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Training a dog can at times be a lot simpler than raising a whiny toddler, but does it have to be a losing battle? Whining is a common habit in toddlers and one that can be frustrating for parents who don’t know how to deal with it.
Suddenly, your usually angelic toddler throws himself down, screaming, beating his hands and feet on the floor, and just generally making you feel like the worst parent on the face of the earth. Acknowledge your child’s feelings, and then tell him that it is time to become calm. The noise level is high, the child becomes over stimulated and tired, and he wants an object that he cannot have. Lightweight, comfortable Croslite(R) waterproof upper in a low back slip on clog style, with a round toe.

Toddler temper tantrums in public places like grocery stores, malls, even parks, are quite common. Keep your cool, and know that this is a common developmental stage as your child struggles to deal with conflicting feelings and emotions and exert control over his environment. Behaviors like crying, kicking or screaming is bound to make their parents react, and this serves to reinforce a child’s belief that she can get the attention she needs in this manner. Snapping or scolding may only cause her to whine in future when she feels frustrated or neglected.
If she continues whining, announce that you will only listen when she used her normal tone of voice.
Make this an enjoyable activity for your child and you by keeping her busy with some duties.

Pulling them away or demanding they stop what they’re doing at once may lead to frustration and whining. Instead, exercise flexibility and make little compromises with them such as agreeing to read another book with them before bedtime. This helps them understand that it’s far better to reason with you rather than whine.

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