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The first thing to understand about a shy child is that very few situations actually involve a deep rooted social phobia that cripples the child’s ability to interact with others.
First, recognize that the shy child may simply be an uninformed child who hesitates to get involved because he or she does not know how to interact in a given social situation. Most people do hesitate to try something new when there is no prior knowledge or understanding of the basics of the task.
While many children are perfectly comfortable with tasks, he or she may not feel comfortable socializing with others.

A shy child may feel as if he or she has to be talking all the time to interact effectively.
Of course, a shy child who does not respond well to these sorts of encouragement may in fact need to be evaluated for social phobias. The tone of this article is dead on in terms of being supportive of your child, but what many parents don't recognize is the fact that 25 percent of the people in this world are born introverted.
A person can be shy in one situation and not shy in another because it is not something that has to define us.

If you do have an introvert, there are ideas online about how to rethink your stance on shy and encourage your kids to develop the necessary people skills.

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