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Allow your child to become acquainted with the dentist ahead of time to ensure that he feels comfortable with the adult. Helping your child to stay occupied at the dentist will ease their nerves and keep them busy. For children who are old enough to understand, it’s important to explain the benefits of visiting the dentist so they can comprehend the value of receiving dental care.
An easy way to make the trip to the dentist less scary is by planning a fun activity afterward that the child can look forward to. She is THE Mama Dweeb :) She created this blog back in 2009 and loves to inspire and connect with others through her writing. You may also like -Five Ways to Cut Costs on ChildcareAnswered: What makes someone a wonderful or awful parent? Annie loves writing, travel & tech, Rachel loves photography, natural living and creating recipes.

For kids, the sound of drilling and the masks worn by the dentists can all be terrifying and cause panic with each trip.
They can meet each other for several in the waiting room before the child receives his cleaning or treatment. Pack their favorite books, toys, or video games to allow them to have a bit of fun in the waiting room. Discuss that the dentist is there to help preserve their teeth and help them to look beautiful.
Consider taking a trip to their favorite toy store, visiting the park, or going swimming for plans that will keep their mind off of the dentist and offer a bit of distraction.
You can even stop by the dental office on a different day so they recognize the familiar face once it’s time for their appointment. You can even suggest that they bring their favorite stuffed animal with them once in the office.

Help them to appreciate their teeth to ensure that they find the importance of scheduling regular cleanings. If you make the day all about the fun plans that are established, it will make the dentist appointment less of a big deal. Everyone at Blue Sky Dentistry understands how challenging a dentist visit is for both parents and child.
The child may also want to bring their friend or a sibling along for a visit who can comfort or support. You can be sure that they will go out of their way to make the visit as comfortable and special it is for your child.

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