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At Ashton Vale Primary we follow the SMART rules to make sure we stay safe when using the internet. There has been a lot of talk over the last year about “helicopter parents,” parents who hover over their children and swoop in before or at the slightest hint of discomfort, challenge, or threat of failure. It’s developmentally appropriate for children to become more and more independent, self reliant and responsible as they age. Powerful parents know that while they want their children to succeed, there is great value in making mistakes and learning from them. It can be challenging for parents to know when to step back and let their children try something on their own. Laundry, shoe-tying, packing their own bags, making the bed, and are great places to start.
Of course, when children truly need your help, they should know that they can count on you. My mother always used to sing to me whenever I fell down; “just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again!” I still hear it in my head when I’ve made a blunder.
Sometimes that means watching and learning from you and other times, that means watching and encouraging them to figure it out on their own. A Controversial Website for Girls Fun Spring Activities for Children: All in one place! In my opinion, devotional, habit training, the 3 Rs, and plenty of outdoor time are the most crucial school activities.
Peter had been married for a veryA long time when he wrote these famous words about marriage. After all, from the time their children were babies, parents have spent years meeting many to all of their child’s needs. If you teach them to ask for help when they really need it (when something seems unsafe or too challenging), they should know that you will be there to assist them. You can even work on a checklist together which helps to break down the task into easy, age-appropriate chunks. Striking a balance between allowing your children to do tasks for themselves and helping them when they seem to need or want is a talent of very powerful parents. As children get older, you can allow them to make more important decisions with little to no guidance. Learning how to cook and becoming solely responsible for their own homework are tasks older children should master.
If you and your spouse are used to dividing up the labor, especially if they’re divided down traditional gender lines, your children may assume that “girls can’t do this” or “boys shouldn’t do that.” Show your boys that a girl can change a lightbulb and fix the flusher on the toilet and boys can clean the dishes and do laundry!
What would happen if you did Y instead?” These questions can unlock the answers in your own child’s brain so the next time he’s in a similar situation he’ll be able to call on his own experience and judgment to make a decision.
When children know they can count on you when they’re really in need, they’ll feel more secure about taking healthy risks and making mistakes.

For example, (1) Take the clothes out of the dryer, (2) Separate the clothes by family member, (3) Match up all the socks…and so on. The word hupo means under,A and the wordA tasso means to arrange or to put something in order. This balance allows their children to thrive because they feel more confident in themselves while still feeling supported and properly mentored. They can determine which activities in which they would like to engage, if they need a tutor for math, and which friends they’d like to spend time with each day without needing much, if any, input from parents. When children express a desire to engage in a task, if it’s safe, be sure to let them participate. Providing responsibilities which allow the children to show self reliance and responsibility will indeed build self reliance and responsibility.
Creating stress in you wonderful, courageous mothers was the farthest thing from my mind, when I began this project. While it’s tempting to make these kinds of decisions for your older children, they need to learn from their own mistakes and stand on their own two feet—after all, their decisions are often correct!
Again, while it may not be done as well as if you had done it yourself, praise the effort and the initiative and allow your children to try it again next time.
ForA instance, Paul uses this word in First Timothy 3:4, where he gives the instruction that children areA to be a€?in subjectiona€? to their parents. However, when parents do this, they rob their children of some very powerful tools; perseverance, confidence, and yes, self reliance.
Have lots of interesting things to fill there time around the house like art supplies, board games, puzzles, and legos. However if you are getting burned out and thinking of sending your child to school, cut everything back--way back.
This tells us that just as the army has a specific order of authority, so hasA God designed a certain order for the home that He expects to be followed.
This is Goda€™s order for your home, so do all you can to become supportive of your husband.a€¦a€?A Peter knew that one of the greatest needs of a husband is to have a wife with a supportive attitude. You see, a man fights at his job all day long, struggling to pay the bills and trying to overcome his own insecurities and self-image problems. If he then comes home to a wife who nags, complains, and gripes about everything he doesna€™t do right, her behavior has a very negative effect on him. Hea€™s already fought the devil all day long; he certainly doesna€™t need to come home to a wife who is ready to fight with him!A As a result, the husband often responds to a nagging and critical wife by hardening and insulating his heart against her. Instead of drawing closer to his wife, he withdraws from her emotionally.A Now, ita€™s important to understand that when Peter commands a woman to be in subjection to her own husband, he is not recommending that she become a a€?doormata€? whom the husband takes advantage of. Rather, Peter is urging each wife to take her place as her husbanda€™s chief supporter and helper.A When a husband comes home from a hard day at work, he needs to be greeted by a loving, caring, kind, understanding, and supportive wife.
This kind of wife makes a husband feel as if hea€™s found a place where he can find rest and solace for his soul.

It is when a wife gets out of that supportive role and attempts to become the husbanda€™s authority and head, constantly rebuking and correcting him for what he isna€™t doing right, that her actions cause him to emotionally push away from her.A Wife, God never designed you to assume authority over your husband.
It will therefore bring disruption to your marital relationship whenever you attempt to do so. So if you want your husband to know how much you love him, look for ways to show him your support. In this case, your attitude and actions really do speak louder than words.A Writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and from many years of personal experience, Peter urges wives to be submissive to their husbands and thus demonstrate their love and respect tothem. Now, it is important to understand that submission is not just an outward action; it is a condition of the heart.
She can follow his leadership angrily and resentfully, kicking and screaming all the way.A 2.
She can submit voluntarily with a joyful and supportive attitude.A If a wife follows her husband with resentment in her heart, he will feel this resentment. A man can sense whether his wife is complying because she must or submitting with a joyful and supportive heart.A When the wife takes the second approach and follows him with a thankful and happy heart a€” even if she has to deny her own desires or pleasures to do so a€” she sends a loud signal to the husband that causes him to want to love her. This is an important result of willing submission, for being loved is the primary thing every wife needs to receive from her husband.
This is also the reason God commands men to love their wives (Ephesians 5:25).A Wife, have you been assuming a corrective role toward your husband? If so, I urge you to take a new approach in your relationshipA with your husband on the basis of Petera€™s instruction in First Peter 3:1.
Rather than constantlyA correcting him and pointing out all his flaws, go to God with the things that disturb youA about him.
Meanwhile, work on becoming the most significant supporter and friend your husbandA has ever known.A If you respond correctly to your husbanda€™s God-given authority in the home, God will work on his heart.
He needs me to be his friend and supporter, and I now realize how oftenA he must perceive me as another enemy he has to fight. Teach me how to respond in every situation with a respectful andA supportive attitude toward my husband.
Are you a support to your husband, or does he feel like you are attacking himA most of the time? Does he draw near to you, or does he shut up and emotionallyA protect himself when the two of you are together?A 2. Judging from your husbanda€™s response to you, what do you need to change inA the way you are approaching him?A 3.

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