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My wife is ready to get rid of her and I keep saying just give her more time, she's young and still teething. I really think it is just the puppy in her and in time this will subside but any help to lessen this problem quicker is appreciated.
Dogs sample things with their mouth and a 4-month-old puppy is still in its developmental stage, so some play-biting is to be expected.
If the biting is an act of aggression and not play-biting, it's a serious condition that needs to be addressed in person by an experienced behaviorist or trainer with experience in dealing with dog aggression. To communicate the biting is unwanted, let out a loud yelp or cry out every time that your pup’s teeth make contact with your skin, even if it's minor or not an actual bite. The next step is to incorporate a consequence so the dog understands why the action or behavior shouldn't be repeated.
If you are consistent with the timing and application of your “yelp” and stoppage of play, it wont take long before your dog realizes that teeth making contact to human skin equals an end to play time. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, displayed or redistributed for any purpose without permission from the Omaha World-Herald. Hi PaulineI just want to say a massive thank you for your help and valuable information regarding crating Ellie and how she was suffering separation anxiety.We got a cage on Saturday and Ellie has been amazing.
Hi Debbie,No, it's not too late to crate your puppy at 6 months old, however, it may take a little time and patience.You can learn how to crate Ellie here. Hi, I'm at a loss with my cocker spaniel Ellie as she is so destructive when we are not around.
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At OneHowto we have already shown you general rules on how to train your puppy but what do you do when your dog or puppy bites you?
It's normal for your puppy to want to chew everything because in addition to helping your dog cope with their sore gums from teething, is part of their normal growth process.
Recognise the difference between when your dog bites you playfully or because their gums hurt from a real bite because they are angry. If they continue to bite your hand it is because they have misunderstood your reaction and think that it wasn't a bad thing and you approve.
If they keep biting, make a sharp cry almost imitating the howl of a hurt dog, so they will stop biting because they associate it with this screech of pain.
When you see that your dog has calmed down, approach them and pet them while talking gently and calmly. Avoid playing with aggressive games with your dog that involve teasing or biting you, because then they will associate playing with biting. If they keep up this biting behaviour, keep a spray bottle with water handy, just for a squirt effect, never anything stronger.
When your dog behaves properly, praise your dog for their good behaviour with affection and dog treats. Aggressive English Bulldog puppy Hello, my 10 week old English bulldog puppy is like Jekyll and Hyde.
Aggressive Maltipoo I've had little King for about 11 days now and about 3 days ago he started becoming very aggressive.
8 week old miniature schnauzer  I have a 5 month old cavapoo and he is lovely so gentle! Last weekend I brought home an 8 week old miniature schnauzer as a friend for my cavapoo..

Aggressive mini Aussie pup We have a 9 week old mini Aussie pup that is terrorizing our whole household. 9 month old male staffy  My 9 month old dog is only aggressive to boxers wether on the lead or not its just happened the man booted my dog away what do i do im so upset . Agressive Husky Puppy We just brought home our 8 week husky puppy last week and i have noticed a couple of things that kinda scary me.
9 week westie Hi I have a nine week old westie puppy he has very aggressive tendencies. 10 week old aggressive maltipoo  My little maltipoo gets out of control when he is reprimanded. 3 month old Cockapoo with bad biting habits My puppy has been biting since w got him at 8 weeks old. 11wk cocker spaniel aggressive and wont listen our 11wk old cocker spaniel male bites us very hard and lunges at our faces or body while snarling.
Agressive Havanese with paper or found items 6 month old Havanese, easily trained in all aspects except when he finds "things" outside or in the house. Bella the Bully!! I have a 3 month old Maltipoo that will bite my hands and feet and clamp down when we are playing or I put her on my lap. AGGRESSIVE 4 MTH OLD GERMAN SHEPHERD most of the time she is ok, but turns into a kudo dog. I have an 8 week old beagle puppy who appears to be quite dominant and will growl and bite when he doesnt like what he is being told. Aggressive 7 month old pit mix to our 2 year old yorkie We adopted Bella ( yorkie mix) as a puppy. Nipping and biting We bought an Queensland Healer puppy,all she wants to do is nip and bite constantly.
Aggressive 3 month old german shepherd  Our vet told us to practice "restraining" our 3 month old German Shepherd roughly holding him for about 10 min at a time. Aggressive standard poodle puppy Hello, I bought both my standard poodle and doberman pinscher puppies December 5th. Aggressive Chihuahua, Pomeranian mix Last night,Baby Rosalie attacked her mom(Harmony)! Husky puppy Okay I don't actually think my puppy is "aggressive" but I can't seem to get her to stop attacking my moms Pomeranians. Working cocker spaniel scratching children I have a 6 month old working cocker spaniel. Over-biting Labradoodle male puppy My family and I bought a labradoodle male puppy when he was 7 weeks old. English Mastiff Growling at One Child We have 2 English Mastiffs that are 13 months old. Every time you yelp or cry out, immediately stop all play with the dog until it settles down. If this happens, you need to firmly, but dispassionately stand your ground and not let the dog get your attention or control the situation. I have a question - Do you have any advice to stop our puppy from whining, howling, and barking at night or when left in a room alone? She has destroyed our suite, pulls curtains down skirting boards, when we are at home she is an amazing dog. On Saturday we went out and bought her a crate in the end, since then she hasn't cried once at night and the door doesn't even need to be shut.She loves sleeping in there and is even playing in her crate too!Now we've all been getting sleep we - couldn't be happier with her, I will upload a photo at a later date, when I get my laptop back from being repaired. We can't allow our pet to turn into an aggressive dog which starts when they get into a habit of biting our hands with their sharp teeth. If they stop biting you, you should congratulate them and keep playing together while avoiding giving them the opportunity to bite you.

This will let you spray your puppy when they bite you from a safe distance to scare them a little.
We invite you to take your pet to a vet if it has any type of condition or discomfort.If you'd like to read similar articles to how to train my puppy not to bite,we recommend you try our The dog category. We have been trying to work with him to instill dominance and have even consulted a trainer.
This was to the point where Rosalie had to be pulled off of Harmony because she would not let go! Thank you so much for your advice, and the website is brilliant, it's a home page for my phone and is very helpful. If they bite you again, again tell them no bluntly and ignore them, and this time, stay away from them too. In this way they will associate this scare with biting, slowly allowing them to learn to avoid the water punishment associated with biting.
When they move their attention towards your hand or something else other than their toys tell them "no" firmly and praise them when they return to their toys.New puppy?
If it persists, stand up and turn so that you are facing your dog but don’t say anything or try to move away quickly. We've had 3 dogs before and have never had this problem - she constantly cries whenever left alone. We've only had her a week but want to break this before it can't be stopped or it gets too much. Here's the article on puppy separation anxiety.Hope this helps Debbie, please let us know how you get on.
Some days she's great but then she pees and poos on the kitchen floor even when she has just been out.
Reply from Pauline (Web Owner)Hi Becca, Ia€™m so happy you like my site (thanks!) and so very sorry to hear youa€™re having problems this early on with your new puppy.
Assuming your puppy is fed, watered, not in pain, and is comfortable, it sounds like she may be crying because shea€™s suffering from separation anxiety.
She ate a dead rotten rabbit and vomited a few times, but thank God she is fully recovered! Your website is invaluable and changed our home to a less stressful one and now Ellie is such a happy pup.THANK YOU!! They will explain why crate training a puppy isn't cruel, as well as outlining the benefits.If you do decide to crate your puppy, follow the link to learn how to successfully crate train your puppy. You will need to teach your puppy to be alone from time to time and this must be done gradually. If you read the above articles, youa€™ll find everything you need to successfully crate train your puppy and stop the separation anxiety.One word of warning a€“ dona€™t go to your puppy and pick her up when she cries, particularly at night. If you do, she will only learn that crying gets her what she wants and she will learn to do that for just about anything a€“ and that will drive you nuts!
If she simply wona€™t stop crying at night, bring her crate into your bedroom and leave it by the side of your bed. If she cries during the night, you can comfort here with the sound of your voice or a gentle stroke, but leave her where she is. When she drops off to sleep, if youa€™re not too sleepy yourself, you could take her crate back to its normal place.

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