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How can I encourage my daughter to eat a healthy lunch at school, whether she buys lunch or brown-bags it? Serve potato salad or pasta salad mixed with hard-boiled eggs, beans, peas or small cubes of meat for additional protein.
Cut up raw vegetables, such as carrots, celery, green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers.
Include a piece of fruit for dessert, washed and ready to eat, or a container of fruit salad.
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Take a nutrition class together, or find a nutrition coach to help incorporate healthy eating habits, based on moderation, balance, and research intuitive eating (Recommended reading: Intuitive Eating, by Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD). Discuss Operation Beautiful and its message of changing the way we seed each-other one post-it at a time. Express how proud you are of their achievements in school, sports, friendships, reading, writing, etc. Be observant if your daughter withdraws, changes food habits, has drastic mood changes, changes how she dresses, because these could be manifestations of struggles. Girls need to be shown it is OK to have feelings, from sadness, to happiness, to numbness, to anger. If you notice your daughter withdrawing, or experiencing extreme changes in moods and behaviors, act NOW. Discuss body image, your own issues, both current and in the past, and be willing to work on creating a positive self image together. Communicate love, acceptance and support through all she will go through in the coming years. In the eating disorder recovery book I am writing at the moment I have also been shocked to find that many (not just a few – but many) of my brave subjects who have recovered or are well on the way to recovering from an eating disorder, have had an experience of bullying that has had a lasting impact on them.
If you love or care about women (young women) or just believe that women should have the right to self-determination, please join the Silver Ribbon Campaign to Trust Women.
You can use my name, bio, and pic & link to ViR website I am open about being a voice! Anchel Krishna talks about her resolution for 2014 — and why it’s important for both her and her daughter. Follow along as Anchel Krishna shares her experiences as mother to Syona, an extraordinary toddler with cerebral palsy.
I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the way I stopped dreaming big for my child. Shortly after Syona’s birth, we were told that there was some damage to her brain that could result in any number of complications down the road — from cerebral palsy to learning disabilities, seizures and even more challenges.
After many months and missed milestones, Syona was officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
I attended a conference this past fall that featured a keynote address from Canadian Olympian Silken Laumann.

Instead, I started to focus on the things I could do: carry through with the homework we got from her therapy teams, research additional things we could do to help Syona’s development, connect with other parents so we didn’t feel alone, figure out how to advocate for my child in a way that felt right for me, find products that made our life easier, celebrate each and every bit of progress — and fill our lives with such an intense, unconditional love for Syona. Syona has brought our lives so much joy and transformed us into the people we were meant to be.
Our love for Syona is unconditional and we accept her, fully, for exactly who she is — not her abilities or disabilities. Most importantly, I want her to grow up dreaming big dreams, which means I need to get back to dreaming big for my little girl. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. The midday meal also provides energy and nutrients for kids to stay healthy and grow as well as possible. If your daughter selects a hamburger, she can accompany it with a salad, an apple and low-fat milk. For example, spread mustard on a sandwich rather than mayonnaise, and choose pretzels over potato chips. Peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables at home often makes them easier to eat at school. I’ve had patients complain to me that they got their kids used to eating healthy lunches, but the lunches served at school were full of unhealthy, but popular, foods pizza, for example.
One reason many school lunch programs have improved is the action of PTAs all around the country.
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No feeling is better or worse than another, the key is to make it acceptable and normal to feel; that with acceptance, they can work on how to express, process, and move through such feelings. Often people will overeat, restrict, diet, and practice disordered eating behaviors as a response to feelings, and situations they feel they have no control over. I read Rachel Simmons books and I realized how much what I went through in middle school WAS bullying. For author info, do you want me to add a bio & pic, or just Voice in Recovery, or your full name? I’d spend hours deliberating what crib we should get, what colours to paint the nursery and how to decorate. The things that I’d originally spent hours deliberating over — like her homecoming outfit from the hospital — now seemed completely trivial.
But for some reason, I held onto the belief that this confirmed damage may lead to nothing. And I think it’s about time that I let go of the fear that has prevented me from dreaming big for my daughter, especially since this fear is based on hurt. I want her to grow up knowing that we will all work together to try and make those dreams a reality.

Your daughter can add lettuce and tomatoes to her sandwich, or ask for extra tomato sauce on her spaghetti. Fill sandwiches with lean meats, egg salad, tuna salad, peanut butter, cheese, hummus or vegetables. The delight other kids took in these foods made their kids feel they were missing out on the fun. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. What you have written may be seen, disclosed to, or collected by third parties and may be used by others in ways we are unable to control or predict, including to contact you or otherwise be used for unauthorized or unlawful purposes.
ViR supports healthy living, HAES, media literacy, body diversity, self love and self acceptance. It was a heartbreaking time, I would cry all the time not wondering why girls were so mean. The first weeks of Syona’s life were spent in hospital and her earliest days were spent battling a series of complications that could have easily ended in a very different way.
At one point during the talk I had a revelation: I had become too scared to dream big dreams for myself, my family and — especially — for Syona. And I want her to grow up knowing that, even when things don’t go her way, it’s important to create a different dream and work to make that happen instead.
Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in a public group(s). As with any public forum on any site, this information may also appear in third-party search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. I know I carried a lot of mistrust towards women into adulthood due to this and am only now starting to recognize and be aware of those tendencies.
Could I repost this as a guest post from you (with your bio and pic if you want)for Monday. It’s timely and so relevant to my blog, my message, and to moms of young girls everywhere.
I had stopped dreaming for a child who could walk, talk, feed herself or drink from a cup, because I was scared that it wouldn’t come true. I want her to look at our life as a family and realize that even though it may not always turn out the way you expect, it will still be amazing. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
By the time she was ready to come home I had a lot of faith in her strength, which allowed me to regain my footing and get over the physical and emotional trauma that my family had all endured after she was born. And I want her to know that big dreams are not always traditional or related to the milestones that many of us take for granted.
If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. I did it so I could love her exactly as she was and to protect my heart, which felt like it had been broken over and over as we went through so many challenges during those early days. Big dreams can be as simple and sweet as taking the time to truly appreciate the joy in your life.

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