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I used to take my first one for long walks (like really long) and now he hates going on walks with me because he thinks we're going to walk for a really long time. Miniature Poodle, Toy Poodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Scottish Terrier, West Highland White Terrier. I originally wanted a pug but yeah the health problems are a worry for me because of my work schedule; I'll only have like 2 hours in the morning and 2 at night of freedom , oh and the lunch break which is okay cause my flat is like 5 minutes from work. Dogs are pack animals, and their humans are their pack - even with another dog for company, they would be miserable little badly-behaved heathens because there would be no one around to train or teach them how to behave or keep them out of trouble. Even small dogs with lower space and exercise needs cannot thrive locked in a tiny building 99.9% of the time. No offense, but to me, it sounds like any dog you got at this time in your life, would be one more that wound up being given away once you realized you were not giving it the life it deserved.
You might want to consider a cat instead, but honestly even friendly cats would dislike being left alone that often. If they're left in the entire house unattended, they get on the counters, eat things they aren't supposed to, chew things that are potentially harmful to them (electrical cords, drywall) and even have accidents because it stresses them out. Compact, well-proportioned, and medium-sized, the Lhasapoo exhibits a sturdy appearance and large, expressive eyes. Depending on coat type, the Lhasapoo requires frequent brushing to remove loose and dead hair or professional clipping. The coat of the Lhasapoo may be straight and soft, wiry and curly, or a combination of both. The Lhasapoo will do okay in an apartment provided they are sufficiently exercised and mentally stimulated.
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Unfortunately, many people buy dogs randomly and not being aware of inevitable difficulties. As these dogs are very popular and people are ready to pay much for these small creatures, there are many kennels that are profit-oriented. A Shiba Inu is more like a cat in the sense that they are very clean and independent, spending a fair amount of time grooming themselves as well as other dogs that may be in the vicinity. The following techniques have been tested and thoroughly researched which guarantees a well-trained, loving and obedient Shiba Inu. The first thing to do is to choose the location where you would like the puppy to remain until it has been housebroken which should be puppy proof with a floor that will not be damaged by the puppy’s elimination. Praise the puppy when it uses the papered area to enable it to associate its behavior with reward.
As soon as the puppy has become established in using the papered area, start moving the paper a little at a time to the area you would like it to use after training. Shiba Inus dislike soiling their own area and will not eliminate in the crate unless they are left for too long. Pets cannot communicate verbally and may recognize the sound of a word like “out”, which they will associate with going out, but only because it is a consistent action that follows the command. Establish early on in the training who the master is and who the follower, as Shiba Inus are inherently social animals who respond to dominance in a subordination hierarchy. Establish a training style that is suitable to your personality and that of the puppy and stick with it.
Make liberal use of commands during leash training and praise the puppy when it has done well.

The following basic commands should be given with the right tone of voice to be more effective.
This command should be used firmly when you do not want your Shiba to touch something with its mouth or paws. After these two commands have been mastered, other commands such as HEEL, DROP, DOWN, STAY, SIT, TAKE, and FETCH can be introduced.
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If you at least had a roommate who wanted a pet as well, you could enjoy the benefits of spending time with a dog that was well cared for in your absence.
They are very family oriented and do not do well if ignored or left alone for extended periods of time. They enjoy family play sessions, securely leashed walks, and off-lead play time in a securely fenced yard.
Please realize that if a brand-new post appears or when any improvements occur with the current publication, I would want to consider reading more and knowing how to make good use of those approaches you write about. They do not know how to care for the dog’s coat and often have little notion of how to housebreak them. People who fall in love with Shiba Inus because of their Spitz looks are warned to prepare themselves to deal with their larger than life personalities. This inborn cleanliness generally makes it easier to house train them as they naturally dislike soiling their living space.
It is important to choose the housebreaking method that is appropriate for your household and your Shiba and remain steadfast. Once the puppy understands that it is only to eliminate on the paper, you will be able to move the paper and the puppy will comply, eventually going outside. Once every hour you should put a leash on the puppy and walk it for five minutes around the area where you would like it to eliminate. If the word is change the puppy will not understand and it is therefore important to choose a word and stick with it. Once you have firmly established this social reinforcement you will be successful in training the puppy in any way you desire. Use some type of reinforcement item such as a treat as a reward and withhold it for disobedience.
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They bark their heads off trying to call me back to them, so they have their own room just for them when they have to be alone. The Lhasapoo may be prone to such health issues as hip dysplasia, sensitivity to flea bites, kidney problems, PRA, epilepsy, and anemia.

This should be done properly and at a certain period of time, otherwise it will be too late. Most people are ill equipped to handle the good, along with the bad traits and should make plans for Shiba Inu training as soon as possible. If you teach them when and where to eliminate, which you can control by regulating their water and food intake, you will have a happy puppy that will quickly be accident free. If you are inconsistent or impatient while housebreaking your Shiba Inu, it will never be truly housebroken.
This method helps the puppy to establish an area as its own and give you an idea of where it prefers to eliminate.
Once the paper has been removed completely from the room, the puppy will sniff around in that area, letting you know that it is time elimination and that it needs to go out.
If the puppy does not eliminate, return it to its crate for an hour and repeat the process. Interaction with your Shiba Inu should always be initiated by you and not the other way around. Once you know your Shiba better, you will easily be able to read the meanings behind its specific body motions and even the slightest head movement will alert you to give a command before an undesired action can take place.
Praise the puppy when it gets to you and repeat the exercise often, until it associates the word with the action.
This command can be extended to items in the home or used when the puppy is about to touch something that could be harmful to it or when it gets into a dangerous situation. Many people get disappointed shortly after purchase and surrender their pets to shelters or rescue organizations.
If you buy a dog from a backyard kennel, a pet shop, a puppy mill or a broker, you run a risk of getting a dog with genetic disorders that can develop later.
Once the preferred area has been established,remove the newspaper from the rest of the floor, covering only the space where elimination takes place. If it does go, praise it profusely as the excitement in your voice will help the puppy understand exactly where you want him to go when he needs to do his business. A leash is used in the initial stages as a tool to teach correct behavior and later used only to correct undesired behavior. Use a friendly tone, not a firm command, to prevent the puppy from associating a good thing with fear which will cause it to turn away from you instead of approaching. While training talk, pet and touch the puppy often as this will help establish trust that is needed to show the puppy who is the leader.
Never chase after the pet after giving the command to “come” as it will be associated with a bad thing. Lhasapoo’s are suspicious of strangers and will alert their family to visitors or out of the ordinary sounds. Therefore, before purchasing a puppy, one should learn as much as possible about the breed and prepare oneself for dealing with certain hardships.

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