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A recent study claims how binge screen time may adversely affects their brain functions later. The researchers from the University of California in San Francisco, examined the association between a 25-year pattern of television viewing and physical activity and midlife cognition."In this biracial cohort followed for 25 years, we found that low levels of physical activity and high levels of television viewing during young to mid-adulthood were associated with worse cognitive performance in midlife," researchers added.
The study of 3,247 adults from ages 18 to 30 used a questionnaire to assess television viewing and physical activity during repeated visits over 25 years.

Cognitive function was evaluated at year 25 using three tests that assessed processing speed, executive function and verbal memory.Participants with high television viewing during 25 years were more likely to have poor cognitive performance on some of the tests. Individuals with both low physical activity and high sedentary behaviour may represent a critical target group," the researchers concluded.

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