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This week we are kicking off our Donald Crews Virtual Book Club Blog Hop and we are sharing a special train themed alphabet matching activity that goes along with the book we read-- Freight Train. We just bought Freight Train by Donald Crews this summer after hearing so many great recommendations about the book!
My toddler (2.5 yr old) and I loved it because it was short, easy to understand, and filled with great colorful pictures!
Then she explored the big stack of punched out colorful circles and played with them while I cut out a steam engine from black cardstock. Once everything was cut, we sang the ABC song while I wrote alphabet letters on each box car and on each cut out wheel. Next I added rolls of tape underneath each box car so that my daughter could add the alphabet letter wheels to the box cars! Typically train cars only have two wheels on each side (four wheels for each box car), but we made ours have three wheels per side (which saved some wall space and some paper). Once the tape was up for the wheels, we poured the colorful alphabet letter punched circles onto the floor and I told her she could start matching!! Her goal was to find an alphabet letter circle on the floor and match it to the alphabet letter on the box car and then stick it on as a wheel underneath the matching letter. We had fun using and reusing this activity a lot since the paper wheels came off the painters tape easily. Our alphabet train has been a great resource to have in the house because it gets us talking about alphabet letters a lot!
You can also find loads of Virtual Book Club ideas organized by author and topic on our Virtual Book Club for Kids Pinterest Board that we just started and will continue to be adding to! Come sign up for our Virtual Book Club Newsletter too and check out our new Virtual Book Club for Kids blog! Toddler Approved - Rainy Day Mum - Adventures in Reading with Kids - 3 Dinosaurs - Royal Baloo - The Educators' Spin On It - Inspiration Laboratories - Pleasantest Thing - Edventures with Kids - Two Big Two Little - Playing With Words 365 - Kitchen Counter Chronicles - Outlaw Mom - Mommy and Me Book Club - Crafty Moms Share - No Twiddle Twaddle - The Good Long Road - Ready.
InfoProduct InformationThe Child Train Toddler Costume includes a blue, red and yellow train with a smiley face and attached blue braces. Items are considered "oversize" which exceed 610mm x 460mm x 460mm or over 5kg in weight and cannot be dispatched via Royal Mail or Click and Collect. Strong and crafted of Baltic birch, Little Colorado’s Activity and Train Table comes either unfinished or with a plain lacquered finish as shown.
Finally, if you want to go the semi-DIY route, Ikea Hackers has a cool example of how a few pieces of white shelving can become a train table. Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee.
Latest from Cool Mom Tech4 great speakers for outdoor entertaining this summer, from waterproof to washable. It may have something to do with the fact that he has no idea how to self-soothe and that he thinks my nipples are his own personal sucking candies.
Anyway, as he is almost 19 months old, and the quality of my own sleep has been so poor for the last, oh, 28 months, I think it's time to lay down the law and do some sleep training. Writes about what life is really like after all your dreams come true - infertility, cancer, child loss, grief, autism.

The Thomas the Train Toddler Bed is made of hard plastic construction, and pieced together with parts that fit together like a puzzle, and reinforced by screws.
There is storage in several parts- a small cubby in front of the train that would fit pj’s and a favorite teddy, a nook behind the face for some small toys, and two small compartments on top for books or other knick knacks. There is a molded rail along the side of the train, so your bunchkin can run little trains along the railway path and then store them in the cubby when it’s time for bed.
The Thomas The Train Toddler Bed is available from Little Tikes for less than $300 and is suitable for children 18 months to 5 years old. Step 6: Build RoofI used the same technique to build this as I did the round part in step 2.
Step 9: Wheels and Front PartCut out wheels on scroll saw as well as round piece for front part of train.
After looking all over the internet, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't happy with any of the train beds available.
If you want a custom designed dress personally tailored for you, anything added or changed on any dress, contact us prior to ordering. Whether you choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements, all our dresses are personally tailored for you from scratch. If you do not find a dress in our gallery please be sure to email us a picture of the dress that you are looking for and we will be happy to issue you a price quote on a custom-made replica or a redesigned style. I hand drew our steam engine but you could easily print out a coloring page to use as a template. We even moved it into our kitchen later in the week so that we could see our train more frequently and talk about the colors and letters. It is also made in the USA, and you can either paint or stain it to the color that looks best in your son’s room or leave it au natural.
He is, as the world's greatest supernanny said, "practically perfect in every way." He is sweet, loving, friendly, smart, curious, fun, happy, and gives the best hugs. When he wakes up and they are not there in his face, he has no idea what to do, but cry (I'm sorry ladies, but does this not sound like a typical man or what?). Put him to sleep at his normal bedtime, via the normal routine (rocking and nursing - hey, if he's all cozy and satisfied, maybe he will stay asleep all night this time). Get all snuggled up in bed, wiggling and tossing and turning until my body is right in that comfortable groove in my bed. Twenty minutes later, lay fuming as Hubby is solidly snoring away and baby is now yelling, "Mommy! After almost falling asleep standing up, decide it would be best to lay in hallway and listen to baby cry.
Start drifting off, only to be awakened by a shooting pain in my hip from laying on the floor.
Go back down the hall, close the door, get back in bed and cover head with several blankets and pillows. Completely give in by picking toddler up, getting comfy in rocking chair, and nursing him until he's sound asleep, and I have a cramp in my butt. Resign myself to this routine until baby is in kindergarten, I have enough money to hire the baby whisperer, I make the cover of Time Magazine baby's ear infection is all cleared up.

Put baby down, sound asleep, and creep out of room as sun is rising while thinking to myself, He's only little for a short time. If you really want to thrill your kids, you get them a fantasy bed, and that is what this toddler bed from Little Tikes is…a toddler’s fantasy.
We reviewed this awesome bed as ambassadors of Little Tikes- for more cool toys, check out Little Tikes.
I have never been into Thomas the Train, but I have a nephew that would go crazy over this.
With the Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed, your little conductor will be on the fast track to a good night’s rest.
If you want a look that unifies the littlest member of your wedding party, you’ll clearly want one trait that’s similar to the brides. Next I cut several colorful cardstock pieces in half to create several box cars (I think we used 8 pieces). I moderate each comment, so you won't see your comment show up immediately when you post. We will only display the delivery options available to you, based on your location and the items in your basket. I frankly wasn’t that thrilled with the bed bars we were using up to now, on an excessively high bed, so we are very happy with the Thomas The Train bed from Little Tikes, and more importantly, our son really loves it.
It’s outfitted to hold books and small toys, and features a special storage bin for PJs. It begins by describing each section of the train and then briefly describes the train's journey using simple descriptive words ("moving. Tracks along the bedrails are just right for toy trains and cars, making bedtime something to look forward to. Our point of view, although most children are naturally choked with energy, today's society sadly encourages way an excessive amount of time spent ahead of the tv. Whether or not they are looking at a show or taking part in a computer game, these hours are just about wasted. Youngsters tend to mimic their oldsters, and if your own health habits are but ideal, your youngsters are probably to imitate. I sandwiched ours with the router base on the bottom so it's still smooth sailing, and got extra long screws to replace the shorter ones.
I found the center point on the board put a screw in there and then tied a string to it, hooked a marker on the end and then used it to draw a circle on top of the board. The cut itself doesn't have to be perfect as you can sand it, but you need to be shooting for a nearly perfect circle.

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