labradoodles with friends, family and fellow dog owners.
You will surely balance exercise routines with fun when following these fun tips and ideas. Once you find the activities that your dog enjoys the most you can arrange to do them a few times a week. It is known that just because a health issue can be hereditary doesn’t mean that your Labradoodle will experience the specific illness during his or her lifetime. At the first sign of allergy symptoms stop feeding your dog the food and immediately contact the veterinarian. They will provide medication and instructions on how to care for your Labradoodle if this health issue appears during your dog’s lifetime.
Dog parks are becoming increasingly popular and you can most-likely frequent a variety of locations in your community and the surrounding area.
Always carry fresh water and a portable bowl for your dog to stay hydrated during outdoor activities. The kennel can be used during transport or at the hotel or destination as a safe place for your dog to rest. If your dog takes medication you will want to bring enough to last one week past your return home date.
Most camp sites, dog-friendly hotels and other destinations require you to keep your dog on a leash when in public areas. Dad lives with his mum and grandma in his family home near Alford, he is a chocolate Multi-Generation Chocolate Labradoodle. Also if you see unsanitary conditions or the mother of the puppies seems uncared for or sick, you will want to remove yourself from the facility immediately.
They will also be able to provide you with medical documents from the veterinarian showing that the pup of your choice is in good health. If it is a long term condition you will want to be confident that your budget can handle long term veterinarian care. These helpful tips will guide you to adopting a Labradoodle and providing a good home for their entire lifetime. The standard size Labradoodle can weigh more than 45 pounds as an adult and stand at least 22 inches tall. Learning about the common health issues and symptoms will put you ahead of the game when it concerns your Labradoodles health and allow you to seek veterinarian care for your dog immediately. The sooner you get your dog medical attention the sooner they can feel better and continue living the happy life you have provided for them.
There Labradoodle has a variety of characteristics potential pet parents will want to consider before making a final choice to welcome a Labradoodle into their family.
As with any dog breed Labradoodles can have a variety of personalities but generally are all non-aggressive, sweet, charming, loyal and playful.
Your Labradoodle will surely enjoy the bonding time with you as well as the fun activity and exercise.
However, airlines have a variety of regulations you will need to adhere to for safe airline travel. The veterinarian may also recommend providing your dog with calming aids to assure the trip goes smoothly. The following details will guide you on your journey to finding a reputable Labradoodle dog breeder.
The following details will guide you on a journey to adopting a Labradoodle from a shelter. You will want confirmation that your dog is healthy and it is safe for him or her to participate in the activities. You know your Labradoodle the best and you will want to plan ahead to assure you are prepared for anything during the trip. This breed are well known for being easily to train and the litter has shown this by there ease of housetraining and how sensitive to your voice. He will come with Vaccination card from my vets, some food, general advice paperwork and lifetime support. He is now A?350 as he needs a loving forever home as he is getting to much a part of our family and I cannot keep a male but im growing to really love him.

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