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Keyword Research in Keyword Explorer Overview20 days agoMoz Keyword Explorer for Better Keyword Research Results in Less Time.20 days agoJill Schiefelbein Live! New research is exploring whether targeted light flashes can help reset circadian rhythms offset by traveling to new time zones. Please subscribe to this subforum if you want to receive notification of the English Word of the Day by Mail. Lately the Spanish help forum seems to be lag free .Ultimamente el foro de ayuda espanol aparece ser sin retraso.
The Jet Lag Fighter iPhone app enables passengers to train their bodies to adjust to the new time zone and enhance the quality of their trip.
The core functionality of Jet Lag Fighter is a personalized daily activity calendar providing advice based on the selected therapy type, the user's personal profile, and trip details.

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PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SIGN UP!!!WARNING: this site's legitimate sign-up process does NOT ask you for any personal information, such as phone numbers, ID numbers, or bank accounts! In addition, the app contains a graph showing the real-time predicted adjustment, an alertness meter indicating the body's peak levels of performance, in-flight tips based on trip length, and a multimedia guide to jet lag. Research has shown most travelers find it difficult to manage the effects of jet lag when traveling across several time zones. Jet lag reduces productivity and enjoyment of valuable travel time - whether business or pleasure - and frustrates travelers who until now have felt helpless to address its effects.
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