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Your child's earliest friendships likely will be in the context of you and your friends - children of your friends or acquaintances or other members of a playgroup. As with many aspects of parenting, one of the most important ways you can teach your child about friendships is by example. However, no matter how well-exampled friendships are for your child, your child will still go through some trial and error in figuring it out for themselves. Get tips here for dealing with toddler and preschooler behavior, including biting, hitting and hair pulling.
Sometimes you have to help your child identify that a hoped for friendship isn't quite going to happen. ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience. Currently Chances for Children runs five feeding programs, giving children a hot meal and clean water several days a week. Although some things in Haiti have improved since the 2010 earthquake,  the reality of day to day life is still incomprehensible. Until their political and economical situations improve dramatically, we won't see a vast improvement in the health of many of their children. Employment - a 72% increase in employment between sponsored children and non-sponsored children.
Your sponsorship ensures that children will receive an education, medical care, nutrition, love, spiritual development and nurturing. Sponsor a child that needs medical care but has no access to healthcare due to the familie's economic situation.
Chances for Children will send you quarterly updates and encourages our sponsors to interact though correspondence with their sponsored childen. Sponsoring a child is one of the most personal and powerful things you can do to help save these young lives and fight poverty.
Children who live in one of our remote feeding program locations will have access to local comprehensive healthcare facilities.
Families benefit knowing their sick children can receive medical attention with no cost to them, allowing families to focus on basic needs such as food, education and shelter. Chances for Children will send each sponsor a quarterly Medical Clinic newsletter and quarterly updates on their sponsored child.
A group of us had been traveling the country for 3 days,  spending over 10 hours in the truck on dirt roads getting to these villages. We arrived at our starting point at 9:00 in the morning and unloaded the 500 pounds of food, the 50 gallons of water, the cooking stove, and the 300 pound s of plates, utensils, pots. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of these families with their children in bare feet and the parents, thin as rails. It took our team (Pastor Maxime, Nathan, Sharon and I) about 90 minutes  to get to the midpoint.
There are 1,500 families that live in this remote village area, and I would have sworn that they all were there. We watched as fathers waited for hours with their children in hopes they could participate, mothers soothed their babies and toddlers as they waited patiently for their names to be called.
We took names, photos and ended up registering 400 children, basically starting 2 feeding programs in this village. As we finished serving the meals we looked at the time and realized we had NO daylight left. Talking with Francine and learning about her family, her children (13 of them), her life, her mother – it was surreal. I offered to give them a ride home since they had walked so far, and one of my coworkers (Noe, who had helped me with some of the translation) offered to drive for me.
And with that we said a prayer of gratitude and listened as harmonic chords of worship drowned out the beating voodoo drums. The Chances for Children Pediatric Community Medical Clinic adorns these words in the waiting room. C4C’s Medical Program is designed to train in country leadership and to create long-term sustainability.
Join Us on a medical mission trip as we serve alongside and augment the care given by our Haitian medical staff to help train them so capacity can be built in Haiti. I have learned many things here in Haiti, but one of the most poignant lessons is that even if we think we have everything we need and want, it will never be enough. Our American society is based on material consumption and we are blinded and oblivious to the trap we are ensnaring for ourselves. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, where thousands of children die before their fifth birthday. So as I return back to my home country for a visit, I hope that my heart will remain open and remember the true source of happiness which I have learned from my friends here in Haiti.

No one is going to tell you how long you have left – you have to live thinking it may only be for today. At the end of our days (whether that’s tomorrow or 50 years from now) we want to be able to say we lived full and passionate lives. You have to meet deadlines that are unreasonable and deliver results that are unparalleled. You have to keep moving towards where you want to be no matter what’s in front of you. So whether you are committed to being the best mother, the most thought provoking teacher, the greatest sales person, the most sensitive missionary or just simply setting goals for yourself – the key to life is to live it fully. If your child sees your strong bonds with your friends, female or male, and sees you acting with respect and kindness, that's the behavior your child will seek to emmulate. It can be frustrating for your child, and frustrating to watch - so why not consider yourself a relationship coach for your child's developing friendship?
As a parent you can take these supervision opportunities to really observe how your child is interacting. Children at the same age can be at different developmental stages, may use language differently, or other situations, and these are all circumstances you can coach your child through, helping him or her understand the friend dynamic.
Perhaps friendship will happen later, or the kids will be simple acquaintances henceforth - and your child may need help understanding that that's okay. Whether or not your child's toddler-aged friend is a friend for life or a friend for right now, teaching friendship skills early can help all of you feel more comfortable with your child's friend relationships for the long haul.? Because these children’s families cannot afford clothes, we are seeking sponsors who can provide the funds to pay the women who are working so hard to provide the clothing. There are many factors that contribute towards this heart wrenching statistic; including lack of access to medical care, malnutrition and poverty.
When Jesus was at the pinnacle of his career (that’s how us business people would describe it) - a man came to him and asked if he could follow Him, be one of his disciples. Jesus explained - we need to love God more than we love any and every thing’ AND more than we love anyone else.
So as we approached our last site, we were all pretty tired, running on little sleep and not much food.
As we were resting in the shade, our mouths dropped as we saw the families we had seen 30 minutes earlier all climbing the mountain - each child and parent carrying 25 pound boxes of food, or 5 gallon jugs of water. It was overwhelming to look at the sea of people, all coming to the church to see if their children could be part of the feeding program – again, humbling.
We had over 600 children in the church that afternoon – we had planned to enroll 200 in the program.
We packed up our few things and started the long trek down the rocky path – in the dark. It’s the time when the followers of evil (voodoo worship) and the followers of Jesus collide.
How will I react when I overhear the conversations in my health club where people obsess about their next workout, diet, dinner, or fashion statement.
The race to consume more, to buy the next object of our desires will never fulfill our deepest needs.
A mother with absolutely no idea how she will feed her 2 children, doesn’t act miserable - instead she goes to the park with her girls and laughs as they play.
When we think of developing countries we think about  suffering, poverty, corruption, hunger, pain.
Happiness comes from my relationship with God, from the love of my family and the support and love of my friends.
Those are the things that make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or outrageous success. In the context of friendships, from a very early age, we learn about sharing and give and take, and fun and joy and sadness, and everything in between.
The adage, "If you want a friend, be a friend," can be adpated perfectly to demonstrating healthy friendships to your kids. You might make some suggestions in the moment to the friends about sharing more constructively or some such, or you can talk to your child afterward about how the play went - and perhaps suggest some ways a friend engages another friend more, and things like that.
But sometimes, just as with adults, personalities just plain clash; not all pairings end up as friends!
In this way, you can start talking to your child about healthy relationships and making sure that close friendships are strong and mutually supportive. The successful man went on to explain that he had obeyed all the commandments, he was a good guy and he was ready to follow Christ. When you start to volunteer and serve people that are OUTSIDE your daily environment, well, that’s when compassion develops. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; t was never between you and them.

As we unloaded we wondered how all of this would make it up the mountain – as there is no road and the path is only passable by donkey or on foot.
We hope after a few months of serving 400 we will be able to add the other 200 children on the waiting list.
Within minutes we were joined by the Church Deacons, who guided us the rest of the way down the mountain (using flashlights).. There are voodoo marches most nights and sometimes the streets can be blocked for hours while they dance and chant in a procession. Instead of focusing on my own stomach issues and cold, I focus on what it feels like to not know when you will eat again.
As parents we need to take an active role in coaching our children through early friendships to learn those lessons.
No matter what the context, regular talking about friendships - and more than just, "Be nice," or, "Share" - can help kids learn early some basic and long lasting friendship skills. Introducing concepts about friendship early, even to preschoolers, can set the stage for some very strong friendships for life.
In addition, we have started feeding programs under the local Pastors  of these churches.
And that was our goal, to let our light shine and not complain about the hike, the conditions, the sun beating down on us,or our fatigue. I couldn’t help but be grateful for their servant hearts, after all, this was their second trip down and up for the day.
The look of PURE JOY on Francine’s face when she saw Espie is something that will stay with me all the days of my life.
They were gone what seemed like an eternity to me and the entire time, not a moment of doubt crept in.
Whisper words of encouragement to your children, hug someone you may not want to hug, let go of resentment, love unconditionally, forgive openly, laugh heartily, and give thanks to God continuously. But we had to leave over 600 pounds at the starting point, since we only had a handfull  of donkeys. A few of us teared up as we watched how proudly the families had dressed their children in hopes that they would be able to participate.
Parents and children waited patiently for their names to be called At the end, when they realized that some children were not going to make the list, then things got a little bit more tense – but that was certainly understandable. But we really didn’t need the flashlights, because the glow from the light that God placed inside each of us that day was shining ever so brightly!!!!! Because of this preventable statistic, C4C will ensure access to healthcare with the first high quality, comprehensive Medical Clinic in this region of Haiti.
They have found acceptance in their situation and have set their minds to making the most of their friendships, their families, their love of God. And if we are lucky enough to see another day, we will know that we have lived each glorious day to its fullest.
We had anticipated starting this program with 200 children, but God has a way of quickly changing our man-made plans to help us see HE is the one in control. And these  children were walking in barefeet, not a care in the world and certainly not worried about bug spray, water or anything else. In the end, we accepted 400 children into the program which will begin December 1st and we served about 400 children food that afternoon.
The clinic has 10 bed inpatient capability, outpatient clinic, laboratory, X-ray, and pharmacy services, and a dental suite.
It is these things that sustain them – it is their relationships that bring them happiness - not their lack of material possessions. Even going on a week long mission trip gets you out of your environment and opens your heart to what breaks God’s.
As we got about ¼ of the way up the mountain we were greeted by families coming down to help us.
Partnering with Feed My Starving Children, C4C will provide targeted, nutritious food assistance to the most vulnerable in the greater Kenscoff community. Espie and I invited them to join us in a few weeks for dinner and I just pray that all 14 won’t show. If we all took a deep look inside ourselves we would see how much we have to share with the hurting of this world. Because if God brought her all this way, today, on Easter, He knows what is best for Espie and I.
The minute you start to serve the poor, the spiritually bankrupt, the sick, the imprisoned, the orphan, the widow, – your reality changes, your heart softens, and compassion finds a home in you.

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