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Dogs and all animals learn through the principles known as Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning and Extinction. When you punish an animal for something he did wrong, you are not giving him information about how to do it right! I always say that dog training is a little bit of teaching and a little bit of understanding.
Now that you know how to train your dog try a few different commands:Sit, Down, Stand, Stay and more!
There are some things I have seen in veterinary medicine and also as a professional dog trainer that are recipes for disaster and sometimes death. When you read about these principles you will notice that animals learn with both rewards and punishment. For example, dogs will learn to obey everything you say on leash, but as soon as the leash is off, they don't respond any longer.

If you keep punishing your pet because he can't get it right, the dog might shut down and stop responding at all. Since we are trying to communicate with a different species, we need to learn the tricks of universal learning.
Training with punishment will take longer.When you use rewards, you are telling the animal exactly what it is that they did correctly and they will repeat that behavior to get more rewards! Imagine you are learning to play an instrument and the teacher slaps your hands when you do something wrong.
Punishment is defined as something that when given reduces the likelihood that the behavior will happen again. How many classes do you think you will endure before giving up?On the other hand some dogs might react aggressively when punished and this can put you in danger. There are some things your dog might not like, for example, when you hug him or when you completely ignore him.

Targeting: Teach your pet the command touch and they, like luring, use it to show your dog what to do next. Before any sound comes out of their mouth, they have a full set of body postures that can communicate many things. Forget about electronic collars, choke chains or any other form of punishment.Find here the best dog training tip that will explain how to use positive techniques in a very simple way. If you use rewards the exact opposite happens, your pet will feel joy during training sessions! This can be extremely useful to prevent dog fights or attacks from your dog or directed at your hound.

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