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Depending on their symptoms, these children may have a professional diagnosis such as learning disabled, minimal brain dysfunction, dyslexic, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or simply slow learner.
It is important to remember that most diagnoses are behavioral, based on situational observations as in a classroom.
We know that the brain and nervous system can become more organized, eliminating the original symptoms and helping the individual move on to a greater possibilities. When a child uses our program with sufficient consistency, intensity, frequency and duration much progress can be made. Some of the results we see include, but are not limited to: Non readers learning to read, distractibility changing to focus, sensory dysfunction becoming more typical, social behavior improving, painfully hypersensitive hearing changing to normal hearing, formerly picky eaters eating a variety of foods, phobias being overcome, emotionally and over sensitivity becoming typical, bedwetting eliminated, children able to retain math facts and do computation, improved reading comprehension, improved coordination, non writers learning to write, letter and number recognition becoming possible, children learning to walk and run, and those without language learning to speak. Supporting your child in learning a foreign language can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak the language yourself.
If your child loves movies, La Gloire de mon Pere and Le Chateau de ma Mere are films that follow a young boy vacationing with his family in Provence in the south of France.
Sending your student on exchange programs to a French-speaking country, or visiting one with them, requires some financial backing; so, if you are unable to provide that backing, look for programs that may offer scholarships for linguistic and cultural exchanges. Also, keep in mind that France is just one of the many French-speaking countries out there. Learning French takes a lot of commitment, and a large percentage of parents are not realistically able to do it due to conflicting responsibilities. A child’s best concentration occurs early, when their mind is fresh in the morning after waking.
Have you ever noticed how mathematics and English are taught in the first period at school? If you do not yet know your child’s preferred learning mode, then observe him and see which mode makes him happiest when learning. Whatever your child is learning, it needs to be practised and then revised, because as the saying goes, ‘use it or lose it’. Once you can see that your child can use what he’s learnt, then quiz him on the information, to help him recall what has been retained. These are the lower levels of thinking in the revised Bloom’s taxonomy, which basically classifies the different levels of thinking. Absolutely agree, each child has their own style of learning and that should be encouraged. Often they have: A short attention span, difficulty following directions, visual or auditory distractibility, hyperactivity or lack of concentration. Some are said to have an auditory or visual processing disorder or a problem with short or long term memory. When an area of the brain has been injured it is possible that other areas of the brain can take over the function of the injured area, plasticity. For example, as stimulation is applied with optimum intensity, frequency, and duration, changes occur in the brain of the child receiving that stimulation.

We provide neurodevelopmental and educational tools, by which your child can control the root causes that limit their potential for the rest of their lives.
University language departments also often keep track of such events for their students or organize French-related events for their students. Jean de Florette is also set in Provence, and is based off novels by Marcel Pagnol, who is also known for his book Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicolas). French is also spoken in Quebec (Canada), France, Belgium, parts of Switzerland, and quite a few African countries, especially those in western Africa. If you are one of those parents who has the motivation and time to do so, it will set an example for your child. Supporting your child as they learn can be difficult, but they will appreciate it, even if they don’t say so. Tutors are available to work with your child online via Skype or in-person, depending on location and availability.
As soon as your child enters the classroom, the first subject is always math or English, because schools place a high value on these subjects. I would cover Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic studies first, then mathematics, English and science next.
As a teacher, I would try to accommodate all the children in my classroom, by using the different learning modes to teach. Allow your child the chance to apply the learning into new situations or to at least practice it. Knowledge by itself is not worth anything if it can’t be used and acted upon. It can be a small quiz or a big test. If your child can remember, understand and use what was learnt, then thinking has occurred and that is success. This is great for young children, but for older children, they would need to analyse, evaluate and create something based on the new information learnt – and that is how children will be able to learn much better in the long run inshAllah. Currently I run my own education centre where young children are prepared for formal education in my pre-kindergarten and preschool classes.
If your child is struggling with maths then try using concrete materials to explain the concept to her.
When they attempt to learn to read they may struggle with phonics, forget sight words easily, reverse letters, or have difficulty moving from word to word without losing their place. They have tactile or sensory dysfunction which may appear as poor behavior or impulsivness, inability to feel pressure or pain appropriately, extreme ticklishness, irritation from clothing, inability to distinguish temperatures, inability to tolerate hats, hair combing or hair washing. Children with more severe difficulties may be diagnosed as brain injured, PDD, ASD, autistic, developmentally delayed, MMR, CAPD. Physical connections and pathways for information processing actually develop which enable the brain to be better organized.
French is a relatively common, available language that is taught in middle and high schools, and many communities and cities have resources to help people learn the language. Some such events may be in French; others may be in English, but will still relate to French current events, culture, history or literature.

For younger children or less advanced readers, Asterix et Obelix and Tintin are popular comics that both have video adaptations. Haiti speaks French, as well, and a few other former French colonies also host a larger percentage of French-speakers than the rest of the world. If your child is memorising a new surah of the Qur’an, then have him recite it during his prayers. I also have tutoring classes for older children to help them excel at English and Mathematics. I am always busy with teaching my kids and theres much of learning too, that is to be done everyday.
As the brain becomes more organized due to plasticity, structure and chemistry also change. Both local French schools and Alliance Francaise branches have classes, programs and sometimes even a summer camp to help children and teens absorb a foreign language. The car is one great place to keep these and put them on if you find yourself driving your child around a lot to school or other activities. She has her Masters in French language education from the Sorbonne University in Paris and has been teaching since 2009.
If your child is learning to spell new words, then have him use them in writing sentences and in conversations.
They may have flat tonality in the voice, hypersensitivity to sound, undeveloped depth perception, difficulty making or maintaining eye contact. Children who have had symptoms such as hyperactivity, due to dysfunctional brain chemistry, experience a reduction of those symptoms as brain chemistry changes without medication! At the very least, you will have a greater understanding of what they are going through, the difficulties they are having, and the linguistic technicalities they may refer to as they are learning it. Lastly, kinesthetic and tactile is learning through moving and touching such as role-playing and hands on activities.
My current book on Amazon is called ‘Family Fun Activity Guide’ to help families build better relationships through spending time together. Behaviorally they may have good and bad days, cyclic behavior, extreme hyperactivity, rigid attitudes, and aggressive or destructive behavior.
They may have sloppy handwriting or difficulty learning to print or to write, possibly forgetting how to make their letters. Some of these children find holding a pencil to be very unpleasant and difficult to manage, pencils may break from too much pressure, in other cases writing may be too light. Some of the children have difficulty moving their bodies, learning to crawl, creep, walk, run, jump, hop, or skip.

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