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My family is always looking for fun ways to serve our favorite Sunday morning French toast. Note: Feel free to substitute blueberries for other fruits, like strawberries or raspberries. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
I have Multi-Extractor set to extract packages from Sims3Packs I move to the Working sub folder and move those extracted packages to my packages folder. If the package doesn't conflict I use S3PE to make a replacement package with it and rename it. Then I get rid of the package I just processed so I only have 1 version of it in my packages folder.
Now, I am not fully experienced with this but it seems to me the conflicts are caused by the same contents (or part of the same contents) being in both packages. The one you get part of leaves behind the bits that it shares with the other one that you get all of.
Sometimes when I merge conflicted packages (from the SAME maker) the file I end up with doesn't look any bigger than the one of the packages I started with.
Dashboard I don't use too often since I end up with a lot of false positives, but I will run it on occasion just to make sure nothing has slipped through Custard. Sparkle decided Connor was her BFF today, she is obviously influencing his dreams and will report back to the home planet that this Sim is easily influenced. After he got home I decided to give everyone a break from the fighting and get their relationship bars topped off again.
I wanted to keep the good moods going so I shipped Jared and Claired off to the Bistro for a date. Connor reading his frigging pregnancy book yet again, at least this time his timing is good.

I knew the joystick was getting beyond its use by date so I watched to see what would happen next. He took it into the laundry and placed the joystick on the concrete floor and whacked it with the hammer. He just wrapped up the band profession pulling in over 3 million due to his gigs and tip gathering in the subways. And he continues well into the morning, finally stopping to go grab his job at the studio and make a few calls to his kids. Edited to add, that really is all Claire's face, I didn't tweak her face at all, just had her lose weight and give her new eyebrows and hair. Because I am playing in Sunset Valley, I had to place Mirabello Plaza to get the grocery store, so I had to pretend that the bookstore and theater didn't exist.
I've been thinking maybe I would move some homeless into the household and then move them out into the world, giving them a home from my household funds? Might I ask the size of the lot and does it have CC other then the rugs and if it doesnt can I haz it??? I've only dl Sims when they had certain cc attached to them, but I couldn't get anywhere else, either the original creator didn't have a link anymore, or the person who created that Sim, didn't know where they got the cc.
Other times the resulting file is bigger than both packages but not as big as the sum of the sizes of both packages. I did my usual 5 non romantic interest actions then let them loose to see what they would do.. I can only get so close, and even using the Tab key, I can't get the angle you have with Sparkle in the fish cat bag.
I wonder if they would have given Ciara the simoleans if she told them she used her simoleans to redecorate her house. It would be nice to learn how to manage my CC from the get-go when it's just a small amount rather than later when I have hundreds of items.

The three dogs bring in way more than their weight in gold, tiberium and other precious gems and metals.
I did cheat a little bit and "ordered" the pregnancy book through the tablet, having it "shipped" to them from elsewhere. Then there will be someplace for Sims to get a job, besides the part-time position working for the family at the grocery store.
If I do that, I wonder if I can use them to learn skills to add another venue before moving them out? The bright blueberries and tart lemon burst with flavor — it practically tasted like sunshine! Tear the challah into 1-inch size chunks and toss in the milk mixture until they are absorbed. I have run the package through TSR Workshop and fixed things myself, like if the age is wrong (which is usually the issue) but I have had to delete a few off and on, but not many, maybe less than ten.
I re-downloaded S3PE and its fine for now, except sometimes it will not merge if the packages are over a hundred. Bake the jars for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown and they are puffed up.
On the first day of my son's school, I didn't bring any water, and fainted after a half hour in the school yard.
But I always brought a big bottle of water with me after that - even when you just take your car to get some bread in the bakery, you bring water - and something to dry sweat from your face.
Your whole face, and neck, and cleavage.) Feels good with cold and rain now when I think about it!

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