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No parent wants to talk to his or her child about being overweight or needing to go on a diet. If your child isn't the only one who could stand to lose a few pounds, make dieting a family affair.
Even if the dietary changes are going to affect everyone in the house, it is important to talk to your child about why the changes are being made and what you as a family are going to do to get healthier. It may sound awfully intense, but to lose a pound every two weeks, you'd only have to cut or burn 250 extra calories a day.
Other changes that might be helpful include switching to low-fat dairy products, using diet soda or cutting soda from the diet entirely, reducing the consumption of fruit juice and going for smaller portion sizes when possible. If you need more than these basic changes to jumpstart kids' weight loss, try putting yourself in more control of what your child eats. A common piece of advice when it comes to kids' weight loss is to not try to count calories. Counting calories also adds a lot of frustration to a diet plan, which might not be the message you want to send to your child about healthy eating.
It is easier for most people to lose weight when combining calorie restriction and exercise. Not only does obesity in children present a high risk to their overall health, but it also negatively affects the child’s emotional and social life. All kids just love bicycles, and cycling is a great way to lose weight as it burns many calories. Skating is another great activity that increases fitness, strengthens the whole body, improves the posture and keeps the back straight. You will be amazed to hear that 10 minutes of jumping equals 30 minutes of jogging when it comes to calorie burning. Replace all drinks with water or lemonade, and increase the amount of water your child has in a day. Most children don’t like walking if they are not used to it, so try to create a habit of walking for them. There are many games that require intense physical activity, like jumping rope, hide-and-seek and ball games. There are really many ways for you to help your child lose weight the most natural way – through playing and games. More and more children are overweight or obese, or at risk of becoming overweight, which in turn puts them at risk for a variety of conditions down the road such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Try to eat a balanced diet, especially in front of your kids, and encourage them to exercise by being active yourself.
It's a good idea for the whole family to develop more healthy eating habits so the diet doesn't feel like punishment to the child. Keeping the lines of communication open is important so that your child feels like he or she can talk to you when things get difficult. It takes 3,500 calories to make or lose a pound, so you have to either eat 3,500 less calories or burn 3,500 extra calories in order to lose a pound, or engage in a plan that combines the two approaches.
Revamping favorite recipes to be lower in calories and fat is also a great way to discreetly reduce calories. Make sure everyone leaves the house having had a good breakfast, and pack your child's lunch with healthy choices for lunch and snacks. Include fruits, vegetables and whole grains and you're bound to get a healthier meal than you may from a restaurant.
It's too difficult for either you or your child to keep track of everything that was eaten when you aren't together all the time.
If you can make the switch to a healthier way of eating, the actual number of calories consumed shouldn't be that much of a problem. Exercise also helps you feel good about yourself and see the changes in your body even faster than you would with dieting alone.
It also improves movement coordination and balance and the kids become aware of their body more as they learn how to roller skate. You could get your kid a jumping ball to play with, as well as a yoga ball, and teach them some fitness exercises.
Play with them, get active together and enjoy the quality time you spend together creating good memories while getting healthier.
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It is important, therefore, to approach kids' weight loss from a loving perspective-there's nothing wrong with the child, but that doesn't mean he or she can't be healthier. To lose a pound a week, that means cutting 500 calories a day (or burning more calories to get to a net loss of 500 calories a day). Just getting your family to snack better and move more may be all you need to get back on track.
You can also control portion sizes this way, save money and have a chance to spend more time together as a family.

Instead of counting calories, consider keeping a food log to evaluate the overall balance of your child's food intake. Institute a family walk or outside time after dinner when the weather is nice, or make family activities on the weekends that include physical activity.
They are quite often ridiculed and bullied which leads them into depression and emotional instability.
There are trampolines at kids’ party places, as well as bouncy castles and other things kids can jump on. Avoid all fast food and unhealthy snacks that contain sugar and replace them with healthy options. Go for family walks in the nature during the weekend, teach them about the benefits of walking in the nature, make it an adventure and explore the world together, hunt for pine cones, look for birds and animals, learn about plants and trees together. Losing a pound every two weeks would lead to a weight loss of 26 pounds a year, which is significant.
Therefore, it is very important to help your child lose weight, but in such a way that they don’t feel pressured and inadequate. Encourage your kid to ride the bike around the neighborhood if it is safe, take them to the park often, go together on cycling tours somewhere in the nature or around the city.
See if they are keen on any sports like soccer and tennis, if they are, you might want to sign them up for some classes.
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Plan ahead and without them knowing, increase the difficulty bit by bit, go up a single notch. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media. Snacks can be fruits and nuts which are very nutritious and sweets are to be avoided completely. Once your child establishes healthy eating habits, they will have a good chance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle when they are adults as well.

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