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Our Clean Toilet Safety Poster features a professional design, is printed on high quality photo paper and delivers the Clean Toilet safety message. Work Safety Posters is a division of Playground Australia, we have been designing safety posters since 2009. All our posters are designed in-house which gives us the opportunity to customise safety posters tailored to your safety concerns.
Use our Keep Kitchen Clean Signs to remind everyone in your office of the importance of keeping kitchens clean and organized.
When humor doesn't seem to be working, try one of our Office Courtesy Signs for a firmer reminder. For effective toilet cleaning we will need liquid toilet cleaner such as Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner or Lysol Power Toilet Cleaner. First and most important thing to do is to pour some toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet bowl and spray the out side of the toilet bowl with the toilet cleaner and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Start from the inside of the toilet bowl and scrub it with the toilet brush and toilet cleaner and then flush the toilet couple of times, repeat the procedure until inside of the toilet is clean.
It wasn’t until I got to India that I had to face my fear of having to use them often & actually learn how to use them properly.
Val & I spent a week in the mountain town of Darjeeling and through out that week both were sick on and off with stomach problems. We left the Guest House for dinner and headed down the mountain to a little pizzeria we had gone a few days before that we both liked, but didn’t have a toilet. And then there I was in the squat position when I heard someone walk in… I thought “FUCK okay I know they must be able to see my head so they won’t come back here.” I heard the footsteps coming. After taking care of business I walked to the Pizzeria walked in and Val looked at me and said “no luck?” I told her “yes, but am about to cry… I can’t believe what happened and just need a minute”. Squat toilets…they do take a bit of getting used to, but it does feel cleaner in a way.
As a girl, I have always thought squat toilets were much more comfortable than western toilets. Christy now that I have used them many times and used to them… I think I agree with you. Oh yes, I got used to squat toilets in Japan (but they are CLEAN!) that look like urinals on their backs. Japanese people love old school squat toilets as well, though I can kind of understand why. Jaime, as you know I have done some traveling myself and boy, do I have some toilet stories. Okay that is pretty bad, maybe he was staring at you because he’s never seen a foreigner in one? Stone India Ltd, kolkata, is developing a new Aerobic Bio Toilet model- ENBIOLET SLEEK for the individual household sanitation market with an affordable pricing strategy. The superstructure of this new toilet, made of mild steel for durability with a FRP Biodigestor tank. The objective behind this development is to come up with a sanitation solution which can be of much superior quality than the conventional leach pit toilet in terms of hygiene and environment friendliness and a much cheaper solution than septic tank. ENBIOLET SLEEK is now displayed on the Innovative Forum on the website of Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

Our keen knowledge of work health and safety has helped us develop a unique line of attention grabbing and effective safety awareness posters. We don’t charge anything for customization!• You can even download a free PDF of some of our signs to kickstart your clean kitchen mission. To save your time and energy and to show you the proper way of cleaning toilet in this tutorial I want to describe toilet cleaning method used by Glossy Clean in our every day house cleaning routine.Before starting cleaning the toilet please make sure you are wearing gloves which will protect your hands from chemicals used for toilet cleaning, also be very careful with liquid cleaning supplies they can irritate your eyes and skin. Also we are gonna need small bucket with clean watter, toilet brush and sponge for scrubbing inside and out side of the toilet bowl. Using sponge or a soft rug dipped water and toilet cleaner solution scrub the toilet tank clean, the seat cover, the seat itself and then the rim of the toilet.
The 1st time I encountered one was in Chefchaouen, Morocco and I remember clearly walking in gasping getting scared and almost turning around until I realized I just had to pee. My 1st encounter in India with one was when I got to Mathura, India for Holi and our room had one. I am pretty sure I used the toilet more during that week than the rest of my time in India combined. Because I was sick I was there longer than I wanted to and the whole time I was just cursing India, cursing travel, cursing the inventor of squat toilets and who ever designed a public toilet for 4 with out doors. I mean really I have had to use many crazy disgusting toilets around the world, but this was hands down the worst.
Oh & since I shared with you my worst toilet experience go ahead and share with me your worst toilet experience.
Even if I try to squat on Western toilets, they are so high up that it’s hard not to have the occasional contact with the dirty toilet seat. I didn’t counter any ST while I was in Italy, but have heard many stories about them. I think he was just intrigued that a western guy was in the PUBLIC TOILETS USING THE SQUAT.
I had it coming out of both ends in Tibet in a public bathroom with NO walls and it was squat too.
As for India there is more to handle than just the toilet situation it’s just a crazy hard country to travel in.
They have these hoses that you are supposed to clean yourself with (I assummed that’s what they were for) but I always carried packets of tissue with me.
The aerobic bio technology ensures 100% treatment of wastewater from the toilet, making it a safe technology certified by the Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation.
After this do the same thing to the outer bowl, the base of the toilet and behind the toilet. I honestly though never thought I would be writing a post about a toilet experience of mine. After that using a squat toilet was a breeze and over the next 6 weeks I have become a pro at using them. I will tell you more about that and everything we did in darling Darjeeling in my next post for now I am getting straight to the story.
She said “Jaime should we go back?” I thought “fuck we already walked all the way down here” so told her, “no I will find a toilet down here.” A bit ahead of the pizzeria was a big hotel so I told her I would go in and ask to use it there.
I rushed down that way… I could barely hold it any longer, but now was just at the reception with 3 people looking at me.

I quickly moved one hand to cover my crotch and another to hold myself because I was about to fall back from the shock. Traveling the world has made me accept that we live in a world with disgusting toilets, but not in a world with door less toilets or one where someone will watch you as you go. I’m always having this conversation about squat toilets every time Scott and I travel in the US. His pants ended up with water on them (or so he was telling himself that) after going to the bathroom with 2-3 inches of water on the floor in the gazebo. I did have to use squat toilets a few times in SE Asia but never for #2 since the hostels had western toilets.
Carolin had spent many months in India and well was a pro at the squat toilet thing so answered a few of my questions.
I asked them “yes the toilet please…” one of the ladies said “no we don’t have toilets?” I said, “Excuse me?
I walked in and saw 4 squat toilets filled with shit & all disgusting… I didn’t mind that, what I did mind was that none of them had a door. When any human is taking care of business they should have the privacy of 4 walls and no one should watch… but than again I am in a country where people shit on the side of the roads and everyone can watch… like it’s no big deal. Yeah I don’t mind Squatters anymore they really are much more hygienic and better for you anyway. I mean really most of the public toilets I have had to use are disgusting and I wouldn’t want to put my ass on any of them anyway. You don’t have any toilets?” She said “no we don’t” I said, “Please it’s an emergency I will pay you… 10…  50 Rupees”. Oh & I know people have different standards of modesty than at home, but toilet modesty should be standard around the world…lol! So squatting and taking care of business makes it much easier, because yes you are uncomfortable, but not touching anything. I thought, “disgusting toilet with no door no problem… just please God do not let anyone walk in on me”.  I went to the last one because I thought that would give me the most privacy of the 4 if someone walked in.
There were no designations whatsoever so when I say mud, I mean that you couldn’t tell mud from, well, not mud.
I then got pissed and said “you are telling me you don’t have a single toilet in this hotel?” She said “exactly”.
He must have stood there in front of me for not even 10 seconds, but seemed like a lifetime.
That’s when I realized that the lights actually shone into the tarped off area and created shadows of the people inside and everyone could see the poor woman popping a squat in the middle of a field.
I was about to explode… as I walked out the wind helped me make it an extra dramatic exit by slamming the door for me.

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