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Learn vital stability exercises for your bladder and pelvic health in the comfort of your own living room.
Learn key wellness tips on nutrition, behavior modification, and simple exercises that will help improve bladder control. Total Control® incorporates the resistance band to help strengthen key upper body muscles while participants learn to energize the pelvic floor muscles. Adapted from the 2007 publication, this edition is a must read for active, older adult women whose daily activities have become challenged due to bladder control issues.

Laminated set of 16 photo flashcards featuring the Total Control Platinum™ program for seniors and women with limited mobility. The use of correct anatomical terms and citing the five steps of Women’s Health Foundation’s “Potty Pledge(R),” Riding the Potty Train can help change the way growing girls feel about and care for their own bodies. The Total Control® Program, a groundbreaking, medically-based fitness program developed by leading health and fitness experts is now available on DVD.
Using the resistance band can help you enhance and tone upper body strength and create better posture!

These hard to find exercise balls are essential in assisting to help strengthen the backside of the Pelvic Pyramid. Touring each part of the pelvic region beginning with a look back in time and ending with a Queen's coronation, readers will take a journey through pelvic bones and muscles, bladder and bowel health, ovulation and periods, exercises, hygiene, and more.*Orders will ship starting October 7, 2015.

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