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Let your child eat and play as normal but make sure you put him on the potty every 15 minutes. If you have to leave your child at day care center or he goes to school, inform your child’s teacher that you are giving him potty training at home. If you are giving rewards to your kid at home, bring some in for the teacher so he or she can give them out to your potty champ.
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The crown of parenthood is a lovely experience for all the parents taking note of every second of their children.
Potty training is not likely to be an exasperating moment for both children as well as parents. This thing is regarded as very difficult but you are really required to know whether your child is ready for it or not.
If your child really gets fun in doing something then it is for sure that he keeps doing it naturally. It is very important to determine the proper time to go for the potty training for your child.
You are supposed to remember that urinating as the night is not regarded as voluntary for your child so you are not required to go hard on him. On the other hand, if the morning is busy for you, then you are allowed to strip the bed and start washing machine in the evening without even worrying about having spare bedding.
In order to make your child do it in a better way, you are required to put some rewards for him to lure him regarding this topic. After the agreed time – frame, give him a special treat like purchasing some toys or something that he loves.
It is for sure in the time of potty training at night, your child will be trying to please you, but you are required to understand that it is likely to take some time. Before you take your child to bed at night, you are required to make sure that he is done with his potty completely. Apart from all the above described steps, you are really required to set a fixed target like ‘potty training in 3 days’ and it will surely help you.  It has already been said that 2 to 3 years is the most appropriate to the question what age to start potty training. Raising twins can be both a very fun experience as well as challenging as far as parenting is concerned.
Potty training is already a difficult task for parents, let alone potty training two children simultaneously. One of the best things you can do to potty train your twin easily is to make it seem like a really fun experience.
It is not necessary that the twins will be ready to poop always at the same time and hence you cannot always aim to train them together. The twins will definitely have many questions and their focus may also shift to what the other is doing.
According to a psychologist, positive reinforcement is one way to motivate a person to do well in any of his endeavor and undertakings in life. In the world of babies, it is a common picture to see children throwing tantrums for the simplest reason that they cannot get what they want.
Follow these potty training rewards and you will be able to see the improvement of your child in potty training.
The simple truth about toilet training is that if the child is ready, it happens very easily. Most importantly, be sure that your child is not in a reactively negative stage, saying NO to everything.
Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours, which shows that his bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine.
Gives a physical or verbal sign when he's having a bowel movement such as grunting, squatting, or telling you.
Once a child is ready for potty training, your goal is to make it as easy and effortless as possible. Kids love to copy other kids who are already toilet trained; slightly older cousins can be invaluable. Give your child as much control of the process as possible, including choosing his or her own potty or toilet seat and new "big-girl" underwear. Many toddlers squat to poop and prefer a potty that allows them to assume a similar position. Once she's totally used to sitting on her potty, begin dumping the contents of her diaper into the potty each time she goes. Notice when she gives signs that she is about to defecate: becoming quiet, withdrawing to squat in private. If you can catch her just before she begins to defecate, grab her and put her on the potty. Don't express any disappointment at "accidents," or you'll make the stakes too high and your child may rebel. If your child has herself noticed the accident as soon as it started, but hasn't made it to the bathroom, praise is in order.
If your child poops in her pullup or pants, help her to put the poop into the potty and admire it there. Make it a game by using targets in the toilet for boys -- and even girls, although they won't be able to view it till they get off the toilet -- to pee on. At first your child will probably need help recognizing the signals that mean its time to head to the bathroom.
Leave him in just a t-shirt and without any diaper or underwear so he’ll have no place to put his pee. Your baby would be excited to have a sticker or stamp on his hand every time when he put his pee in toilet. Definitely, the teacher have to see many child and not just yours, so if your baby need a reminder to go, share it with the teacher.
In early days try to give company to your child into the bathroom so you can see how he does his business. Every child has different receptive performance, so take the clues from your child and make them ready for the period. Being the parent, you know it very well that it is not that easy to potty train your child completely.
You are allowed to name it as pre-potty training that means finding as well as recognizing signs, whether the child is ready for potty training or not. On the other hand, you are even supposed to maintain a positive attitude toward your child if you really want some success. There are some proper intensive potty training methods to assert that it is very possible to give your children the toilet training at night as well as during the day. Your child should still be allowed to drink up to 6 glasses of water during the daytime in order to promote proper urination routine.
Apart from this, you can allow the toddlers to help you without making any judgment about what did happen.

This thing will be there to lure him to get out of the bed during bed in case he wants to pee. In order to do this, you are supposed to make him sit on the toilet for at least 3 to 5 minutes. They may look alike but their habits, ability to learn things and other things may not be as similar and this is where the real challenge lies. If you are a parent of twins and need to do this daunting task soon, then the following given tips and suggestions might prove helpful for you. Choose either the same color for both or get their individual favorite colors so that they don’t fight over it.  By choosing their favorite colors, you can make them feel like their potty is their possession. So choose the timing of training wisely and make it part of their daily schedule for them to get used to the prospect. Answer their questions patiently and smartly and explain to them the importance of what they are learning.  Don’t lose patience if they ask too many questions or don’t show progress for a long time. Reward, for instance, is one way to drive a person to constantly perform his obligations or duties for the fulfillment of his goal. Usually, when they cannot get something done they will get upset and sometimes they just give up. If not, a power struggle often ensues -- and we all know that no one wins a parent-child power struggle. Most kids are not ready to be toilet trained until they are between two and three and a half years old, with boys on the later end of this. They may prefer a potty because they are afraid of falling into the big toilet or are afraid of the flush. Flip seats have a regular toilet seat plus a training seat.Some kids will love a seat that makes music when something is deposited in it.
For instance, sing a certain song, or give her a cheerio, or cheer loudly each time she gets on and off the potty. Tell him he'll have to pay attention and as soon as he might need to pee or poop, yell for you and run to the potty. Hitting the target takes practice, but that's what you want -- an incentive for them to practice!
If you notice him getting antsy, or starting to squat behind the couch, you'll need to remind him. Many parents feel that pull-ups are too much like diapers and mask the feeling of the accident, but Pods are useful. If your child has mastered peeing in the toilet but not bowel training, he is probably afraid of the toilet and needs some reassurance. You can manage it easily at home, but if you have to go outside, carry a spare potty in the car or you can use public restrooms on the way. You can serve dinner a little late so your child doesn’t need more food and drinks right before bed.
Every animal of the world loves to adore their children by giving them the best way of living life.
On the other hand, you are even supposed to determine the best time to go for this potty training. Some of these signs are the ability to hold the urine for long periods of the time, ability to follow the 1-2 directions at a same time or knowing when the urination or the bowel movements are about to start.
Basically the children are likely to be ready for the potty training between ages of 18 months and 24 months. There are some certain things that you are not required to do in any way, such as, never go for the training before your child is ready for it, never put pressure on him. Once you have done with your child’s day potty training then you are supposed to introduce him to night training. If you show some patience and understanding then it will surely encourage your child to do it better for next time. If you go for the night time potty training just after your children become proficient at the day time dryness, then it will be easier for you to do that. At first, you are required to keep in mind that the earlier you get started, the better it will be for you to handle the urination training at night. This will be there to reinforce necessities to use the potty at the regular intervals throughout the whole day. You are supposed to use the time to encourage him that he will surely succeed and assure him that everything is well and fine. It will be easier if you make a reward chart with 10, 15 or 20 days marked out in the boxes. One basic reason of the night time accidents is that your child will sleepy and will also feel that he is having more time than he needs to reach the potty in time. If one is doing better than the other, then rather than comparing, encourage both together.  Each child is unique and even twins can have different rate or speed of learning. Probably those that have easily given up could have not been motivated because there was nothing driving them to do it in the first place. It is even worse if the child has already used the potty for the first time but then decided not to continue the next day. Every time your child has finished using the potty or if he just used the potty for the first time, reward the child with a candy or a chocolate. The more you tell the child how good he is with what he is doing, there is a huge possibility that he will go to the potty every now and then. It builds muscle memory for your child to get on and off the toilet, so you want to encourage it as many times a day as possible.
If you feel comfortable with treats, you might give him a small candy each time he sits on his potty naked and reads a book with you. Tell Mommy so we can go to the potty." It may take her awhile to begin telling you, but she will begin to learn the concept that when she feels like this, it's time to tell you and go to the potty. If he agrees, let him run around naked from the waist down on a day when you can pay constant attention.
Every time your child does notice and tell you that he needs to use the bathroom, even if he doesn't make it in time, is an opportunity to praise his progress in the right direction. Sometimes pullups are a good intermediate step but toilet training can get stalled until you get into real underwear.
Or, he is used to the feeling of squatting and needs more support under his feet on the toilet so he can push. Many preschools demand that children are toilet trained; that kind of pressure can only be bad for you and your child. Handled with good cheer and confidence that he will master it in good time, toilet training can be enormously empowering for your child.
However, this is a best experience for the children when they start to learn the normal and natural things by taking training from the elders like caregivers or parents. In case you want to potty train your child in a very short span of time, then you are required to follow some of the simple steps. Here are some of the steps described below which will surely help you regarding this matter.
There are some certain signs that you are required to look for in order to know whether they are ready for it or not.

Since the children generally love the things that are fun and eventually become interested in them. Do not try to rebuke or punish him if he fails to do in initial attempts, or do not do the training in a stressed environment. This thing is likely to occur quickly in some children and on the other hand, slowly for some others.
How to start potty training- this question is there to annoy most of the parents out there. It is generally regarded usual for a child to have some accidents at the night time upto5-6 years of the age. This process is there to help your child with it.  On the other hand, you are required to keep your child away from caffeine and sugar. This is a way of telling the child that what he or she has done is good and therefore, he should continue doing it to be able to receive more sweets. If so, be sure her feet rest securely on a stool, dangling legs tighten rectal muscles and make defecation difficult. There's certainly less clean-up with pull-ups than bare-bottomed, but they tend to drag out the whole process because they confuse the child.
You may stay busy but arrange to take your child in the toilet at every morning and evening after wake up. So, take a potty bowl and make them wear nappies if they are not that grown up to share their urge. If they are adamant to avoid the toilet, use bribery to lure their interest in potty training. You are allowed to use the potty training doll in order to create fun in the eyes of your child. In case, you can follow the above things that you will surely get many advantages out of it. You can tell your child that he is supposed to wear a diaper but at first take him to the toilet and let him to potty. You must have got your answer to the question how to potty train and if you follow the thing accordingly as described above, then it is for sure that gradually you will start getting positive results. These accidents are likely to be frustrating for the parents constantly washing the clothes. Since chocolates generally contain caffeine so you even need to keep your child away from chocolates.
You are even supposed to stock up on some of the extra duvets, sheets and mattress protectors. As you really want your child to grow his confidence as well as his pride in his achievement so eventually he will be dry at the night time like he stays dry during day time. Just be careful not to give in excessive amount as this will cause toothache and can lead to tonsillitis.
You have to make the potty a place they love being if you want them to spend any time there.
My recommendation would always be to try bare-bottomed, but I should add the obvious caveat that this may not work well on a carpeted floor. They do not know how to walk, talk, eat on their own, and do other basic tasks of human beings.
Body awareness, muscle mastery, and cleanliness desire are the three signs from the children when they are ready to take the training. This type of short timed campaign will surely help you make your child learn potty very fast. In case you follow the below described things, then you will surely avail a plenty of benefits out of it.
On the other hand, you also need to tell your child that he should not drink much water before bedtime. There are effective tips to help you achieve night time dryness for your children that are described below.
Most of the toddlers are not likely to be ready to start the night time potty training until they are 2 to 3 years old. Toys can be in a form of paper dolls or hand-made doll house for girls and miniature soldiers and airplane made from papers.
Children have the habit of peeing and pooping on the bed because they do not now the way to manage the urge of urination and defecation. Body awareness means the time when the child start to understand the feeling of peeing and pooping.
If they avoid sitting on the pot, do some interesting stuffs to create interests in their minds. Potty training is likely to be hazardous both for parents as well as for the children, but if you follow some of the simple steps that it can really be very easy for both you to handle it completely. Apart from all these, you can put the potty in his bedroom and it can really be effective in many ways so that when he wakes up he will use it. For this reason, you are required to encourage the night time dryness 6 months after the toddlers become completely dry during the day.
This onus lies on the parents to take their children in the training programmed of doing potty and urination at the right place. It is because before this, the body of a child is not likely to be mature enough to wake him up when he requires to go to the potty. Start picking up the interests of your child to create the attention regarding potty and peeing at the right place. For urination training, take them to the toilet or sit them in the bowl after every 30 minutes.
However, a child gains this sense once they have the maturity to understand the happenings around them. That is why; potty training is important to safeguard your child from any awkward situation. Take extra care during the training period or take them to the toilet after waking up from the sleep. This time, they are more aware about the ways to relive themselves without wetting the clothes or bed.
You can take them to toilet after every 2 hours of sleep, so they do not wet themselves on the bed. If these three clues are present in your child, then he or she is ready for potty train in 3 days.
You can bribe them or bestow small items upon them after every successful morning and evening outing in the potty bowl.
Teach them to tell you during the time of urination or poop, so you get a clear clue from them.

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