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Just as adults need to develop and refine their communication skills, kids need to be taught effective and healthy ways to share their feelings, process emotions, and get across their points. When my 11-year-old son was 6 years old, I started noticing his inability to communicate or process his anger.
We finally visited with a therapist, who point blank asked my son whether he liked school or not. Helping your child learn to identify their emotions and define the behaviors associated with them can be powerful.
Have them do something constructive with their hands (something that wouldn't be harmful to others or to property). Have them count slowly to 100 (and backwards from 100 if they still need help calming down). Model positive behavior to your children, especially when it comes to managing anger in a healthy way. I highly recommend two books we have used many times over the past 5 years: "How to Take the Grrrr Out of Anger," by Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis and "A Volcano in My Tummy," By Eliane Whitehouse. What resources and tips do you have for helping children manage their anger and communicate effectively? An active part of the Mom It Forward team, Jyl primarily writes about parenting, social good, and all things travel related.
In a past life, Jyl was an award-winning copywriter and designer of corporate training programs for Fortune 100 companies.
Teachers also need to be aware of the individual profiles and specific needs of each student with dyslexia in their class, as each child will be different. Take time to correct written work and focus on content rather than presentation.  Do not correct every error, but instead concentrate on a small number of errors and set manageable targets.
A cursive handwriting style is often best as it aids spelling, neatness and fluency.  Some students will need to use the computer. Note-taking can be difficult, so provide worksheets or arrange for notes to be photocopied.  Avoid tasks where students are asked to copy from the blackboard, including homework assignments. Any worksheets given should be carefully presented, with large clear text, bold headings and diagrams to aid visual learning. Careful consideration needs to be given to lesson planning to ensure that the interest level is high, but the literacy levels are adapted to suit the students’ needs.
The student with dyslexia should sit near the teacher, so that the teacher can monitor progress and be available to provide any necessary assistance.
Rewarding effort is as important as rewarding accuracy.  Students with dyslexia can become very disheartened if their effort is not acknowledged. Encourage students to build up their stronger abilities in sports, technology, drama, science, maths, etc.
If the student is likely to receive reasonable accommodations in exams, then allow the same accommodations for homework and end-of-term exams. It can be difficult to motivate a child to learn, especially when classrooms are full of students and individualized needs are often overlooked.
In Arthur’s Preschool, children are guided by a beloved character through fun activities that teach counting, spelling and music. Computer games – or, “educational software for children” – have turned fun activities into opportunities for learning.
One of the most useful tools in allowing a child to discover independent reading is a reading pen. Storybook Weaver makes storytelling a fun activity, either independently or for the whole family.
In this age, creating a personal website can be more fun for a child than watching television. Technology has gotten a bad rap because, while it can be used productively, it can also be used to waste time.
You can run the program with your child by yourself by simply purchasing a copy of the Move to Learn DVD and following the simple, demonstrated instructions.
Which book should I buy first?Each of the books covers different material and has a different focus.
What equipment is needed to get started?All you need to run the program is the Move to Learn DVD, a DVD player, a TV and some floor space. Is there anyone in my area that is able to help answer some of my questions about my child?Our list of contacts and recommended specialists can be found in the ‘Certified Practitioners’ and 'Links' folders here on the website.
Does this program help address retained primitive reflexes?Close links have been identified between the inhibition of primary reflexes and the attainment of gross-motor milestones.    Reflexes are often used as landmarks and measurements of CNS maturity. The Move to Learn program has included the inhibition of persistent primary reflexes as a core element in its program, addressing the underlying functional deficits that children with various difficulties have shown. Do you have a distributor in my country?Our list of contacts, certified practitioners and distributors can be found in the ‘Certified Practitioners’ folder and the 'Links' folder here on the website. My child is a teenager, and desperately needs help, is the Move to Learn Program too young for him?Certainly not.
I am an adult, will the program work for me?Many adults have done the program with great success.

I want to buy some Move to Learn products, but I don't feel safe using my credit card online. Is there an assessment I can do?Help Your Child to Learn, contains a questionnaire to help identify where difficulties lie in an individual child and it gives a lot of information about Learning Difficulties.
He seemed to hold in his emotions all day at school and the second he stepped foot into our car to head home, he'd come unglued. His teachers were surprised to hear my queries as they said my son was "perfectly behaved" all day long. On a scale of from the ground (1, negative) to the sky (10, positive), he referred to school as "the clouds" (higher than a 10).
One of the most important being to help your child learn to differentiate between the emotion and the behavior associated with the emotion. Once they are aware of the difference and are tuned in to what they are feeling, they can take steps to stopping unhealthy behaviors.
Help them recognize that anger often masks the feeling of fear, disrespect, embarrassment, failure, or other such emotions. Kids often get sick to their stomachs, get headaches, clench their fists, or perform other regular behavior when they start feeling angry. I like these, because they are written on a level that is easily accessible for both children and adults. However, if you really need to get the pupil to read, discreetly let them know the previous day what section they will be asked to read so they can prepare it. You can never assume that the pupil will remember a topic covered only once or twice.  Build in lots of opportunities for repetition and consolidation of knowledge.
The internet has been around long enough to have acquired a simple, easily accessible method of sharing resources from around the world. Your child can access the website, and then browse through eye-catching readings that focus more on visuals than text. When your kid comes across a word that stumps him, he can press the pen to the word and it will scan, providing the pronunciation and definition. Our wide range of digital media that is available to children promotes self-expression and story-telling abilities. You can mix samples, upload your own recordings, and all using a simple drag ‘n drop method. Luckily, with online website builders, anyone with a basic understanding of computers can do this – and it doesn’t have to look terrible (or damage their reputation later on).
I have had a passion for writing since I was a small child, when my father and I would rewrite Stephen King novels as bedtime stories. It has a lot of information about setting up a perceptual movement program in a school, including suggestions of equipment , (much of which you could make yourself), & activities.
Full of practical suggestions and sequences of activities covering a wide range of areas, it is ideal for planning both therapy and home programmes. There are chapters on diet, nutrition, food additives, allergies, sound therapy, auditory processing, the effect of retained primitive reflexes, playground management and improving social interaction. Each of the Movement Sequences is demonstrated in an easy-to-follow-along-with manner, with clear instructions and important information. They play a vital role in survival for crucial periods but should then undergo inhibition or transformation.
The 10 simple movement sequences cover all the essentials that every child needs, and in the right order.
It usually takes a little longer the older you are, the optimum time for these movements is during the pre-school years, but improvement should be possible with patient persistence. Do you take cheques?Yes we do accept cheques from Australian Banks, but you will need to wait for the cheque to clear the bank before we can send the order out. There are specific parent workshops as well as teachers' seminars and seminars for other interested professionals. The Move to Learn program is presently part of the teacher training curriculum at UNISA (the University of South Africa). A friendly hello, smile, question about his day, or kind look from his parents—the people he felt the safest with—was all it took to unleash the pent-up frustration he seemed to have inside.
The other carpool parents were equally as surprised and said he was their best behaved carpool kid and was mostly quiet as a mouse. For example, anger, just like excitement, is a perfectly normal emotion to feel and children shouldn't be made to feel bad or choose to feel bad for having it. The sooner they can see this behavior in themselves, the sooner they can exit a potentially negative situation. The former has simple lists, cartoon characters, and action steps for resolving anger issues. Nowadays, kids recognize that they can do almost anything using technology and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be a waste of time.
They range in ages from toddler to tweens, and feature childhood favourites like Arthur, Reader Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh. Sites that allow you to upload and download files ensures that videos, books, software, presentations, and every digitized file can be viewed by using only a computer and an internet connection.

This tool is useful for small children, someone whose trying to learn a new language, or anyone with a reading difficulty. Whether your kid is making a movie with Movie Maker, iMovie or Videospin, creating an image in Kid Pix, or writing a story in Storybook Weaver, they will be much more motivated to share their thoughts and feelings when they have a medium that supports their creative vision. If you want to encourage your child to learn about music and express their creativity, this tool will motivate them to do so. As they describe on their website, they “believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.” These videos will expose your child to inspired perspectives and encourage them to ask questions, analyze and discuss what they see. I spent my awkward adolescence writing fan fiction about Conan O'Brien; I have since graduated on to writing stand up comedy, still about Conan O'Brien.
All you need is a DVD player, a TV, a little space and 15-20 minutes a day.If you would prefer some experienced support, go to our ‘Certified Practitioners’ folder to find information about our recommended contacts. For a comprehensive understanding, it’s best to read all of them, but briefly; Help Your Child to Learn, contains a questionnaire to help identify where difficulties lie in an individual child. Particularly helpful are a quick functional vision screening test, a 'ready for school?' test and a 'what to look for before the third birthday' chapter. It was designed to be used instead of the DVD in situations where a DVD player wasn't available and is a demonstration of the program with a written explanation and pictures. It usually works best for teenagers and adults if they are involved in their own assessment. We also accept International money orders or bank cheques and can accept direct deposits into our account. We list upcoming workshops and seminars in the 'Upcoming Seminars' section of our website, on our facebook group page and also in our regular newsletter, the Missile. I knew he had a problem when he started throwing things and ripping up prized possessions, like his brother's artwork, that he knew was important. I volunteered in the classroom and my husband watched from afar at recess to see if we could detect if anything was going on, such as bullying. But just like you wouldn't want your child to inappropriately demonstrate her excitement, you also wouldn't want your child to act out on his anger in ways that hurt himself, others, or things around him. I have often read it together with my son or even have assigned him chapters to read on his own.
By playing the game Arthur’s Preschool, young children can learn about vocabulary, simple arithmetic, matching and sorting, and shapes and colours. It’s a great way to learn more about them, without asking them a million questions – something particularly useful for the teenage years. In the fall, I will be going to McMaster University for Communication Studies, where I plan on applying my hopefully entertaining voice to every imaginable medium. It doesn't explain why the program works, or provide the same depth of detailed information that the books provide, but it does explain how to do the program, and it is all you should need to run the program. Just follow the prompts on the shopping page to order online, or, if you’d prefer, download, fill in and send us your order form.
Each child is different, and there are often a number of factors affecting the child’s ability to learn. We don't sell franchises or offer exclusive territories because we want everyone to be able to use the program as freely as possible. All observations left us more confused as his school-day experience seemed to be nothing but positive. For example, if he said something funny and the kids in class started laughing, he thought they were laughing at him and that something was wrong with that. The latter is more text heavy in parts, but has lesson plans great for group discussions (for classrooms or entire families) with simple, illustrated worksheets to help kids work through basic anger management tips.
E-books are also very popular for international clients as they avoid the cost of postage and can be obtained immediately by downloading directly through your computer. Taking a leadership role, perhaps demonstrating for others or leading groups of younger children, can be a good motivator for teens - as can bribery!
Pinpointing problem areas will help you locate appropriate specialists when needed and avoid the expense and frustration of following every new treatment.     You could also take a look at the free interactive LD profile test on this website.
But, he'd hold in his embarrassment and wouldn't process or communicate any negative feelings he had during the day in an effort to protect his higher-than-a-10 school experience. Each child is different, and there are often a number of factors affecting a child’s ability to learn. Pinpointing problem areas will help you locate appropriate specialists when needed and avoid the expense and frustration of following every new treatment. The second he saw us and once away from the school, it was like a light would go off and he'd explode, letting out all the frustration he had bottled up throughout the day. Problems in these areas alone can cause difficulties in learning or at least significantly contribute to the problem. Secondly, we’d recommend you run the Move to Learn movement program with your child. While there may be other problems affecting your child, such as auditory, sensory or visual processing difficulties or perhaps allergies, we’ve found that most children presenting with learning difficulties are inhibited by retained primitive reflexes and immature neurological processing. The Move to Learn movement program addresses this, and can be beneficial for all children regardless of whether they have difficulties with learning or not.

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