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Some people like to keep things simple and classical while others prefer a more adventurous solution. The artist lives here a few days a week and, given the size and structure of this space, it can’t really be considered a full-time residence. The architect that designed the space has been working at this project for three years and finds it very interesting. Since the size of the space represents a problem and an obstacle, making it feel airy and spacious is nearly impossible.

In order to not interfere with the structure of the neighborhood, the house was built about ten feet above the ground. If the Keret House impressed with its narrowness, this space impresses with its spaciousness. It’s a complex combination of diverse elements and yet the atmosphere is very pleasant and everything feels cohesive. The artist wanted this placed to be a combination of elements, at the limit between art and functional design. The result was a very strong and durable structure that, despite its curved and gracious lines, was designed to last.

They each serve different functions and usually have independent designs but they also all follow an overall continuous design as they are part of the same space and structure. The rooms of this house were organized around a central kitchen and they each resemble a petal.

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