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Linda Permann’s Peanut Butter Sweater, previously featured in my post on most popular crochet patterns to buy online, uses post stitches in a unique way to create a great pattern. Mari Lynn Patrick’s Perfect Fall Sweater in a 2008 issue of Crochet Today features pleats and other great details. The Acero Lace Crochet Top, design by Mona Modica in the Spring ’12 issue of Crochet! Angela Best’s Kystic Wrap Cardigan, pattern for sale through Ravelry, incorporates slip stitches, opposite-direction striping and high-low assymmetry.
Lynn Sibley’s Sweet Little Stitches Pullover shows how to use neon slip stitches to make a bold statement. The Tuxedo Front Pullover is a Kim Kotary crochet sweater pattern from the November ’09 issue of Crochet! 1932 vintage crochet pattern for pair of “brother and sister sweaters”; the only difference between the boys’ and girls’ version is the placement of the buttons. Miss Julia’s Craft Connection Vintage Patterns sells the reproduced pdf of this short sleeve crochet sweater pattern from 1934. 1935 vintage crochet blouse pattern, PDF sold on Etsy via VintagePatternPlace; I love the open back on this one!
This is the unforgettable Eat Your Heart Out Willoughby crochet pattern by Melissa Horozewski in the book Austentatious Crochet: 36 Contemporary Designs from the World of Jane Austen. This men’s Star Trek sweater by Patrick Hassel-Zein uses Tunisian crochet, zipper work and more.
You can stitch over the tails from color changes when you finish off or you can leave them till the end and weave them in.
Attach CA and sc around the entire hood and body of sweater (to space evenly place 1sc in the ridge of every row and 1sc in the center of the ch in every row).
I have downloaded and purchased the striped hoodie for babies, and I believe I have found an error in the directions for the 6 mos sizing. Thank you for letting me know the corrections that need to be made and ways I could clarify it for other readers better, I appreciate the feedback. I have searched and searched at bottom of post for PRINT, but for my eyes it isn’t there.
I’m sorry, I removed the print option because too many people were having a problem with it. How can I keep in contact with you so I can receive your updates with larger kids as well as adults sizes of this sweater? The cozy, fashionable accessories are a great advantage of winter, allowing you to look so effortlessly stylish while keeping you comfortable.
These buttoned slippers are a perfect crochet project for beginners, making a nice gift idea for little girls. These colorful elf slippers are perfect for the holiday season, both as a short, simple crochet project and then as a stylish accessory. The simple white and yellow line makes the pattern even more special as the olive green color suits the slippers with thick folded rims. Another simple yet pretty pattern, made extra special by the addition of the red crochet flower. Despite looking pretty complex and intimidating, this pattern is pretty simple, basically worked with the chain and double crochet stitches.
One of the simplest patterns for crocheting a pair of boot-style slipper, this video gives detailed instructions to make the pattern easy to follow for beginners.

This pattern, worked with a K crochet hook and worsted yarn, comes with instructions for various sizes so you can make a pair for all the male members in your family.
Toddlers will look so adorable in these purple ballerina flower slippers with satin ribbons. This is a basic pattern, great for those fine-tuning their crochet skills, producing a simple pair of cozy slippers to keep your toddler’s little feet warm on winter nights. A simple pattern, this one is perfect for beginners looking to learn how to crochet a nice pair of woolen slippers. There is no denying that this is the cutest pair of slippers you have seen, and the crocheted bows around those bunny ears make the pattern even more adorable.
Simple, classic yet stylish, these will make excellent gift ideas for your husband, father, brother or any other male family member or friend. Making this pair is as simple as crocheting the required number of granny squares and then stitching them in place, following the instructions given in the free pattern.
Fox is another animal themed pattern that has made its way to all sorts of crocheted accessories from scarves, hats, headbands to socks and slippers, and here is a nice pattern for a pair. This is a rather simple pattern – starting with magic circle, the rest of the work is done is the chain and double crochet stitches.
These pale blue sock style slippers are really cozy with the multicolored edges adding to its style.
These little slippers are ideal for utilizing any spare skein of yarn you may have from an earlier crochet or knitting project.
This is probably one of the simplest slipper patterns as you can understand half of the instructions by looking at the pictures only; for the rest of it, check out the free pattern. Imagine walking around the house in these stylish slippers during the chilly months of winter – and the best part is you can have as many pairs you want in as many colors as you choose. It’s part of a series, so you may also want to check out my roundups of 100 unique crochet scarves and 100 unique crochet skirts and 100 unique crochet hats and 100 unique crochet shawls.
A minimum of $1 per month gives you access to my monthly newsletter; additional rewards at higher funding levels. The method I use: Begin last dc in each row After the first yarn over and pull through you will have two loops remaining on hook, pull up new color and draw through last two remaining loops on hook.
When you get to your stitch markers at rows 3, 6, 9, 12 on either side, and when you get to the top (ridge) of the hood you will dc2tog.
They should be placed in the ridge on the bottom of where CA meets the next color for added security. You can also purchase every size as part of an ebook, Striped Hoodies for the Whole Family.
Features detachable flower pin and pearl sequins, this hat is fun to make and fabulous to wear! Thank you so much for your interest again and what an award to do what you LOVE most and know that it’s someone needed. I am making the hat for 2 of my grand daughters for Easter and the shirt would be so fun to make as well! For size 4M I would recommend use baby sport yarn or any thinner yarn to get a smaller size. I’m not sure if I need to do the 2dc,ch1,2dc in each chain 1 space or the middle ch1 spc.
I have gotten to where I only have about 10 rounds left and what I have looks like a big doily, no decreases that I could see to make it hat-like.

Those who know how to crochet have the added benefit of being able to make whatever item of clothing they want in whichever color they like.
You can try replacing the button with a crochet flower or butterflies to bring a little variation. A darker, more prominent color combination can be used for making a catchy pair of slippers. They will look good in any pastel colored yarn, but make sure to use the darker shade of the same color for the flowers and ribbons. But, don’t fret if you can’t find the little wooden leaves as any other cute matching button will work just as well. Worked with soft cotton yarn, the black sole, along with the black button, makes the end product look catchier. Detailed instruction for crocheting the blue-pink granny squares is included in the pattern. You can use your own creative skills to decorate the finished pair with countless options available, from designer buttons, ribbons and beads to crocheted flowers, stars and snowflakes. You can click on the Women’s House Slippers link if you are looking for a one piece toe slipper as its a free pattern. You are free to share or redistribute our material, but we would apreciate the proper attibution. It’s a shame that more people are crafting their own crochet shirts and sweaters, though, because there are so many terrific patterns out there for unique crochet tops. The directions are written using my color changes, though you can make the stripes in an fashion you like, or even make this sweater in all one color! Insert your needle in the ridge where the first row of the hood meets the body of the sweater. Slippers are one such common crocheted accessory that offers a wide range of variety in their pattern and designs.
There are also a lot of great crochet tops made by various designers and worn on the runways, tops that definitely ought to inspire crocheters to craft their own. You may want to use two different colors for the two different places where you need to mark. This fee is to offset revenue lost when pattern is printed and a visit to this site is not required.
Ch1 and skip the next 24sts, fold the peice in half and 1dc in the next ch1 sp (mark this st) (this space will become your 1st arm hole, you will stitch the sleeve in a later step).
When I did those stitches and came around to slip stitch at the end it didn’t look right.
Also, in order to do a childs hat do I skip Rnd 14-16 and jump to the All Sizes instructions? 1sc in the next st] to make 1st button hole (this first button hole should line up with the bottom ridge of the CA row, where it meets the CB row) Continue to sc around the body of the sweater placing button holes at the bottom of every CA (grey) row [1sc in the next st. I put the stitches in the very first chain 2 which is immediately after the slip stitch on the row I had just finished. Ch1 and skip the next 24sts, fold the peice in half again and 1dc in the next ch1 sp (mark this st) (this space will become your 2nd arm hole, you will stitch the sleeve in a later step).

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