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Since our home is pretty much wall to wall carpeting we must do our best to protect our carpet and keep things neat and tidy. The Scoop on PoopNormal rabbit poop will be round, lightweight and dry (something you will see ALLOT of). A weird thing I’ve done that I kind of cherish now is take¬†pictures of their favorite books, maybe every nine months or so. The series board books that are based on classics, nothing makes mama happier than her boys wanting to read Jane Eyre or Pride and Prejudice. Seeing as kiddo is pre-verbal, I am biased in that I prefer books that I personally don’t mind reading over and over and over.
I also ask the parents if there is anything they need for the kid (versus just fun things). My daughter likes music, so my ILs recently bought her a tambourine and wooden sticks like this one. As to where I find books: daycare usually introduces us to new books, and we order books from the Scholastic catalogues every few months. We have a couple books with buttons that play music – a Wheels on the Bus book and an Elmo book.
For booklists I like to look at the ones on A Mighty Girl website, which has stories about strong female leads that would be good for both boys and girls.
The book called The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease is excellent resource for good books to read to all ages of kids. Mem Fox, author of the excellent book Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, also has a book called Reading Magic with some great booklists. Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. Even if you don't intend on letting your bunny have full run of your house, litter box training is still a good idea and not nearly as difficult as most fear. You may need to experiment with different brands before finding the one you feel meets all of your needs. A nice bonus is that if you should accidentally step on a marble you are unlikely to soil your carpet.

Do not use cedar or pine shavings as a litter (or bedding) as it can cause liver damage in rabbits. When I let bunny out of the cage I would place an additional litter pan in the room he was allowed to play in. I think most of us are tempted to give a begging bunny a treat, especially when we get so much attention as a result, but remember that keeping your pet healthy is also an act of love.
J was obsessed with construction vehicles from a young age, but H seems to like animals more. It was started by Dolly Parton in her hometown, which was poor and had low literacy, but the state eventually took it over. It wasn’t available in our area until my son was almost 5, so he only got one or two books, but my daughter’s shelves are full from them! I, too, am a self-identified book worm, and I find myself obsessing over my son’s books as much as my own. I have the Jack Prelutsky anthology, which is great (I think also known as The Random House Anthology). I’ve found that for my 19 month old, he needs one poem per page, with a picture, or he looses interest very fast. He apparently likes opening and closing things, and putting things in places, and he can do that with this toy because the seat opens. You need more lead time for this one, but I really like giving kids a Lost My Name book, especially if their name is something less common. I got a good friend an adorable bath towel from Restoration Hardware and bath toys because her son was just starting to go in the real tub and all of his towels were too small.
I also have a family member who is a librarian, and she sends us books that are recommended by the children’s librarians at her work.
The original three are the best (they rhyme and have repetitive parts that my kiddo likes to recite).
My kiddo loves the pictures of animals, and they are easy to carry around because they are so light (the ones I order from Scholastic are softcover pamphlet style books).
We have a box set of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and a relative has a box set of tiny board books.

Luckily rabbits are creatures of habit and normally pick a corner of the cage to use as the designated potty spot. Some rabbits might be good about returning to their cage to use the pan but most have a limit to how far they will travel to the latrine. Acceptable Treats Are:A raisin, a papaya tablet, a small piece of apple (no apple seed), a piece of celery, a piece of pineapple, a piece of pear, a strawberry, a piece of shredded wheat (no frosting) etc. There’s at least one Richard Scarry book with a hippo for a judge whom I purposely refer to with feminine pronouns. I also have The Real Mother Goose (the one from like 1935), which has just about every nursery rhyme you know plus twice as many you don’t. I tried reading Where the Sidewalk Ends to my kiddo, and just ended up hiding the book until she is older. The later ones weren’t written by the same guy, and the new guy totally phoned it in. Kiddo loves to open the box, close the box, carry the box around by the handle, rearrange the books, etc. He talks about how a book like Huck Finn is difficult to read aloud because of the way the accents are written in the dialogue.
This means multiple litter pans may become necessary if your rabbit has free roam of several rooms or even the entire house.
Now that he can count, he keeps trying to negotiate the number of bedtime stories (#lawyer’skid?). So the Beatrix Potter complete nursery rhymes has been good, as has Mother Goose by Kim LaFave et al (features artwork by prominent Canadian illustrators) and One Two Three Mother Goose (all nursery rhymes with numbers). I like this spot better, move the litter pan.Health Reasons - If this is a new development from an otherwise litter trained rabbit it could be a sign of a urinary tract infection or other illness, contact your vet.

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