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ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a common neurodevelopmental disorder, not a learning disability.
Parents of young children with ADHD, particularly kindergartners and first-graders, are often told to keep their child back a year to catch up on social skills or “grow out” of certain behaviors.
You are your child’s biggest advocate, and it’s important to work with everyone involved in your child’s treatment, including teachers, doctors, therapists, even other family members.
It’s important for all kids to feel good about themselves, but a healthy sense of confidence and self-esteem can be particularly vital for children with ADHD, some of whom struggle in school. By law, public schools must provide children with ADHD “free, appropriate public education.” Some children with ADHD are eligible for an individualized education program (IEP) that sets goals and provides support needed to achieve them. If you feel that your child’s ADHD meds are causing side effects -- which can include decreased appetite, upset stomach, mood changes, and disrupted sleep -- talk to your doctor. More than 5 million children, ages 3 to 17, have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), based on the National Center for Health Statistics.
ADHD medications include Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin and Daytrana) and Dextro-amphetamine (Dexedrine, Adderall, Vyvanse and Procentra).
Structure at least 30 minutes each day of sustained cardiovascular exercise for your child. As your child’s ability to process vocabulary and scientific processes grow, have an open discussion about ADHD. Due to decreased Dopamine (neurotransmitters associated with motor activity, motivation and rewards), children with ADHD often crave video games that offer players intense action, constant and immediate rewards, competition, and thrilling stories that are rare in everyday life.
Help your child understand that having ADHD creates a different way of processing that comes with challenges, as well as many advantages. By not taking yourself too seriously, you will have an easier time connecting with your child. There is no gold standard brain--just as there is no standard flower, standard culture or standard race.
Parents of children with attention hyperactivity deficit disorder (ADHD) reveal six easy ways to help kids form friendships that last.
Join ADDConnect's support groups for parents to discuss discipline challenges, school solutions, treatment options and much more. It’s also very important that parents of these children take part in self-care because it can be exhausting if your child is having behavior problems resulting from this condition. Many times these children are highly intelligent, which makes it even more frustrating for parents.
I hope this article helps you see that you are the best teacher, coach, and advocate for your child.
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Your answer to the question, What does baby learn from playing with the Fisher-Price Press & Crawl Lion? If your child has ADHD, he can be impulsive or easily distracted and have trouble finishing tasks. You can ease the stress on your child by establishing a morning routine and posting reminders about what to do using pictures or short notes. But research doesn’t support that idea; repeating a grade can affect self-esteem, and boredom can make behavior worse. Help your child find an activity that he or she does well in and encourage participation in it. Pick a regular time and place for homework, away from other people and distractions such as television and video games. That means planning ahead and studying for a big test in short spurts over several days or weeks instead of cramming the night before.
Although a balanced diet is important for overall health, children with ADHD do not need to follow a restricted diet; research has yet to find that following a specific diet helps or cures ADHD. An IEP could include modified testing and homework deadlines, provide a note-taking partner, and allow the student to run errands for the teacher to burn energy. He may change the dosage, recommend a different drug, or suggest taking a break from medication. While this number is growing steadily, there are many ways to manage your child’s ADHD--and it typically takes more than just one course of action. These games do not offer your child the ability to build social skills, postponed gratification or physical exercise, which are known to help reduce the negative aspects of ADHD.
With diet, exercise, good sleep habits and mindfulness, medications can be reduced--or even eliminated. It is important to help your child lighten up about mistakes, so he will have the courage to try his very best. Ask the teacher to include assignments and progress notes, and you can check to make sure all the work is turned in on time. Sports or art or music classes or activities all can help boost self-esteem and social skills.
Creating questions and then rereading the material to answer the questions is an effective way to remember it. Although diets advocating cutting out gluten, sugar, food additives, and yeast gained some attention, more studies are needed to determine whether any of these eliminations help children with ADHD. It is very important for parents and caregivers of children with ADHD to learn about the different tools available to help your child manage ADHD.
Empirical research supports the following dietary suggestions:Eat a high protein diet, including beans, cheese, eggs, meat, milk and nutsSparingly consume foods such as white flour and rice, candy, and sugary drinks. In addition to improving circulation and mental sharpness, exercise provides additional opportunities for socialization and navigating novel environments, which promote neuronal health. Explain that Dopamine is a chemical in the brain associated with movement, motivation and reward-seeking, so people with ADHD often need movement, a great deal of stimulation, and even thrills. Consistent boundaries should be set regarding the amount and type of video gaming that can be played each day. And nobody disputes the inefficiency of this particular design to accomplish tasks, such as sitting still and paying attention to low-reward activities. Help your child embrace these differences, learn to live with them and focus on their strengths, instead of their weaknesses. However, I have seen some students really struggle with medication, so I believe in the least amount of medication as possible, and encourage parents to try as many all-natural remedies as possible. If you have a rough year with a particular teacher, try not to express too much of that in front of your child. If your school has a guidance counselor they can often be a resource to help your child think through tasks and learn to organize their thoughts, desk, and assignments. I know many parents of my ADD students have commented that their child has had trouble sleeping. Keep a large calendar in the house (I prefer dry erase) that shows schedules, due dates, and appointments. This is basically a microphone system where children where children wear an earpiece and the teacher’s voice is amplified. Also try keeping a list of things to take to school by the door or in your child’s backpack. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.

This knowledge is empowering and will help your child become a better patient and self-advocate. Games requiring gross motor movements, such as X-box Connect and Wii activities (sports, dance, music and fitness games) are better than sedentary hand-held controller games. Reading and discussing homework while riding a stationary bike, treadmill or pilates ball also works well. As your child learns more about his learning style, he will become empowered, and self-control, confidence and responsibility will inevitably increase. Schedule a meeting with the principal or guidance counselor if you have to and express your concerns and ask which teacher you feel will be better for your child.
However, I do know that many parents complain that the medications make their child lose weight and not want to eat as much. Remind your child daily about upcoming assignments and help them chunk assignments into manageable daily tasks. I realize that video games can help keep them calm at home (and quiet), they will do better socially and hopefully have less sleeping issues if tech time is limited. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. These are very beneficial in keeping blood sugar levels and mood stabilized--and will even increase the time ADHD medications work.A daily 100% vitamin and mineral substitute is also recommended. For example, scratching your child's back while telling him a story is one common bedtime ritual that works for many children.
Share with them that such distinct talents often produce outstanding entrepreneurs, athletes and explorers. Because significant research shows that children with ADHD learn more and feel happier when involved in intense physical activity (preferably outdoors and while being social), limiting video games to no more than one hour per day is recommended. Another suggestion is to help your child review for tests while tossing a ball back and forth. The flip side is that those with ADHD are often adventurous, have a keen perception of the whole picture, are drawn to abstract ideas, possess remarkable intuition and have lots of energy.
While the majority are not miserable and many love children, chances are you might encounter at least one teacher like that within your child’s thirteen years of school.
There have been situations where I have had to tell teachers that even though a student is struggling or isn’t making as much desired progress, they are still growing and have multiple years to learn and grow.
Remember that not all teachers are super organized or structured, so if you have some say in picking your child’s teacher, try to keep these qualities in mind. You need to try to keep the teacher on your side as much as possible, and even if you get the teacher from the Black Lagoon, try to stay positive in front of your little one.
Make sure to talk to your child’s pediatrician for tips on how to get your child to maintain a healthy appetite.
For example if they have a book report due in two weeks, help them break down chapter readings and enough time to write the assignment. Find out what type of attentive, tender connection works best for your child and make it a mutually enjoyable tradition. It is important to build on the abilities of your children as a way to strengthen their weaknesses.
Positive reinforcement is best for shaping and sustaining behavior, so parents may wish to use video games as an incentive to be enjoyed after homework and other responsibilities are completed. Have your child ask you questions on the test material because this is empowering and helps them process the material in multiple ways. Consequently, it is vital to positively reinforce your child’s strengths and create an environment that embraces diversity. Develop a signal system to help them know when something is socially wrong and then talk about it in private. Work hard to let your child know that human excellence comes in all packages, and invite your children to be themselves. You can provide intrinsic rewards such as time with a pet, extra video game time, or other rewards. My point is that you need to go into school meetings knowing that no one is perfect, and no matter where you, your child, or the teacher are in life, you need to stay as positive as possible this year for your child.
Again, you are their advocate, so only you know the best way to help your child through a tough year.

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