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What we may perceive as a "nothing," could be a mountain of fear, nervousness or freeze ray for these wallflower children.
As parents, it can be a challenge to figure out what will help our children break out of the shyness mold.
Some kids need to be taught how to make eye contact, shake hands, smile, and respond to chit-chat appropriately.
Do something special together "after school" and remind your child to think about that celebration if they're having a tough moment. Find out if there are any activities that your little one likes to do at home that aren’t part of the classroom routine and the ones that they dislike at home, but have to get involved in at school. Use this information to look for ways to make the classroom more engaging for your little one. Sometimes, children are bored and less engaged because their school activities are too easy for them.
If he or she has trouble with Maths or Geography, you can help them practice at home so that they will have more confidence when in school. Make learning fun and add a few songs or funny stories to your evening routine, since confidence at home tends to rub off in the classroom. I am feeling an almost irresistible urge to put a Gnome in my garden… and I just don’t know what to do….. For those of you that are not familiar with garden gnomes – these are cheap plastic and badly painted reproductions of mythical miniature people – usually a man with a beard and a red pointed hat….. Now some of you are turning up your noses – putting gnomes in the same category of garden kitsch like painted tire borders or bathtub planters….

But I did some research and I am thinking maybe certain garden gnomes have class – they were “invented” in Grafenroda Germany in the 1800s – and we know that anything from Europe has class – they were thought to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits and Democrats….. None of those nasty plastic, self watering pots in my garden – I coveted the transcendent beauty of the fine Seibert & Rice Italian terra cotta planters.  I would not be caught dead with a Topsy Turvy in my sanctuary – growing an upside down hanging tomato plant?  Hell, I might as well get one of those purple gazing balls  in my front yard – why stop there? I have successfully resisted the pull back to my South Carolina roots and garden trash…if it was not made in England, Italy, or the Netherlands it would not go in my garden….. But last year my 80 year old mother in law moved out of her house and passed on her vast collection of kitschy garden ornaments to me – including several Gnomes…. I was on a spring garden tour ….while admiring the ferns and expansive lungwort display I spotted a small gnome – tastefully hidden among the bleeding hearts and trillium….
And now I cannot get the damn things out of my mind…I had to watch the Great Gnome Dance  several times… small empty spaces in my garden that looked just fine last year are jumping out at me… nagging for some attention …. You could always go with one of those awesome handmade Gnome-be-Gone yard ornaments that are built out of recycled garden tools, look like comic-y creatures, and “kidnap” your garden gnome out of your garden! Have him or her color a picture as a gift to help break the ice and just say "hello." If possible, connect with one or two other students before the first day of school for a playdate. Role play how to join a game on the playground, introduce themselves to another child at a party, or initiate a playdate. Let them have some input on what clothes to wear (unless they wear uniforms), selecting a backpack, notebooks and pencils. Provide your child with a safe place to vent their feelings, but continue looking for ways to break out of their shell.

Some children think it’s an exciting experience and look forward to going in every morning, while others are less excited. Shy and reserved kids can find the environment and school activities a bit overwhelming, making it difficult for them to speak comfortably in a group. This will remind them that they are on the right track and your little one might even be excited to break the news to their teacher. Maybe the Obama Gnome … or I could go the rude avenue with a Mooning Gnome… the Miami Heat Gnome seems trendy enough….. You'll likely be able to find one that showcases their favorite characters going to school. Tap into one of their passions such as sports, dance, or music after school as a way to connect with other students with something they love doing! There is nothing wrong with normal shyness at all and it isn’t a problem that needs fixing. But, if you want to ensure your youngster gets the most out of school and you want them to participate in school activities, there are a few things that you can do to help.
No sir!  I wanted only the best – the thought of something from Home Depot, or god forbid K-Mart, invading my sacred ground made me nauseous. And then I wondered if I got an original antique Grafenroda Gnome it would be classy enough…..

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