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We do our best to avoid the hospital emergency room by taking all possible safety precautions and trying to keep our family members in good health. According to a recent study, children on the Autism Spectrum are nine times more likely to visit an emergency room than their neurotypical peers. When Little Critter breaks his leg in a soccer game, he has to make his first trip to the hospital. Social Stories are an excellent way to help alleviate anxiety caused by the unknown and are therefore ideal in helping you prepare your child for a visit to the hospital. I’d suggest taking pictures of the actual emergency department you would be most likely to visit and including them in your story. For non-verbal children, provide augmentative communication vocabulary that is hospital-relevant so they can express themselves to the best of their ability. Approach your local hospital’s administration department ask them if they would be interested in introducing their clinical staff to The Hospital Communication Book, a free downloadable resource that provides clear and helpful advice for parents and medical personnel alike on how to communicate effectively with patients who have special needs. Whenever you speak of doctors or hospitals with your child, talk about them in a favorable way, describing how they make people feel better. Think about what favorite toys and activities you would grab and bring to the hospital with you to keep your child engaged while waiting or to distract him during moments of pain or discomfort.
Familiarize your child with what it feels like having various types of medical equipment used on him. Subscribe now and recieve 50% off all our ebooks as well as updates on all our online special needs resources.

With over a thousand apps now available to help individuals with special needs it has become increasingly difficult to find and choose the right special needs app. As a parent who has a child with Aspergers as well as anxiety and a bleeding disorder, may I also suggest to parents that tools like LMX-4 cream and Pain Ease spray can be lifesavers with any sort of shot or needle poke? We bought our little girl a pretend doctor toy kit set, we took turns role playing as the doctor and the patience.
Most probably emergency rooms are specially and professionally trained to deliver quality health care service especially during emergency hours to the people; so before get into an emergency room we have to get into certain preparation as mentioned in the above post.
Lane November 5, 1990 Contents Justice Souris discusses his family history, living in Detroit and then Ann Arbor as a student, and joining the Air Force in 1943. And while no one enjoys the experience of going to the hospital, such visits can be especially traumatic for people with Autism or other cognitive challenges. Follow brave Little Critter as he rides in an ambulance, meets the doctor, and gets his first X-ray and his first cast.
There are many social story apps available that enable you to create stories for your child that can easily be customized to his or her own unique reading and cognitive levels and the situations and healthcare facilities in which he or she may find himself.
With some advanced notice, the hospital staff might be happy to accommodate you by giving you the opportunity to photograph their staff and various medical instruments and pieces of equipment like x-ray machines and gurneys.
It can be an invaluable tool for your child not only in a hospital emergency room, but in pretty much any setting or situation.
If you can, purchase a real blood pressure cuff so your child can get accustomed to the strange sensation of it inflating around his arm.

When a student has special needs, those emotions are magnified and the checklists are multiplied. He then talks about returning to the University of Michigan in 1945 to finish his degree and complete law school.
Using real photos is ideal in that they can most accurately convey to your child what a new environment really looks like well in advance of him actually being there. Take advantage of every opportunity you can to use it from a small bump on the knee to a painful stomachache, to familiarize him with how it works.
While the guide is geared to individuals on the Autism Spectrum, its use can easily extend to individuals who have other cognitive or developmental challenges. We have used a clothespin to simulate the slight pinching feeling associated with an oxygen monitor that gets put onto a patient’s finger. Use dolls or stuffed animals as the patient and medical personnel and go through all of the steps of visiting an emergency room from arrival – perhaps even by ambulance – to returning home. He then talks about other cases concerning government immunity and the relation that such cases and court decision have with the creation and revision of law.
He further discusses such issues as presumption of undue influence, summary judgment, the right of discovery, and the type of law he practices.

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