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There is a LOT of information out there about kids and toileting ~ toilet training, potty training, nappy free, elimination communication…. We have a couple of books on toilet training, and over the last year I have borrowed a couple from the library too.
We have had a potty and a children’s toilet seat insert since Pebble was about 18 months old. Great tips for getting ready – we’ve been doing lots of these things but I think we need to carry on a little longer with this preparation phase, having tried and failed to potty train!!
I am not potty training my son yet but he is has been getting very excited to pee on the potty lately. My son decided to stand and funnily enough if he was too short for the toilet, he'd just wedge his feet again the walls and hoist himself up. We have read them long before toilet training started, and also more regularly during the toilet training process, especially when Pebble asks for them.
I got pretty eager for the opportunity to toilet train back then, but she was just not ready. My daughter likes Elmo, so we have been using the Elmo Potty Training video (excerpted on YouTube) as well as an Elmo book. Tots decide when they are ready to give up the diaper, but parents figure out how their boys will learn to pee.
I sometimes think the sitting had to do with the fact that he spent a lot of time with me, and I obviously sit to use the toilet.
He used to just like sitting down on the potty but out of nowhere, all he wants to do is stand and pee.
You can make a game of it, like by putting cheerios in the toilet for them to use as a target. I always find the best advice to be words of experience from other parents – all the articles out there that are good, but I love to read about exactly how other families tackle parenting issues.

Kids do like to be right where their parents are a lot of the time, and going to the toilet with the door closed is a thing of the past for us. She was naturally more interested in these books when she was actually trying to learn too. However she has had a year now to play with her potty, her toys have all had a turn, she has practiced sitting on it and pulling her pants down and back up. Today was quite bad actually, it did make me wonder what I was doing writing a toilet training tips post! The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests training boys to sit on the potty so there is no confusion between urination and bowel movements. Some goes in and some goes everywhere else but it's easy to clean, so I'm letting him have fun!
I do think it is rather emasculating to make a boy pee sitting down; it's fine for when he's first learning, but once he is in school, he'll need to know how to do it standing.
If grown man make a mess at it, I can only imagine the cleaning that would go in hand with a lil boy doing this!
By the time we were ready to start toilet training (more about this in Part 2), Pebble was very familiar and comfortable with the potty. Many moms prefer to teach their sons to stand so they can pee like their fathers, and do so faster. This has been the perfect opportunity to talk with your her about toileting, show her how it’s done, talk about different body parts and what they do, and explain that she is going to do it one day too.
One thing that I would definitely do differently next time is put more energy into practicing sitting on the toilet, as well as the potty. In this toilet training series I will share tips, tricks and advice from my own experiences, resources to help with toilet training, and advice from other mums.
Right now Pebble will not go near the toilet, and I’m dragging our potty to outings everywhere.

That said, if I had tried harder to get Pebble to sit on the toilet more often, she may have resisted it more firmly! More targets can be used to increase the likelihood of being hit, building confidence in very young boys. Scatter Targets in Toilet Bowl: Have your child place Toilet-Time Targets in toilet bowl or his own potty.
Most children get very excited when shooting Toilet-Time Targets so use a sturdy step stool and a helping hand to prevent your child from falling. Dad or older brother can show your son what a great game it is to hit Toilet-Time Targets and make them sink. One ingenious mother told us she experienced great results using her son's teddy bear and a squirt gun.
Toilet-Time Targets will increase your son's attention span thus reducing frustration levels and make toilet training fun. Build Bladder Control: When your son improves his aiming abilities instruct him to stop urine flow between targets.
Toilet-Time Targets are tested septic system safe and made from non-toxic, biodegradable tissue paper, very similar to regular toilet paper.
If your son becomes upset when the toilet is flushed, help calm his fears by having him place a Toilet-Time Target in the toilet and let him flush and watch it disappear. Also there are white ones and they don't show up good in a white toilet. Best thing ever!

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