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A few weeks ago, I told you about what a great experience I had using Infant Potty Training to toilet train my first child. I began Infant Potty Training with him the day after he was born by holding him over a small bowl when it was time to go potty.
The day he turned 18 months old (which was the age I had finished potty training his sister) he was nowhere near being potty trained! Sometimes we wouldn’t even see him go into the bathroom, but we would see him come out with his pants still half-way down, run through the living room to the kitchen and stand in front of the fridge, expectantly holding his hand out, waiting for someone to notice him and give him his little treat! It wasn’t too long until the treats became fewer and farther in between and eventually stopped completely. Again, I set the expectation on myself that this child should be fully potty trained by 18 months old. For a long time I thought he simply didn’t understand what he was supposed to do on his potty chair.
Finally, his older sister potty trained him by lining up some toy potties up in the bathroom, setting the dolls on the potties, putting her brother on his potty and telling them, “Now you all go potty!” Potty Parties!

Children develop at different rates and what worked with one child may not work with another. Please don’t compare yourself and your child with friends, relatives and what you read in magazines and online.
As my story demonstrates, even the moms who might seem to have it all together with one child, may not be quite so pulled together with the next! Alina Joy Dubois writes the Good Old Days Farm Blog which is the story of what happens when a software engineer (her husband!) comes home one night and out of the blue says, “I wanna be a farmer!” then actually quits his career and takes up farming! When I discovered that I was pregnant with my second child, I was pretty sure that I had this whole toilet training thing down pat.
I wanted to be diligent about it, but the fact was that I had a two year old who needed my attention almost as much as the new baby.
This child is 3 years old now and he is fully potty trained, although he was not potty trained by 18 months!
A friend was giving away their potty, so we made a big deal about bringing it home as a special gift for him.

What you were able to manage with one child may not be reasonable with another simply because of a change in circumstance. This put me under a lot of emotional strain and I was more focused on keeping him healthy than on catching his potty.
You could substitute any other little treat your child likes.) Our son responded really well to this method!
When I was pregnant, I somehow got the idea that infant potty training this baby would be a breeze, since my older children were no longer infants and were becoming more and more independent.

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