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It can be difficult to motivate a child to learn, especially when classrooms are full of students and individualized needs are often overlooked.
In Arthur’s Preschool, children are guided by a beloved character through fun activities that teach counting, spelling and music.
Computer games – or, “educational software for children” – have turned fun activities into opportunities for learning. One of the most useful tools in allowing a child to discover independent reading is a reading pen. Storybook Weaver makes storytelling a fun activity, either independently or for the whole family. In this age, creating a personal website can be more fun for a child than watching television.
Technology has gotten a bad rap because, while it can be used productively, it can also be used to waste time. Supporting your child in learning a foreign language can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language yourself. If your child loves movies, La Gloire de mon Pere and Le Chateau de ma Mere are films that follow a young boy vacationing with his family in Provence in the south of France.
Sending your student on exchange programs to a French-speaking country, or visiting one with them, requires some financial backing; so, if you are unable to provide that backing, look for programs that may offer scholarships for linguistic and cultural exchanges.
Also, keep in mind that France is just one of the many French-speaking countries out there. Learning French takes a lot of commitment, and a large percentage of parents are not realistically able to do it due to conflicting responsibilities.
Children will typically learn to read around 6 to 7 years but some can learn as early as 4 to 5. Reading books aloud with added excitement to your to your child is one of the best ways you can help them read.
In elementary school your child will start their formal reading education, the best way to help them with this is to emphasize word recognition so that they can understand the meaning of the word and how it is to be used. Parents may encourage their children to learn spelling by having them spell words on a computer. Taking a spelling test can be a scary prospect for any child in elementary school, but there are ways that parents can help their child practice the words so she'll be ready for the test. Most children love to play with computers, so they may enjoy practicing their spelling words by typing them.
If a family has old newspapers and magazines lying around the house, they can put them to good use by helping a child prepare for an upcoming spelling test. Another way to practice for a spelling test is to ask the child write a story or silly sentences with words from the spelling list.
SauteePan-Usually kindergarten spelling word and 1st grade spelling words has very basic phonetic rules that reinforce the reading lessons because children in grade generally are learning how to read. Nothing beats larking around with little ones – but playtime is a serious business, where even the simplest game can teach your baby skills that will take them all the way through to adulthood. From around six months, your child will enjoy puzzling over shape sorters and stacking rings.
Sit your baby opposite you with their legs in a V-shape and gently roll a soft ball towards them. We all know how much children love making a good racket, so get them a musical toy or gather up some saucepans, lids and spoons, and encourage your little one to make as much noise as they like (you may want to get some ear plugs first!).
Gather some cushions and encourage your little one to build them up into a tower, which you can bash down together – brilliant fun! Essential viewing on everything from styling your bump to choosing a car seat Meet the familySay hello to our mum and dad bloggers. Help My Child Read – Book 14 Student Edition: This comprehensive E-Book is part of an eighteen book series which helps parents provide comprehensive guidance to their child while learning to read.

The internet has been around long enough to have acquired a simple, easily accessible method of sharing resources from around the world. Your child can access the website, and then browse through eye-catching readings that focus more on visuals than text. When your kid comes across a word that stumps him, he can press the pen to the word and it will scan, providing the pronunciation and definition.
Our wide range of digital media that is available to children promotes self-expression and story-telling abilities. You can mix samples, upload your own recordings, and all using a simple drag ‘n drop method.
Luckily, with online website builders, anyone with a basic understanding of computers can do this – and it doesn’t have to look terrible (or damage their reputation later on). I have had a passion for writing since I was a small child, when my father and I would rewrite Stephen King novels as bedtime stories.
University language departments also often keep track of such events for their students or organize French-related events for their students.
Jean de Florette is also set in Provence, and is based off novels by Marcel Pagnol, who is also known for his book Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicolas). French is also spoken in Quebec (Canada), France, Belgium, parts of Switzerland, and quite a few African countries, especially those in western Africa. If you are one of those parents who has the motivation and time to do so, it will set an example for your child. Supporting your child as they learn can be difficult, but they will appreciate it, even if they don’t say so.
Tutors are available to work with your child online via Skype or in-person, depending on location and availability. Using an arsenal of games and interactive activities will help children learn their spelling words and have fun at the same time.
Using basic word processing software allows kids to type their spelling words and have them well in mind.
Provide the child with a pair of safety scissors and let her cut letters from the magazines and newspapers.
Buy a can of inexpensive shaving cream from a dollar store and spray it on the kitchen table.
If a child loves to tell stories, this may be an ideal way to provide her with spelling practice. Sometimes the only hope is memorization, rather than any method by which a word's spelling could be gotten. Since 80% of the English language is phonetic in nature many words could be sounded out based on phonics rules. I just wanted to say that there is a site called Spelling City that my son uses for spelling.
We asked a couple of our favourite play experts for their thoughts on the best developmental games – games that will give you both a good chuckle and help your little one learn through play! With your baby sitting upright, hold a rubber duck (or any bath toy) beneath the water, then let it bob to the surface.
Nowadays, kids recognize that they can do almost anything using technology and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be a waste of time. They range in ages from toddler to tweens, and feature childhood favourites like Arthur, Reader Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh. Sites that allow you to upload and download files ensures that videos, books, software, presentations, and every digitized file can be viewed by using only a computer and an internet connection. This tool is useful for small children, someone whose trying to learn a new language, or anyone with a reading difficulty. Whether your kid is making a movie with Movie Maker, iMovie or Videospin, creating an image in Kid Pix, or writing a story in Storybook Weaver, they will be much more motivated to share their thoughts and feelings when they have a medium that supports their creative vision.

If you want to encourage your child to learn about music and express their creativity, this tool will motivate them to do so.
As they describe on their website, they “believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.” These videos will expose your child to inspired perspectives and encourage them to ask questions, analyze and discuss what they see. I spent my awkward adolescence writing fan fiction about Conan O'Brien; I have since graduated on to writing stand up comedy, still about Conan O'Brien. French is a relatively common, available language that is taught in middle and high schools, and many communities and cities have resources to help people learn the language. Some such events may be in French; others may be in English, but will still relate to French current events, culture, history or literature. For younger children or less advanced readers, Asterix et Obelix and Tintin are popular comics that both have video adaptations.
Haiti speaks French, as well, and a few other former French colonies also host a larger percentage of French-speakers than the rest of the world. Children use their creativity to write stories utilizing all the words on the spelling list. Even from an early age, their eyes will follow the toy and they’ll start to move their head. By playing the game Arthur’s Preschool, young children can learn about vocabulary, simple arithmetic, matching and sorting, and shapes and colours.
It’s a great way to learn more about them, without asking them a million questions – something particularly useful for the teenage years.
In the fall, I will be going to McMaster University for Communication Studies, where I plan on applying my hopefully entertaining voice to every imaginable medium. Both local French schools and Alliance Francaise branches have classes, programs and sometimes even a summer camp to help children and teens absorb a foreign language.
The car is one great place to keep these and put them on if you find yourself driving your child around a lot to school or other activities. She has her Masters in French language education from the Sorbonne University in Paris and has been teaching since 2009. Give her a glue stick, and she can paste the words to a piece of colorful construction paper or poster board. Parents can call out each word and wait for the child to spell it without looking at the word list.
The child places the cards face down on a table and tries to find a matching pair of words.
Most schools also offer robust vocabulary in addition to the spelling words in order to enhance the student’s vocabulary. It will also build your child’s gross motor skills and strength, preparing them for writing and even cutlery control in the future.” Can’t bear to mess up the sofa? At the very least, you will have a greater understanding of what they are going through, the difficulties they are having, and the linguistic technicalities they may refer to as they are learning it. This type of hands-on activity enables the child to practice writing the words without making her feel like she's doing homework. By using these methods, children can learn the words and have a better chance of passing the spelling test. This helps build their empathy and social awareness, while acting out a role develops their imagination.” And before you know it, your little one could be bringing you a real cup of tea in bed – well, maybe give it another decade or so! Programs like Latina Christina and Henle Latin offer the home school parent an opportunity to teach Latin in incremental levels.
This company also offers online courses in case you find the Latin too difficult to teach yourself.

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