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Subscribe to the newsletter to receive my free 2016 SEO Keyword Planner and to stay up to date with all the latest from Singing Through The Rain. My son was attending a special needs preschool at our last duty station, but when we moved we ended up arriving at the end of the school year at our new duty station. Since my son has autism we wanted to start helping him adjust to the thought of a new school ahead of time.
Here are several tips any family can use to help a child adjust to your new school after a PCS! My name is Kathryn and I am a Christian military wife and stay-at-home mom to my two special needs kiddos. MOM: So you have to expect that the older child will have some issues when the new baby arrives, but you want to tone them down, obviously. MOM: I don’t remember the name of the book, but the intent of the book always stayed with me. MOM: I do, too, and that might be the thing that you do from the hospital because the baby’s in the hospital.
Check out this first book in our series where we talk about how the first 18 months of your child’s life determines their future self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to trust others. This blog is about raising kids and how our parenting decisions now can have long term effects. I had a hard time adjusting to my new sibling when I was younger, so with Bowe, my mom urged me to try to prepare her as much as possible to ease the transition to to a new sibling. Two months before Jack was due to arrive, I had my  husband start putting Bowe to bed at night. As a Pedi NP this was such a great read and there are so many great tips I took away from it!
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Before-and-After Kids Nautical Bathroom: $400 RenovationSo I finally have all the photos to show you guys! What do you do to minimize sibling rivalry -- and your older child's natural panic reaction -- once the baby is born? You go straight to your other child, scoop him or her up into your arms, and do a lot of adoring hugging and kissing. When you get a moment alone with your two youngest, call your child over to snuggle with you and the baby.
Reinforce all the wonderful things about who they are and how they contribute to the family.
Keep your relationship with her as smooth and affectionate as possible, sidestepping power struggles and minimizing conflicts. Little ones cannot be expected to control those jealous emotions and the stakes are just too high to take a chance. After six years we were more then ready for our trip across the country and now we love our new home.

I decided to keep my son home instead of sending him to a new school for only a few weeks, and instead I started preparing him for his Kindergarten year starting at the end of August.
That kind of thing is extremely helpful for the older child, and what happens in that process… It’s obviously a complicated process, and of course the kid doesn’t really have a clear concept of what it’s going to be like to have a baby around. You don’t want anything going on that might actually hurt the child.  So you start the bonding when you’re pregnant and then when you have the baby –and for however many days you’re in the hospital– you have a present for the child.
They probably don’t need it quite as much when you’re in the hospital and they are there with you. You talk about that kind of thing, that there is enough love for both kids, and there’s tons of books out there aimed at kids expecting a new sibling. Readers should remember that every child is different and what works for some may not work for others.
The point of him giving her this gift was three-fold: to give her something to do at the hospital, and to make it a positive experience (seeing your mom in a hospital bed might be unnerving to some kids), and to have a new toy that she could play with when we got home.
It is going to be quite an adjustment for her to have someone else that takes away most of your attention (especially during the first several weeks).
Now that Jack is almost six months old, and he is becoming more and more active (grabbing her toys, trying to crawl) she is interacting with him more. I am so embarrassed to say that that is the only one we have of both of them and the baby is now 6 months old! Your goal is to help your child manage that jealousy so love has a chance to grow, and to win out.
There is a whole article about how to prepare your child for the birth of the new baby on this website.
List all the wonderful things you love about your two year old, that Baby will get to know. Talk often about the fact that each member of the family is important in their own way and makes their own special contribution. If you notice her getting rough, quickly move the baby away from her, and distract her with a question, song or story. Parenting helps you create a more peaceful home - and happy, responsible, considerate kids! However, one of my biggest concerns about our PCS was that it was in the middle of the school year. It can be a nightmare for that first child because all of life changes dramatically when the baby is born. It’s always nice to have a gift especially from the baby, too, but to also have a gift from the Mommy who is not there can be more significant. So you do that kind of thing, but you have to remember that the child will still feel utterly dislocated when that new baby comes home. She has degrees from Duke University, New York University (NYU), and the University of Denver. If you're having more complicated issues, you should consider talking with a licensed child therapist and perhaps your pediatrician.

At some point, it is going to be a question of personalities; but, here are five actionable things we did to help Bowe adjust to her younger brother, Jack, all of which helped ease the transition. We read a lot of books on babies and the ones that had concrete examples of a baby in a child’s daily life were our favorites.
Knowing that I was going to need to rely on him and other people to put her to sleep and get her in the middle of the night, if need be, when the newborn came, I started to let Dad take over more. By asking for help from her favorite family members (or babysitters) and giving her one-on-one time that way, it lessens the blow. I know this is when the sibling rivalry often starts, because the baby is less of a blob and more of a person, so we are working on minimizing that. He can't put into words what he is unhappy about, and he isn't upset for the reason he thinks. I knew that doing this transition before the baby came would be a lot easier, and she wouldn’t feel like the baby was necessarily taking away what she would have normally done.
Too funny about you dressing your brother in a tutu–I totally did the same thing to my younger brother! Thank you for supporting All Things Big and Small and the companies I choose to collaborate with! Remember how your daughter would get those glasses and look at your belly and say “I can’t see him, I can’t see him!”? We made a point of talking about the baby, and how it would sleep a lot, how it would cry, what it would eat, and specifically what activities we would do (covering it with blankets, giving it bottles, changing its diaper.) Discussing with your child what is going to happen when the baby comes (are you going to the hospital? At one point, she was asking for Dad or Nammy (her grandmother) instead of me to put her down. Now, we still hugged her just as much and made sure she felt loved and adored but we emphasized how she could do stuff the baby could not.
I was such a brat to my younger sister (my younger brother was pretty unscathed,) I am hoping that my kids have a better relationship during their childhood.
Here, I share our experiences along the way and all my thoughts on topics big and small: motherhood and babies, decor and fashion, and how to achieve great style on a budget! Fortunately, when I got sick twice with mastitis in the first five weeks, Evan, was able to take over more easily. Thank god we are really close now because we were best friends and worst enemies growing up. As with most kids, it did take her awhile to adjust to the new baby (I think the first two weeks were understandably the hardest) but it went really smoothly all things considered. I was relieved that she had such a connection with other family members that she felt comfortable being taken care of by them and choosing them. Sometimes she wanted to help, other times not, but giving her concrete directions and activities in which she could relate to the baby helped the transition.

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