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Our babies do not bite, they are cuddly held daily, clean indoor pets, we train them on a litter box for you! Intro: How To Litter Train Your RabbitHey guys, I am here today to show you how you can litter train your rabbit in no time. Step 1: First Step Is To Get A Nice Looking Litter Box, Make It Big Enough For Your Rabbit To Rest In. The rabbit cage rack has worked great for us, but it has needed a modification to make it work batter. Watch in HD These grids are found at Walmart, and come in a pack of 12 each (so I bought 2 packs!) they are around $20 each pack I think. I have not posted an instructable in like 2 weeks because I had to go on vacation and after all that got sick.
The first ever official tours of the new BudgetBunny rabbit enclosures!Don't forget that by subscribing to all of our channels you will see a new video from us every day of the week!

Please remember this is our personal opinions which we based off of research and experience. You also don't need to use the connectors I know there is other options but that's what I used. Enjoy Your Not So Messy Cleaning!!!Best part, don't have to put to much effort in cleaning!!!
You can watch a step by step video of how we made these by checking out our first video Building Your Own Rabbit Condo. This will be our final cage tour as the condos have now been disassembled so we can stage the pet room as a spare bedroom and sell our home! Let me know down below if you are interested in seeing other cleaning videos such as how I clean my: Litter Boxes, Water Dishes, Bunny Blankets, etc. Always remember to put a bit of what she's already done in the litter tray and keep it in the same place so she can find it.

Then other days she makes a mess and i'm very tired of deep cleaning my carpets all the time. You will probably still get the odd pellet about the place (i think they get too excited at having so much fun!) but she should always go to the litter tray to urinate.
Also i've noticed that neutered rabbits are much better at using litter trays and since she's female it will prevent any nasty diseases or cancer in her reproductive system (very nasty).

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