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Maybe you walked in on your parents having sex or perhaps you saw a picture on Facebook of your boyfriend flirting with flocks of flawless females (how’s that for alliteration?).
I chose this song for this week’s column because a) it’s hilarious and b) we can all relate. I dumped him, cried and refused to even acknowledge his apology, telling him what a huge jerk he was over Facebook messaging. While I was obviously too immature and naive to see the “no big deal”-ness of that situation, my point is that it sucks to learn something about a loved one that you just didn’t want to know. Posted in Arts & Entertainment, Music, Opinon and tagged with centerfold, earsnag ashley mcdonald, freeze frame, j. Yes, we know many of you are toying with the idea of getting married – whether now or sometime in the future. Try new hobbies, new jobs, Essentially, push yourself to try as many new things as possible without anyone else around to judge you.
Trust us, a good (adult) relationship with your parents will come in handy after you’re married, for when (if) things aren’t working out quite as you expected.

It’ll teach you that sometimes it’s refreshing to be alone and it’ll help you clear your head. Whether it’s an MBA or a PhD, it’s so much easier to concentrate on finishing your degree without a husband to attend to or in-laws who demand your attention. Once significant others come into the picture, it’s largely about people bringing their partners along! Crazy short hair, black boots with neon stripes – go crazy before your man and his family start tut-tutting their disapproval. Not only is it healthy, but you’ll also thank yourself when you can wear that sexy little blouse at your sangeet. Yes, it’s impossible to find someone who ticks every box on your checklist but you don’t need to settle for someone who’s no where near what you had in mind. There’s no better way to test and strengthen your relationship and find out if you are truly compatible.
10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If Your Sister’s Getting Married!RelationshipsAs much as you love your sister, it’s natural for you to want to see her happily settled down in life.

10 Things In Life That Are Seriously Overrated – Trust Us!LifestyleMovies, books, TV shows, magazines, and websites all contribute to our perception of life and how it ‘should’ be lived. While around 99 percent of the population has not stumbled upon their darling in a porn magazine, we’ve all had our stomachs launched to our throats at some point or another.
The memory of my reaction still turns my cheeks pink; everything is such a ridiculously large deal in high school (although that’s no excuse for my melodramatic behavior). When I feel myself beginning to freak out over something, I usually sleep on it and return to it the next day.
There are many considerations that come into play, of course, but we thought we would make you a bucket list of things to try out while you’re still un-hitched! I’ll know if it was actually a big deal by the lingering knot in my stomach, but more often than not, I’ll simply realize that I was being totally emotional.

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