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Talking with aging parents about legal, financial, and long-term care issues can be uncomfortable.
These strategies can help you start a dialogue about End-of-Life planning with your parents.
While your parents are in good health, find an opportunity to start talking about end-of-life issues. Tell your parents that you love them, are concerned for them, and that you want to offer support as they age.
You can serve as an important resource if your parents are unaware of services and options available to them – like benefits to help pay for prescription drugs, health care, or utilities.
Ask your parents where insurance policies, wills, health care directives, and banking records are located. If the conversation isn’t productive, assess what isn’t working so you can develop a better plan. I cannot get over the fact my grandson passed away I misses him so much it broke our hearts too see you go , but I know you are at peace and rest so God is taking care of you . To Anonymous, you are so correct on the fact that death of a loved one changes your life 4 ever. It's been almost 7 years since I lost my friend and his birthday was on the 23rd he would have been 26 It is scary to think about the fact that I have lived longer than he did and I am 5 years younger than him. I agree & I Feel the big loss too of my husband, Soul mate,Love,Friend, Guide, about 1 year ago May 8th. My beloved husband, best friend, soul mate and so much more went home to Heaven July 11 2012.

Do you believe it is better to help dying children in Africa (yes) or stop the parents from procreating (no)?
Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitHelp the dying children It is very important and ethical to help the dying children in Africa.
Challenge00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitPopulation and society control is the way towards an advanced civilization I am not talk only about Africans, i think economically poor people , young parents (bellow 21 years of age), and people who have not capabilities of raising children , should be prohibited from having babies or procreating, there is not point in bringing someone to life without being able to support themselves and the children , its not only pointless its also should be considered an offense or a minor crime to bring someone to this world that will ultimately not be able to grow in proper conditions and receive a proper education. Families often do not discuss end-of-life issues, like what preparations are in place, if any, for when the inevitable happens.
You may need to balance their independence with their safety, but try not to remove their sense of control over their lives. You may not be communicating the way you hoped, or have enough information about issues that should be addressed. The parents should stop having kids, but we can not blame the kids because they have no control over the horrible circumstances they have been put in. Do not bring someone to suffer in this world, we need to build a self sustainable society, and that will also help to decrease crime rate, and increase human development index. I believe providing contraception would be a good way to impact this without blatantly stopping people from what they want to do. I think it is better to stop parents from procreating rather than help dying children in Africa, because it is inhumane to continue to allow children to be born into such poverty and problems in Africa, knowing that they will suffer the same fate. The reason Africa has so many problems is because the people who live in some of the area cannot take care of themselves.
It’s much more difficult to address challenging issues after your parents become ill or are unable to make their own decisions.

While old age can be a rewarding time, it can also be a time of loss—of loved ones, health, and independence. It may help your parents to speak with a third party, like a geriatric care specialist, financial planner, or lawyer, if they need expert assistance.
I was just thinking about Grandpa the other day and on July 25th it will be 8 yrs since he passed.
Stopping them from having children would leave more money for the children that are already here.
I know that he is my guardian angel know that hes gone and i could not ask for a better one. Time may heal the wound but it does not go away and I know that I was not expecting it to hit me as hard as it did. I know mom would want me and my brothers to go on with life, but it seems almost impossible without her here. I hope they got together up there I asked my grandpa to take care of him and show him the ropes. I've let my health deteriorate due to the greiving, and would like to start taking better care of myself for my mom, and my 15-year old son, and my 22-year old nephew in the Navy, and of course, for myself and God.

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