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Plain and simple: medium dog breeds are perfect companion dogs—they are not too big which means they don’t require too much space, dog food expenses would not be as high as when you get a large breed, and they would still be big enough to serve as a cuddly pillow. There are plenty of popular medium sized breeds that vary in temperament and activity level.
The flat-nosed, heavy, macho Bulldog is the choice of many, not just because of their strange but adorable appearance, but also because of their interesting personalities.
The Border Collie is known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, not just in medium sized dogs, but in all dog breeds.
Don’t let these dogs’ strong and muscular appearance intimidate you, because Boxers are actually very playful, puppy-like dogs. Although they’ve had a bad rap for years, what many people do not know is that Pit Bulls are actually excellent family dogs. Cuddly and bear-like, Chows are loved by their owners because of their loyalty and quietness. The “Hush Puppy” is a short-legged dog with long, hanging ears and was once (and still is) used for hunting. These handsome, resilient canines are known for being sled dogs, used by people for traveling, racing and transporting goods. Famous for their intelligence and agility, the Belgian Malinois is one of the preferred breeds trained as Working dogs—for police work, search and rescue, and also sports like agility and Shutzhund.
One must always remember that although size is relevant when trying to decide which breed to choose, it is also very important to consider the energy level of the dog.
Dogs classified as medium are just about in the middle in terms of size and weight, defined to be between 13 to 24 inches, and around 20 to 60 pounds. Medium breed dogs are perfect exercise buddies, you could jog with them everyday, this is not only beneficial to them, but to you as well.
In terms of cost, medium dog breeds usually cost more to keep than small dogs, but they are also sturdier, and can easily adapt to all kinds of living conditions as long as their needs, like food, shelter, mental stimulation and daily exercise, are amply met.
Known for being friendly, active and obedient, they are perfect for being trained for work—as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and police dogs. These dignified dogs were once bred for a brutal sport called “bull-baiting” until it was made illegal in the 1800’s. This molosser was once bred for hunting, and the breed’s name stemmed from their habit of standing on their hind legs and “boxing” with their front paws when in play.

They are good watch dogs, are great with children; they can definitely tolerate rough play, and when socialized properly as a puppy, are friendly towards strangers, other dogs, and even other species like cats or rabbits. With their smooth, gray-ish coats, their relaxed and confident gait, and intelligent expressions, Weimaraners are definitely quite the head turners. Known for their unique, bluish tongues and thick manes and fur, this breed is actually one of the oldest recognizable breeds, and is known as the “puffy lion dog.” Chow chows are very protective of their homes as well their owners, and it is normal for them to be aloof or suspicious towards strangers. Their droopy appearance makes them look sad, but their personality is far from this—these goofy dogs are very friendly and adventurous. Nowadays, although still used as working dogs in certain parts of the globe, they have became famous companions all over the world. Having a strong desire to please their handlers, this makes them easy to train as long as positive reinforcement, mixed with firm commands is used. For high energy, medium-sized dogs, they are better off in homes with bigger space, and with owners who are willing to exercise them everyday. There are many dog breeds that are medium sized, and these dogs are as perfect companions as any. Originally bred to be gun dogs, the reason for the Labrador’s soft mouth is so that they would not damage game when they retrieve them, usually from bodies of water.
Although a medium-sized breed, Border Collies need a lot of space to run and experience what they are bred to do.
Exercise and positive reinforcement training is required with Boxers, because the lack of it will cause boredom, which could then lead to excessive barking and chewing. These strong, muscular dogs have been used in weight-pulling sports, and there are quite a number involved in therapy and guide dog programs. Originally bred for hunting, they have excellent stamina and enjoy vigorous activities like hiking, swimming, dog sports, or any good outlet for their boundless energy. Being prone to aggression issues, socialization should be constant and consistent at an early age.
Belgian Malinois are great watchdogs, and are good family pets—they are great with children and can tolerate other species like cats.
Medium sized dogs can live in apartments as long as they get ample walks, and you don’t have to worry about them getting injured as much as you would with a small dog.
These swift dogs are perfect participants in dog agility and other dog sports like fly ball or Frisbee.

When acquiring a Pit Bull, exercise and socialization are vital in order to raise a balanced and confident dog.
Since they have high prey drives, it would be a natural instinct for them to chase after small animals like cats or squirrels. Their dense double coats need constant brushing and trimming, or else their fur will develop mats. Although generally lazy inside the house, exercise and mental stimulation is still needed—they especially enjoy any activity that involves their nose, as they are scent hounds. Because they were bred for herding, they naturally have herding instincts that must be redirected into work and play (with toys).
Since they have stronger bodies, they would fare well in rough play, perfect for families with little children. You could mostly see them indifferent towards strangers, but are very loyal and loving towards family and friends. Due to their stature, Basset Hounds should not be allowed to jump as puppies, for this could damage their spines or hips.
Because they are high energy dogs, they often make attempts to escape if their needs, like extensive exercise (preferably involving running, because this is what they are bred to do) and training, are not met. We recommend you pick a dog that don’t shed hair much to minimize the allergic reaction.
If you want a gentle but playful dog that loves to please, then the Labrador Retriever is the perfect dog for you. Don’t be surprised when you notice your Border Collie trying to “herd” people into one room—this is just an instinct that they naturally have.
Once you decided the dog you want, you’ll have to do some research on how to feed them properly. But be sure to protect them from hot weather, and always clean those folds – when left dirty it could lead to infection.

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