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As parents, it can be challenging to help your child with their self-confidence and self-esteem. For additional help with confidence check out Books That Build Confidence for Adults and Kids. This entry was posted in Parenting, Self Esteem Kids and tagged children and confidence, helping your child develop self-esteem, parenting, parenting tips, self-esteem in childen, strong self-esteem.
I really appreciate the point you make about actually explaining what the praise you are giving a child is for. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. If this conversation sounds familiar, there is an easier way to find out not only how your kids are doing, but to guarantee they’ll be successes at school. You’re targeting a question to ask your kid about exactly what they enjoyed most about school that day. This works well in the beginning of the year, especially as your child gets new classmates. If you help your kids with homework the night before, you can focus on specific assignments.
Even with targeted questions to bring out the stories, kids can still reveal very little about school. Talk with your children about what's happening at school — activities, programs and what they are learning.

Parents help their children succeed by helping shape their children's attitudes, sense of personal competence and work habits, including persistence, seeking help and planning.
Reading is one of the foundations of all education, and you can make a big difference by reading and talking about books and stories with your children. Whether it is attending a school concert, cheering on a school team, or participating in community events and meetings planned by your school council, parent involvement in school activities can foster a sense of community within the school.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This means that they will be more likely to express their feelings and come to you for help.
Many parents see their upset child walk through the door and anxiously press them for details about their day. Everyone loves praise, but knowing why we are receiving said praise can enhance the learning experience greatly.
Find out the names they drop the most, and then ask more targeted questions about who their friends are and what those kids are about. People For Education zeroed in on 5 areas where parents can have the biggest impact on the success of their kids at school. Surprisingly, this has a greater impact on academic achievement than monitoring homework, being at home after school for your kids, or limiting the time they are allowed to watch TV or go out during the week. Rather than trying to directly "teach" your children, focus on helping them handle distractions and crises of confidence, praise them for effort and persistence and demonstrate a positive attitude about school as a whole.

This is extremely important for developing self-esteem, as they are less likely to hold in worries and confusion. Praising the grade has been ingrained in our minds for decades, but don’t, at least not yet.
Rather than just “Good job!” try, “Good job cleaning your room; it looks great!” Adding what the praise is for helps a child feel accomplished and develops self-esteem. It doesn’t take much to expand a praiseworthy accomplishment, and my wife and I will remember these when our children grow up a little more. You can also find out what interests them, and spend some time online learning about sharks, volcanoes, or dinosaurs. There will be many cases in which other people or circumstances will make your child feel bad and bring their confidence down. When they talk to you this is a perfect opportunity to help them develop strong self-esteem, if you communicate with them effectively (What Not to Say to Your Child to Develop Self-Esteem). This allows them to sit with their emotions and shows them you trust that they can be alone with intense feelings, which, on a deep level, makes them realize they can manage them, which is huge for self-esteem development. We will provide you with 3 hours of studio time andA a fun Kenpo KarateA class for all of your guests.

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