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Help your child memorize the times tables with this handy cheat-sheet, a 13x13 printable multiplication table. Each problem is a combination of multiplication and addition, a great way to help your child memorize the times tables and exercise her aptitude for arithmetic. I did this to make it easier to learn the table and so it doesn't look so overwhelming.Learning the 11s is easy.

You can use this chart to quiz your child on the spot, and it makes a great study guide before his next big math test! Let's say 7.Put your finger on the 6 at the top and move in a straight line to where the 7 is on the left.Your answer is 42, get it? You will come back to the information in this table again and again not only just in math class but throughout your entire life.

Because:2x8 is the same as 8x2It doesn't matter which number comes first in multiplication.

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