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The home of the self-made millionaire and business leader - chairman of the First Great Western Trains advisory board - includes a drawing family and dining room along with a separate flat and a landscaped garden featuring a lake an outdoor hot tub and the model train set. The site used to be a cluster of outhouses and barns which the Howesons converted into a large-scale family home 13 years ago.Mr Howeson says they are moving on with a heavy heart.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A familiar sight across the Eastern side of the UK since the early days of privatisation, the dark blue and red house colours of train operator Great North Eastern Railway were consigned to history in December 2007. This demolition went forward, in spite of an impressive groundswell of support, imploring BGSU president Mazey to delay the demolition for a few days. Others wrote and called the president’s office, begging them to have the house moved rather than destroyed. The college administration is probably hoping that all the upset over this old house will die down and be forgotten. Please think about the Popular Culture program at BGSU, which was housed in this old kit home. Please think about Virgil Taylor, who spent countless hours poring over old mail-order catalogs, choosing just the house he wanted.

Don’t forget about those two men, toiling side by side to unload the boxcar that arrived at the Bowling Green Train Station in November 1931. Don’t forget how Virgil and Jasper lugged all those building materials out of the boxcar and into a wagon, and then onto the building site.
Working with a 75-page instruction book, Virgil and his father (and probably other family and friends) worked long hours, assembling their 12,000-piece kit home. They started work on the house in early November and by late February (1932), they were mostly done.
And last week, it took one big bulldozer less than a couple hours to reduce Virgil’s home to 1,500 tons of debris, soon to be buried and forever preserved at the local landfill.
To read earlier blogs on this topic (and learn more about Virgil’s house, click on the links below. Despite some serious searching, I've not been able to find a corresponding fireplace design in either the Sears or Wardway catalogs.
A page from the 1931 Wardway catalog, from which Virgil ordered some of his hardware and plumbing fixtures.
He said: 'It is tremendously sad to have to say goodbye as we actually built this home ourselves,' he said.

The cost to move the structure would have been about $18,000 (not a lot more than the cost of demolition).
Many current and former students left comments at this blog and at the Facebook page, sharing happy memories of their time in this historically significant house.
The house in that boxcar, a custom order from Montgomery Ward, contained 750 pounds of nails, 10 pounds of wood putty, 27 gallons of paint and varnish, 840 square yards of plaster lath, and more. These early 20th Century boxcars were massive and were loaded to the ceiling with building materials. I find it fascinating that Virgil took his photo from the same exact angle as the picture shown in the Sears Modern Homes catalog. In all, Virgil’s kit home came in a boxcar with more than 12,000 pieces of building materials. The house is still square and true, and it's truly reprehensible that the college decided to demolish, rather than relocate the house.

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